J. Murphy: Concern for others

It is good to hear politicians quoting scripture these days, even if they are taking it out of context.

The “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required” comes from Luke 12:48. Jesus is giving the parable of testing of servants. That has nothing to do with the rich giving to the government.

There are many scriptures that do encourage the rich to give to the poor, but none encouraging the rich to support the government in order that the government may do more.

The scriptures speak to mankind’s heart. It is God’s desire that we live our lives with concern for others.

Giving through the government breeds corruption. Jesus called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites because they did not properly distribute money collected for the poor.

Our Founding Fathers had unbelievable foresight. They actually foresaw today’s political struggle and warned against it. They warned that it would be necessary for godly people to govern the new form of government that was founded by the Constitution.

The newly formed government’s printing press published the Holy Bible and distributed it to all school systems in order that our youth might be taught the godly principles necessary for a government “for the people, by the people” to be successful.

Nearly 50 years ago, politicians decided to ignore the warning and remove the Holy Bible and its teaching of godly principles from the school systems.

We are witnessing the effects of that decision.

Jim Murphy, Bethel

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 's picture

I'm surprised our resident

I'm surprised our resident biblical scholars haven't chimed in yet. They don't have much use for Luke, but they love to trot out Mark and the "render" verse, now that they have their very own Caesar.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

It is all about selective

It is all about selective justification – the means to their end – for more government goodies.

Just examine Ronald’s comment: “the Lord’s gonna get it..”

Really, what would the Lord do with money anyway – unless the state is Ronald’s Lord, then perhaps he is right.

RONALD RIML's picture

So that applies to Servants....

And are we not all Servants of the Lord??

To those that are given much - much is expected.

So trot out yer sh*t, Mike - the Lord's gonna get it.....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Ronald, Just because you’re a

Just because you’re a servant of the lord does not mean you can serve yourself to my earnings. For those who don’t believe in your God, this sounds like you’re trying to justify taking other’s labor.

Now go serve the lord and get your GD hands out of my wallet.

 's picture

The Gospel according to St. Ron

I would like to read more but, as usual, the vocabulary doesn't meet scriptural standards.

 's picture


The rich should be supporting the government if its because of government loopholes that they got rich in the first place. Don't rich people or the ones with the most money pay more taxes as a rule? When tax breaks are given their fingers should be held to the fire to use the money for what it was borrowed for. Giving tax breaks to the rich so they can start or build a business sure hasn't seemed to work with more people not working then ever. Big businesses just keep finding ways to cut back on jobs and distribute those jobs to the other workers and then more money for them. How big a tax break are the companies that take their business overseas getting? They get it made cheaper, less government regulations and when its shipped back to this country you still pay as much or more for the item and the rest of the stuff you buy comes from China. Look at the tags on anything you buy and it will be made in China and along with all the money we borrowed from them they own us lock, stock and barrel. We rent some of our buildings in Wash. from Japan and the Middle East is moving west faster than most will admit. The whole morality of this country not to mention our respect from around the world is disappearing faster than an ice cube in July and all the politicians can do is argue and dig up dirt on the others and no one does anything. My Father has been gone for 11 yrs. and I can tell you in the mess this country is in now he wouldn't come back for 5 mins. if he could. No Iron I am not just having a bad day as you put it but if people don't start opening their eyes to whats going on in this country we will not survive. If none of what is going on in this country is touching you then consider yourself lucky. Guess you ain't bought any gas/oil lately.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Yup, thanks to a democrat

Yup, thanks to a democrat regime. Bush no longer owns this. It is now the sole property of barack hussein obama. But that's o.k., we'll give him another 4 years to get it right and really finish the country off.

 's picture

Could you please name one

Could you please name one person who became rich because of federal tax loopholes?

Could you please name one product, now made only in China, that could not be made here for comparable cost, were it not for the greed of corrupt unions and the incompetence of the federal bureaucracy? Our manufacturing base has all but disappeared, not because of corporate greed, but because it's impossible to compete with China's slave labor, coupled with unions clamoring for more of everything, and with the US's business tax rates, highest in the world.

I bought gas yesterday. It's terrible that Obama has broken yet another campaign promise, to develop a comprehensive energy policy. It's even worse that the media is afraid to call him on it.

