J. Ziehm: LePage forgetting his childhood

Gov. Paul LePage, despite cries to reduce the Department of Health and Human Services budget, has neglected to mention in his informal way it does not reflect his childhood.

What LePage fails to mention is that during his childhood the department was in its infancy. Instead of acknowledging that, he continually attacks DHHS spending and has threatened to shut down schools.

What LePage seems to be trying to prove is that if DHHS was not a part of his childhood, then it need not be a part of the state budget.

I ask this question openly: Although it may not have been a part of Gov. LePage's fractured family tale and sad upbringing, why would he attack those in the same situation? Why eliminate positions simply to push through weakened and quasi rules with threats?

It is an outrage to the citizens of Maine when children and mothers in abusive situations do not have the funding provided through DHHS to help them adapt to changes and, instead, many will return to the same fractured relationships.

Did Gov. LePage honestly think that his fractured upbringing could not bear light? Instead of doing what is right he threatens future generations by shutting down the very department which can help?

Would Gov. LePage please answer honestly for the citizens of Maine?

Joseph Ziehm, Lewiston

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 's picture


Like the commenting on purging DHHS from the budget while neglecting spousal and child abuse. Seems to me liking it to keep it silent and in the family.


No coherence

I don't understand how someone can say that the elderly and disabled need help and then endorse a policy that cancels the health insurance of 10,000 mainers at least a third of whom are critically ill with cancer and diabetes and many of whom are elderly. And I don't understand a governor who says they must be kicked off even if the legislature can find a way to continue their coverage which balances the budget and doesn't raise taxes. It would appear the governor has been fibbing again. This was never about balancing the budget or not raising taxes or protecting the safety net but about shifting the burden of the uninsured to the cities and the hospitals. It all comes down to ideaology and politics: some plan to fend off the National Health Care Law by getting the Feds to grant exceptions to it.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


the Gov is saying you have two hands reach down pull up you boot straps and make something of yourself instead of trying to live off those that work. Do the elderly and disabled need help of course they do. However if you go into the DHHS office on Main street you will see the lobby filled mostly with young people on cell phones waiting to get their deserved entitlements.


And I say this to the

And I say this to the Governor....I will pull myself up by the bootstraps and work when you find a way to bring paying jobs to this state that will allow me to pay child care and still support my family. The jobs here barely pay enough to support one person let alone support a family. Throw into that the fact that most are single parents and if they hold down multiple jobs the state will get involved and say you are not being a good parent. Throw into that the fact that they want parents to be involved with education. Throw into that the cost of rent, insurance for family coverage, electricity, and phone costs and there you get it....there needs to be jobs that actually pay a decent wage brought to this state to apply for.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Why is it the states fault that you are a single parent?

 's picture


People just don't see the child abuse or live their own personal lives with blinders on. It is an amazingly brisk example if their daughters had been raped, were with child, and committed suicide without consoling from DHHS would they want it more or just ignore it and bury it? I think the broad examples here provide the truth if polled how people would truly vote. Don't bring up the child abuse, ignore the battered women, and keep it "within" the family.


Ernest, I never said it was

Ernest, I never said it was the states fault. My point was that the jobs here do NOT pay enough to support a family..ergo you have to work multiple jobs...ergo you are then neglecting your kids...ergo...etc etc etc. A minimum wage job barely covers the childcare expenses. And just an FYI...i said what i said because most people feel that way. Everyone is so worried about welfare and yet they are doing nothing to bring good paying jobs to the city. And call centers...that is a joke...been there done that...not all it is cracked up to be. I used my time getting assistance to get certified in three different medical areas. I was at the top of all my classes and yet when I apply for a job I get told.."Sorry we are looking for someone with experience".....how do people get experience when they can't get hired because employers want experience. It is a vicious circle that people think is a choice some of us make.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Tina do you have family? I have two daughters that were single parents, they lived with us for some time after the grandkids were born. I have two nieces same situation. The thing is none of them ever applied for anything. They went to work in low paying jobs and worked their way up to a somewhat decent pay. Once on their feet they moved out. Please don't think I am unsympathic I have been there watched that and pit5ched in to make a bad situation better.


Ernest, No I don't have


No I don't have family that can help me. In fact not only am I raising my own children but I am also taking care of an ill parent. My son is special needs and there are no day cares that will take him with his needs so I have multiple barriers. I have tried to work and lost jobs because I was constantly called by the schools to get my son or to go to take care of a situation with him. Employers are not going to work with a person that needs constant time off to go to medical appointments with a child when there is such high unemployment and many people competing for the same jobs. If I could, I would work, but finding child care is impossible and finding a job that will work around the situation I am in has been impossible to date but I haven't given up.

Bickford Wiles's picture

Fractured Legislature.

It is clear to me that the only thing fractured in Agusta is the State Legislature.They have been working without supervision long enough to put the State deeply in the Red.It will take some strong supervision and fiscal disipline from LePage to de-fragment what the Liberals have done to the Fiscal House.

 's picture

Fantasy vs. reality

Every year Maine has a balanced budget. The state is not deeply in the red. The credit rating companies (as corrupt as they are) agree Maine has its debt well under control. The Governor Constitutionally can not "supervise" the State Legislature. The most he has been able to do so far is bully senior citizens, the infirmed, and children.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

How in the world did the

How in the world did the human race survive before DHHS and before Government intervention?

RONALD RIML's picture


Almost half of the human race died before sixteen years of age, and child labor was the rule.

One worked till they died.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Child labor crescendo was

Child labor crescendo was during the early industrial revolution. During the same time period life expectancy of children increased dramatically [1].

That being said, the government does have a purpose. Investment in sanitation significantly increased live expectancy for example. That was a benefit to society as a whole; however, the Government can overreach and is currently overreaching to the point where these basic services will be at risk due to structural budget deficits.

In closing, I hope to work until I die for that is a function of living. We’ll have to continue to argue about where to draw the line between productive services and overreaching services, but you cannot deny perpetual borrowing to balance the budget will not result in eventual collapse in all services. You need to start thinking about what you want to give up now to save the most important services, such as sanitation.

[1] http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/387301/modernization/12022/Pop...

 's picture

It didn't

People starved in the streets, died from all sorts of easily treated diseases, and died from old age and neglect.
As for Government intervention. As long as there has been "government" there has been intervention so you have to go back 3,000,000 and more years to reach "before Government intervention". The choice now is not between no intervention and lots of intervention. Its between the tyranny of religious dogma on the right and the freedom of personal growth and responsibility on the left.


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