A. Giberti: Save us from a tyrant

I cannot believe what is going on in Augusta. After Gov. Paul LePage asked for $221 million in cuts to MaineCare, the bipartisan Appropriations Committee came up with what they believed to be a good compromise, and before it was even complete, LePage appeared on television talking against the Democrats and the Republicans who are part of the committee. He even threatened to veto the bill before it is complete.

What is the value of human life and quality of life? It appears that the answer to that question is not very much in the eyes of the governor.

Maine voters, regardless of the party, should encourage legislators to pass the bipartisan bill and to remain in touch to override the proposed veto.

It is time for the Legislature to save Maine people from a tyrant.

It seems clear to me that Gov. LePage does not care about the citizens. He wants everything done his way or not at all.

Why doesn’t he start by closing the Blaine House? Let’s see him suffer a little.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston

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 's picture

Tony, maybe if the

Tony, maybe if the Republicans are not up to doing the job they were elected to do, God bless LePage for helping us to replace them.

 's picture

You're absolutely right Bob.

You're absolutely right Bob. Don't they know they're Republicans. They're supposed to say no and not work with Democrats in a bipartisan fashion. Vote 'em out! God bless us every one.

 's picture

I like the

I like the "go with my budget plan or I'll campaign against you" threat against the legislators in his own party. Perhaps a lead pipe would have been more effective. Maybe Jeff Gillooly is available for the open Communications Director position.

 's picture

All I hear is liberal whining

All I hear is liberal whining about how LePage is such a bully, but all I hear is crickets when Obama is doing the bullying

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Bob, Bullying is all a matter


Bullying is all a matter of perspective. It is considered bullying when a politician is reducing handouts. It is called caring when a political increases handouts.

RONALD RIML's picture

I don't view

I don't view Obama as 'Bullying'

But then having many years experience as a cop in a racially diverse city - I don't fear African-Americans asserting themselves as 'bullying.'

JOANNE MOORE's picture

I do. Obama is a bully.

On a much larger scale than LePage ever dreamed of.

I'm talking about tens of thousands of Iraqi families killed by drones. (A cowards weapon.)

I'm talking about spying on citizens who use first amendment rights to protest. Who else but a bully would treat fellow countrymen and women as if their views were suspect?

I,m talking about his stand against medical marijuana. And against gay marriage.

Bully much?

RONALD RIML's picture

That sounds much more

Like Bush

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Yes it does,

doesn't it?

RONALD RIML's picture

The Governor knows

The Governor knows the 'Value of Human Life'

His 'Parents' spit out seventeen little humans while they were reportedly living an alcoholic life according to what he tells us.

Not much value to that - so look how he treats the rest of us.


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