G. DeMoras: Natural family planning

People fail to realize that using contraceptives might bring a host of ailments.

According to Dr. J.C. Espinosa, in his book "Birth Control: Why Are They Lying to Women" from Human Life International, contraceptives can abort a baby growing in the womb, cause cancers of the breast, of the reproductive system, increase chances for heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, liver tumors and many other side effects.

In 1992, Self Magazine had an article about how condoms were tested under a microscope and found full of tiny holes.

Cardinal O'Connor once visited AIDS patients at St. Clare's Hospital in Manhattan, N.Y., and they told him they had used condoms and still got AIDS.

Natural family planning was taught by Mother Teresa in India. It is not that complicated. Why not promote it in the United States?

It does not harm the woman and has been approved by the pope.

Gabrielle De Moras, Lewiston

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Jason Theriault's picture


Ok, well, I'll see your reference to a 20 year old magazine, and raise you a 10 year old report from the WHO that showed that in couples(married) where one partner had AIDS, and they constantly used condoms correctly, the transmission rate was around 1%.

And here's the link:

I'm pretty sure natural family planning had no effect on AIDS transmission.

And for the record, natural family planning is not a contraceptives. a contraceptives prevents conception. Natural family planning is semi-abstinence. I mean, if that counts, then any activity where you can't have sex is a form of contraceptive.
Accepting an Oscar? Yup, because you are not allowed to have sex while accepting an Oscar.
Swimming in a public pool? Yup, lifeguard will kick you out if you try to have sex.

KRIS KUCERA's picture

Self Magazine?

Well then, it must be true! I can see your literature review was extensive, dear.

First off, Mother Theresa said poverty was a gift from god. How quaint. Her "miracle" (like all "miracles") was a sham, one that was fast-tracked by the Vatican 'cause Sainthood sells.

It's clear to some that condoms are a left-wing cover up. But the secret is still under wraps. Now is not the time to plug diaphragms. And the pill is just too hard for the Pope to swallow, never mind that women have no say whatsoever in the Catholic Church. Jesus to Mary: "Woman, what have I to do with thee?" -John ii,4

Birth control prevents abortion. Duh. Orgasm as sin? Sounds like somebody's not doing it right.

Robin Williams offers the best natural birth control method:

Steve  Dosh's picture

G. DeMoras: Natural family planning

Gabrielle , Sunday night ,17:45
Our Pope - the German shepard - is celebate and abstains from having sex . God Bless him and all his followers , female and male alike
In our sermon today our beloved Priest Fr. Joey admitted that he had eaten meat - quite by mistake - on Friday night . Nobody is perfect , ( except some guy who died ? 2 0 1 2 years ago on a cross ;)
Even Jesus the Jew , son of the house of David - traced back to Abraham - had his faults
'Member the time he went to the synagogue and forgot to tell his parents Mary and Joe where he went to ?
i use a condom , 'natch ?
/s, Dr. Dosh , father of four

JOANNE MOORE's picture

There are way too many...

There are way too many people on the planet now. Natural family planning is a hit and miss remedy to limit the population explosion in many parts of the world with the dire consequences being malnutrition, starvation and disease as basic needs like clean water are being exhausted.

And, on a local level, when people have children they cannot afford, welfare roles go up and we all pay. And children born into a poor family have much less chance of making it to being productive adults.

If the pope wanted to relieve human suffering he should promote the rule, "two for two".

 's picture

I'm not sure...

...but I think mushrooms cause the same problems.


Family planning in India?

Have you seen the population figures for India? If that is planning save us from it? There is no medication available today that does not have side effects. Unless you want to put up with with your heart attack, diabetes or cancer you weigh the risks and look to the best outcome. Normally your doctor would be the best judge of what that would be, not your priest or local politician. Personally, when I go to to the doctor's, I want the best medical advice I can get for my physical well being. I don't want to have to guess if the doctor is practicing Catholic medicine, or Hindu medicine or Seventh Day Adventist medicine or Islamic medicine. And I have even less desire to be guessing if he/she is practicing conservative or liberal medicine. Just the Hippocratic Oath is fine by me.

RONALD RIML's picture

Gabriel De Moras writes:

Gabriel De Moras writes: "People fail to realize that using contraceptives might bring a host of ailments"

- And does Gabriel De Moras realize that not using contraceptives might result in a host of other unimagined problems for generations to come??

Perhaps she will rush to salve every hurt, sorrow, and pain that results for over the years....? I doubt it.


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