Oxford Casino unveils name, logo

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Oxford Casino logo

OXFORD — The Oxford casino has a logo and a name — The Oxford Casino.

Scott Smith, community development director for the casino, said the name was a nod to “the outpouring of support that we've enjoyed” from the community.

The project has been unofficially known as the "Oxford casino" since before voters approved it in November 2010. Black Bear Development released literature shortly after the casino's approval with the name "Black Bear Four Season Resort and Casino."

Smith said the new name “identifies its location and the host community.”

The casino released the new logo, which Smith said was the result of a lot of work by the creative department from the Silverton Casino, the Las Vegas casino that will run gaming operations for the Oxford casino.

The Oxford Casino also sent out a survey to its mailing list, asking for people's preferences and habits when they visit casinos.

“It's a way to help us see and get feedback,” Smith said.

The survey asks if people live close to the casino, how much they would pay for an entree, if valet parking is important, whether they would want a fast food option and other questions.

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Jean Cook's picture


hmmm...Oxford Casino...how original...they must have really put their heads together to come up with that one!

Kim Waite's picture

I'm so glad

the color red was used and not the color blue. As a lefty, I voted against the casino coming to our area. How long before the casino becomes a way for those with dirty money to launder their money through just like the Mafia would do years ago when they would set up fake pizza shops?

Norman Rust's picture

Casino Logo

I think it is just fine. It is simple, and gives all the information needed to identify the gaming site. Bravo to the designer.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Totall ingenious

I'll bet alot of time and money went into that name. I feel they should have weeved in the road its on, something like


At least it would make it easier for out of town folks to find it.

 's picture


Sure hope they didn't pay some slick advertising firm lots and lots of money for that logo. Pretty ho-hum. But, then again, it may be just perfect for the finished product when it opens. Gambling dens are not the best way to boost Maine's economy, I'm afraid.

 's picture


...is ALWAYS better.

 's picture

Host community

This is an excellent way to identify the 'host'community, recognizing the parasitic nature of this enterprise...will guests have the ability to use EBT cards ?

 's picture

Its a Great Choice For A Name

When the hotel was not built there was no way to use the word resort so Oxford Casino is fitting


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