Paris board to discuss ATV use, 'bias' vote

PARIS — The Board of Selectmen will discuss whether it will take action against a landowner who has banned ATV use on a town right of way through his property at its meeting Monday evening.

At a special board meeting Feb. 6, board members discussed whether they should direct the town's attorney, Geoffrey Hole of Bernstein Shur, to look into the town's options with regard to its right of way through the land of David Everett, owner of E.C.I. Materials. There was no vote.

After a vote to bar ATVs from the right of way at the Jan. 23 meeting failed, Everett posted a sign barring ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles and hunting on the road through his property.

At the Jan. 23 meeting, Selectman Ted Kurtz said Everett has no right to regulate use of the right of way, which connects High Street to the town's gravel pit.

The board will also revisit a vote from the Jan. 23 meeting, when Selectman Ted Kurtz was forced to recuse himself from a vote on whether to replace Hole with a new town attorney. Selectmen voted 3-1 to force Kurtz to recuse himself from the vote, citing bias. Selectmen Jean Smart, Kenneth West and Chairman Robert Kirchherr voted against Kurtz. Selectman Ryan Lorrain wasn't present due to the weather.

Kurtz has since contacted the Maine Municipal Association to resolve the issue. Kurtz maintains that the Jan. 23 vote wasn't legal.

The board is also set to discuss a possible sharing of general assistance duties with Norway, an arrangement that would bring a workfare program to Paris.

Additional agenda items include consideration of traffic and wind power ordinances, clarification of holiday pay for town employees, a request from Hillside Cemetery to expand onto land now part of the Cornwall Nature Preserve, the possible closing of the Paris Hill Post Office and abatements.

The board meets at 7 p.m. at the Paris Town Office.

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Robert McQueeney's picture

More tax dollars at work

People don't like to be told what they can and can not do. It's human nature. But really, what is this going to gain? And at what cost to taxpayers, while some elected board members have their tiff with a local business. Your tax dollars will be hard at work here, real hard at work. I do hope any gain they get is worth the effort.


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