O. Emery: More about coyotes

With all due respect to Heather Bolint, who wrote the benevolent coyote letter (Feb. 13), here are a few facts from a 45-year Maine outdoorsman.

Coyotes in Maine are different from those found out West. Thirty-pound coyotes do, indeed, eat small animals and insects. Those in Maine, on the other hand, eat rabbits and grouse and love to eat deer. They will go into a deer yard and slaughter every deer in it that can't escape. There are pictures to prove it.

One of the most effective ways to kill coyotes is to snare them around the deer yards in winter. That practice is in question because sometimes the snares kill a Canadian Lynx that stumbles into the trap. The Lynx are doing very well in their home country of Canada.

Wolves and mountain lions will kill coyotes on sight because they instinctively know coyotes will kill until the land is barren.

I had three coyotes come at me during deer hunting season four years ago. I only wish I had an automatic shotgun so I could have killed all three. Checking tracks showed they were after two mature deer and one infant.

Ollie Emery, Mechanic Falls

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Daryl DeJoy's picture


The fact that Ms.Bolint opposed one particularly egregious method of killing animals makes her an anti hunter? This is exactly the mentality that pervades a very small minority of people ( some hunters/trappers) in Maine. If someone doesn't agree with everything they think, then they must disagree with everything they do.
I believe what Ms. Bolint was pointing out is what our state agency, USF&W, and most biologists know. Coyotes eat deer. That does not make them the reason for a decline in deer in Northern Maine. It is widely acknowledged among those who truly understand that nature is more than just what you see in front of your face. There is a bigger picture, and without good habitat, shelter and food, deer are not going to survive in Northern Maine. It is not their historic habitat, period. 100 years ago there were few white tail deer in Northern Maine. Yes, the coyotes will eat the deer, who are starving from lack of suitable food and habitat, but that does not make them the problem, except in the very narrow eyes of those who hate coyotes. Let science prevail. Let nature prevail. Deer will not be naturally plentiful in Maine until we have good habitat again for them, and that will be, at minimum, 40 years, coyotes or no coyotes. Northern Maine deer habitat is where it is because of present forestry practices and there is little being done to turn the tides. The forestry industry just keeps on cutting while showing up at the legislative committee testifying for every coyote killing bill that rears its ugly head every session. Scapegoats are good for providing misinformation and the coyote is a perfect one for those who hate them. Coyote control has been tried for more than 100 years. It didn't work then and it won't now. We need an alpha predator and since we've already killed most of the wolves and mt.lions, coyotes have just taken their place. Unfortunately, these guys think that repeating their rhetoric over and over will change the facts. It won't.

Andrew Hall's picture


Mr Emery, you surely realize that Ms Bolint's letter almost certainly was from an anti-hunting activist. The fact that you hunt automatically makes you a bad guy, one of the "enemy" they are trying to marginalize. But I commend you for speaking out in hopes that reasonable will see both sides of the coin.

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

So, reintroduce wolves and

So, reintroduce wolves and mountain lions to restore balance and then we won't have to worry about unethical practices such as snaring an animal simply to kill it.

Bob Woodbury's picture

If wolves and...

...mountain lions return to Maine on their own, I'm all for it. I'm against artificially introducing species, such as elk for example, where they do not want to be. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

AL PELLETIER's picture

True Bob

We brought wild turkeys into Maine a few years back and now they're as thick as tics. Perhaps Mother Nature is turning the tables on us.

Bob Woodbury's picture

So you equate...

...turkeys with mountain lions and wolves. OK>


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