RONALD RIML's picture

Warren Buffet states

Warren Buffet states he has.

 's picture


Sorry missed your first question but no I am not privy to the rich and how thet came to be rich but am betting its not from running the corner store and whether they became rich because of it or not the loopholes they get cost the little guy for sure and usually the loopholes come with an agreement which I am quite sure they didn't all full fill. Whether the loophole is federal or local it is costing you that you can be sure. Of course they always say its in your best interest. Giving businesses like WalMart for instance tax breaks to come to your city when they fully intend to anyway is throwing money away cause they want to be everywhere.

 's picture

Bill Gates started in his

Bill Gates started in his parents' garage - pretty close to the corner store - and went on to become the richest man in the world - still is, for all I know. What loopholes did he get? What little guy did he hurt? He developed stuff lots of people wanted and, along the way, converted lots of little guys into millionaires.

Walmart moved to Farmington without tax breaks. But they did hurt a little guy. There was an Ames store right across the street. Ames refused to modernize, refused to compete, and now they're history. At least they didn't demand a bail-out.

RONALD RIML's picture

What little guy did Microsoft hurt??

What little guy did Microsoft hurt??

You weren't paying attention as Bill stomped 'em like fruit flies???

And Walmart?? Six Waltons now have more $$$ than 90 Million Americans. They hurt 'Big Guys' to get there?? Bwa-hhaaa-HAA!!

 's picture


Nope can't think of one product that couldn't be made here and better if not for the loopholes and greed of which the government is as much to blame as the companies and could make it tougher to import their products back here which might discourage them a bit. Most all campaign promises are broken no matter who is running as they all owe something to someone in order to run. Running for office now costs no much that a legitimate person can't afford to run and when you receive donations guess what? they expect something in return and get it.

 's picture

OK, Wilma, pick a product

OK, Wilma, pick a product that could be "made here and better" that you're ready to pay 2 or 3 times the price of the Chinese version for. The American consumer made his decision 30-40 years ago: Keep prices down or we'll stop buying. The American producer noticed that decision and started moving off-shore, since the only alternative was to go broke and leave the field entirely to the Chinese.

Consider Apple. Their products, extremely popular, are all designed and developed here, by very highly compensated, non-union employees. Those products are all assembled in and distributed from China, because the same jobs here would add so much to the final price that they couldn't compete with other brands. There's a big hole in the US foot and the shot was fired by unions, not greedy corporate executives.

RONALD RIML's picture

All Hail...

All Hail the 'Robber Barons!!"

Right, Mike....

 's picture


Wish you would understand that I am not totally disagreeing with you but nothing is all black or white. Geesh can I say that anymore? There is enough greed to go around and one no more guilty then the other or innocent but we do have alot of people out of work and some by choice of course. Its along the same lines as the professional athletes. Everyone complains about the money they get and rightly so for sure but if they don't get it the owner/owners get it so pick your poison as they say and when they want to build another new stadium they expect tax breaks at the expense somewhat of the little guy who wants to buy a ticket or they threaten to move the team. Ticket prices are not going down even if all ballplayers paychecks would be dropped which they won't of course. There is no loyalty there anymore either and will sell themselves to the highest bidder. That's the name of the game whether its business or ballplaying unfortunately. I am definitely not a union person by any stretch and voted it down every time they came knocking at the door. Its like every thing else at one time it was needed as the companies took advantage then the whole scale tipped the other way. Both to the extreme.


Wilma trying to get some to

Wilma trying to get some to understand anything is a waste of time. If it isn't their idea or opinion they just don't care. They like to sound like know it alls but really know very little.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why not enlighten us with

Why not enlighten us with your vast ocean of knowledge, Tina.


Pirate I would but I learned

Pirate I would but I learned a long time ago that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. The same goes for people...too many are too stubborn to listen to other points of view let alone be able to change their opinion or attitude.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated.Few come here

Well stated.Few come here with open minds or with the attitude of having their opinions changed. Many come to display their knowledge on particular topics and that's fine, as it presents opportunities for some of us to learn. The Pirate comes to be entertained and is seldom disappointed. The parrot comes because he has no choice.


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