Quint running for state Senate

MINOT — Colleen Quint has launched a campaign to represent state Senate District 17, which comprises Mechanic Falls, Minot, Turner, Leeds, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Greene, Wales, Sabattus and Lisbon.

Colleen Quint

Quint is the former executive director of the Sen. George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute. She has been a member of the Minot School Committee and the Minot Budget Committee, and led the consolidation process that transitioned School Union 29 (Mechanic Falls, Minot and Poland) into RSU 16.

“I am so very grateful to have been able to raise my children in this area and will work to build a future that the next generation will want to be part of, even as we work to create jobs and lower taxes for those of us here today,” she said in a prepared statement.

“I care deeply about the people of this community, and of this state," she said. "Education and jobs are the key — and the two are connected. I am troubled that public schools are under fire, and upset that last year Maine led the nation in job losses. We are moving in the wrong direction — but can have a better today, and a better tomorrow, if we work together to make that happen.”

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RICHARD ZINK's picture

Colleen Quint for State Senate

It is with great pleasure that I support Colleen Quint for the State Senate. I have known Colleen for almost ten years and can attest that she is highly qualified for several reasons. First, her responsibilities in the fields of education and law have provided her with an enormous amount of experience. She always maintains a high level of energy and enthusiasm in everything she pursues. Colleen is also known for her interest and personal concern for students throughout the state of Maine through her work at the Mitchell Institute. In addition, she consistently shows the capability to work well with others evidenced in the various community meetings in which she is involved. Therefore, her educational background, professional experiences, and her personal attributes confirm that she is extremely qualified for this seat. It is without reservation and with the highest regard that I support Colleen Quint for the State Senate. I do not believe that you could find a more competent and responsible candidate.
Julie Zink, Ph.D.

Lisa Ward's picture

Colleen is a strong Candidate

Colleen's determination and extremely well-rounded background make her an incredible asset to our State and District. She's been active in her community, coached young athletes, and advocated for young people and education in Maine for many years. Her commitment to and interactions with the Mitchell Institute and her local School Committee are a backbone of experience for Colleen. She offers the strength, commitment, experience and vision for our District that we sorely need. Her convictions and strength of character make her the right choice for District 17.

Bettyann Sheats's picture

if we work together...

I think Colleen would serve the towns in her district well. Her words bear repeating, we "can have a better today, and a better tomorrow, if we work together to make that happen.” We need that attitude of optimism, co-operation and vision in Augusta. Good Luck, Colleen

Wayne Werts's picture

Nice job!

Another quality candidate for Augusta. With your experience and knowledge you will bring a fresh and committed voice to the Senate. Good luck!

Peter Morrison's picture

Has she filed her paperwork yet?

I ask this question because when I look at the state website there is no listing for her as taking out paperwork to run. I thought you had to file with the state before declaring, but I could be wrong.


Colleen Quint's picture

Just want to assure you that

Just want to assure you that I have filed the paperwork! I sent it in yesterday. They probably just need a day or two to get it online.

Steve Lovejoy's picture

I have known Ms. Quint

I have known Ms. Quint through her work at the Mitchell Institute for several years, and believe she will be an excellent addition to the Maine Senate. Her commitment to the state is something we need more of in Augusta. But in a sense, I have a much stronger connection to her and her family.

Her father was my English teacher my senior year of high school. Then I hated his class. He actually made me work! It didn't take me too long when I started college to realize what he did for me. His commitment to education and to his students was incredible. When we started the legislative session last year Senator Langley started by asking all of the members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee about our favorite teacher. Yes, mine was Mr. Quint.

I urge voters in Senate District 17 to support her. She has the same sense of commitment and values that her Dad did. She will make a fantastic senator for your district!

Steve Lovejoy
State Representative
District 115

 's picture


I've noticed that the last three Democrats coming out to campaign for legislative seats in Androscoggin County have not disclosed that they are running as Democrats in their press releases. There was a time when a Democrat label was a free pass to elective office in these parts. Things have obviously changed.

Interesting coordinated strategy.


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