It's not funny anymore

Sometimes silliness can make you laugh. Other times it is a real frustration. All of the silly hoopla by parents not wanting our president to speak to school children is beyond laughable. Politicians are in our schools all of the time with goodwill non-patrician messages. While shaking hands and kissing babies may be a matter of politicking there is a larger benefit of letting our students meet those who serve our country. It encourages public service and puts a human face on those elected to serve. You may recall that President Bush was reading in a classroom on the morning September 11, 2001. His wife, Laura Bush, was in schools often to promote literacy. These are wonderful practical lessons for our young students.

As a kid I recall my civics class taking a daytrip to Augusta to meet the Legislature and our governor. My parents were not worried that Gov. Reed was going to brainwash me but then that was before we entered this very unfunny silly time in our country's history where the patrician rancor is so loud that no one can seem to remember that the president, regardless who they might be or which party they might serve is president to all of us.

Children are citizens too and they deserve a chance to hear from their president or senator or governor. It is a good practical civics lesson. Let's stop being silly! It isn't funny anymore.

Don and Judy Mayberry, Norway

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I do agree totally with this

I do agree totally with this letter!


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