Bangor man charged with murder in drug-related death of Florida firefighter

JACKSON — A 24-year-old Bangor man has been charged with murder in the disappearance of Florida firefighter Jerry Perdomo, police said Tuesday.

Kevin Bennett/Bangor Daily News

Seminole County, Fla., firefighter Troy Todak, left, hands a missing-person poster to Bangor firefighter John Higgins, right, at Dunkin' Donuts in Bangor on Monday. Bangor firefighters fanned out into Waldo and Kennebec counties to hang the posters in an attempt to find missing Florida fireman Jerry Perdomo, who was last seen Feb. 16.

Maine State Police

Jerry Perdomo

Maine State Police, assisted by Bangor police, arrested Daniel Porter at a home in Jackson rented by Porter's father, Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland said in a news release.

The killing is drug-related and Porter's body has not been found, McCausland said. He would not elaborate on what investigators are doing to try to find the body.

Porter eventually will be taken to the Waldo County Jail in Belfast, McCausland said.

On Monday, McCausland said investigators spent two days gathering evidence at Porter's father's house.

Police believe the house is the last place Perdomo was seen. Evidence has been sent to the state police crime lab in Augusta.

Porter was "a person of interest" in the case, the spokesman said.

McCausland also said Monday that police interviewed Porter and Porter's 25-year-old girlfriend, Cheyanne Nowak, after detectives found them in Connecticut in the past week.

Investigators moved three vehicles involved in the case to the state police crime lab. They included Perdomo's rental car, which was found in the parking lot of the Bangor Walmart, a car that had been owned by Porter and was left behind at an Oakland dealership and a new car bought by Porter and Nowak.

"The connection between Perdomo, Porter and Nowak, we're still trying to piece together," McCausland said Monday. Perdomo made frequent trips to Maine, he said.

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Randall Pond's picture

Spell Check

Spell Check is your Friend, Lewiston Sun Journal People! LEARN TO USE IT!

You Folks Really Need to Proof Read your Articles for Spelling before posting them online. Anyone with a Brain Knows that.

I am Ashamed of you guys for the number of errors you make in stories for NOT Doing enough Research number one and number 2, Not Spell Checking your work before it's published online.'

I guess you missed that in High School, and School of Journalism 101.

Sandi Reilly's picture


Wrong name for the body you are looking for.


Re;"The killing is

Re;"The killing is drug-related and Porter's body has not been found" -
I think you mean Perdomo's body has not been found.


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