Car rolls over on Ash Street in Lewiston

Lewiston rollover
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Jacqueline Proulx of Lewiston, red jacket, is escorted away from her car after being extricated by Lewiston firefighters Thursday afternoon on Ash Street in Lewiston. While heading toward downtown to do some errands, she veered away from a car passing her and hit a parked car and flipped. She was trapped for a short time, but was joking with firefighters and United Ambulance paramedics while they got her out. 

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Pat Malcolm's picture

My Point Was...

It was exactly my point that the story had nothing to do with immigrants or their driving ability, and it saddens me that some folks have used it as a forum for their anti-immigrant opinions and blatant misinformation. Immigrants are subjected to the same laws as the rest of us, and if they drive nice cars it's because they earned them and saved for them, the same as anyone else.

 's picture


I really don't believe that this lady knew how fast she was going. If she was going 35 M.P.H. in that area, she should be cited for excessive speed, and for failure to maintain control of her vehicle. To my knowledge the speed limit in that area is 25 M.P.H.

Pat Malcolm's picture

Did I miss something?

Did I miss something? I don't think I heard that the driver that caused the accident was an immigrant. It bothers me that responses to driver errors in this accident have become a platform for stereotyping of immigrants and their driving abilities. There are many, many unsafe drivers on the road, and I think we should focus on what people do, not who they are or where they've come from.

Heather Sullivan's picture

Missed conception

I believe what you might have missed while reading all the other comments is people expressing the fact that immigrants lack the proper knowledge of operating a vehicle on our Maine roads. No one said anything about the other driver being Somalian. That is you putting words into someone else's mouth. I do agree with those that have commented about their driving abilities, or lack there of. They have no common sense when crossing the street, walking on the sidewalk, or even operating a heavy vehicle on our roads. Should we continue to let them control our country? Who was here first? You or them? I'm not racist but when I see them driving in a brand new Mercedes or Lexus, I will wonder who's money they used to pay for it? Or when they talk about wanting more kids because the state doesn't pay them enough (which this I have heard), who's money is it? By the way, this post is not me accusing one of their kind for causing the accident but me agreeing with the others that have commented about their roadside manner. A driver's ed course wouldn't be a bad idea. Even an eye exam or such...

Andrew Jones's picture

Seems pretty amazing that the

Seems pretty amazing that the car would flip over at 35 mph.

 's picture

roll over

ash, pine, howe, all those streets are bad. Especially horton coming from ash or pine. People park on the corner to go the bank or to the store, park on the side of horton street where there is no parking signs. People don't stop at stop signs. There are a lot of kids around getting on and off buses. Those streets are all 25 mph. Slow down!!!!!!! I live on horton street and since I have been here there have been 6 accidents in the area of horton and pine, howe, walnut and bartlett. Plus people have been turning left from bartlett to ash. Ash is one way, you can only turn right if you are coming from sabattus street. If you are coming from walnut street you can only turn left. If you don't know the area look at the signs. Every street is clearly marked. Since ash street is now a one lane road, there needs to be no parking. There isn't enough room when there is snow. Best thing to do is just slow down.

Randall Pond's picture

Signs on Streets

No, I'm sorry I lived in Lewiston for Many Years. Not all Side Streets are Clearly Marked. That is a lie.

The signs that are up aren't always in plain site and at every intersection there needs to be signs saying Wrong Way DO NO ENTER!

I will agree people need to slow down. There are also a lot of people from the Somalian Community that need Driving Lessons and learn our Road Signs. I can't tell you when I lived at the Corner of Pine Street and Bates Street How many times I saw a Somalian and AMERICANS! Go the Wrong way or try to go the wrong way. Only Once Did I see a Somalian Pulled over for it, but not until the person went almost 1,000 Feet the WRONG WAY!

Maybe we need to install signs with more than just the English Language on them.

 's picture


I drive school bus so I know what you are talking about. Bartlett and birch street are really bad when schools get out. Kids are trying to cross with the crossing guard. Twice I saw a somalian driver in a jeep almost hit a kid because he went through the stop sign, Then he almost hit a car that was turning because he went through the stop sign at the same time. We just need to send the somalians back to africa. I have nothing against somalians except that they need to learn our laws and aboey them. There is no special privileges just because you are from some other country. We work, pay taxes, follow our laws. But when you go around thinking you can do whatever whenever that's so wrong. I saw one on the interstate almost flip over because she was on the phone trying to text or something. They can't just use translators and get their licenses. They need to go through driver's ed. Nobody cares anymore. They are so worried about getting where they want to go, they just don't think. Today driving the school bus on sabattus and randall, I was in the right lane turning right and the car next to me starts coming into my lane. How can you miss a 48 ft bus that 12 ft wide and bright yellow sitting right next to you? Maybe they should put those spikes that they put in parking lots that pop your tires if you go the wron way in the streets. The kind that go down when you go over them the right way and stay up when you don't. But of course that will cost too much and not be practical. The somalians don't even know how to use the sidewalks. Instead they walk in the middle of the road and expect you to move for them.

Pat Malcolm's picture

No passing on Ash Street

It's a shame Ms. Proulx felt pressured into moving aside for the other car, since there is just one driving lane on that section of Ash St. now, and no passing. Too bad the offender got away.

 's picture

Ms. Proulx

I am glad that she's alright...
What I find a bit odd,is that she stated she was doing 35 mph. There are NO streets downtown,where the speed limit is over 25 mph.
Downtown Lewiston,folks... People are everywhere...SLOW DOWN!

Heather Sullivan's picture

Isn't this a ONE lane street?

I'm relieved to hear that she is okay but didn't the city make this a one lane street now? It used to be two but since they did some road work, it is now lined as one lane. And did the 'passing' car stop to help or did they continue driving off, knowing full and well that they were in the wrong?? Charges need to be filed. This could've cost this poor woman her life or even who knows what else harm it could've caused!

Randall Pond's picture

Accident on Ash Street

I'm glad she's okay. What a Lady. She has to have 9 Lives!

For someone in a wreck like she was, she sure seemed very calm. I would have been flipping out or very upset.


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