PHOTO: First lady tours Auburn food bank

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Good Shepherd Food-Bank public relations coordinator Claire McConnell explains the Commodity Supplemental Food Program to first lady Ann LePage as she toured the 53,000-square-foot headquarters in Auburn on Wednesday. The program provides key nutrition to the elderly, pregnant women, new mothers and children under age 6 through a U.S. Department of Agriculture-guided program.

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 's picture


Did she leave any money ???? lol Also look like that all she did is tour if this was 1st Lady Obama she would jump in and help out > Funny ha .

Phyllis Hyde's picture


As a former recipient of the monthly distribution of these commodities bags, I question the nutrition claim, because the bag contents ran heavily toward carbohydrates -- cereal, pasta, high-sugar fruit juice, canned fruit, canned corn, canned peas, etc. As a diabetic, the contents didn't leave me with much that I could eat. The canned meat, like canned beef, looked like dog food when opened, and contained mostly beef by-products, not beef, so things like blood vessels were clearly visible. The bags also came with a 2-pound block of cheese each month. If I ate only a portion of that block of cheese that month, next month I got 2 MORE pounds of cheese. If I ate that much cheese in a month, I'd be permanently "bound up" for the rest of my life. I finally gave up on getting better, more varied fare. I know they mean well, but I think the bag contents left much to be desired. I wasn't supposed to give any of the food away, but what was I going to do -- throw it out? I know -- I'm looking a "gift horse" in the mouth, but maybe if the staff of the food bank read these comments, they'll look at the contents from a diabetic, single, older person's perspective.

Kim Waite's picture

All Ann LePage

cares about is her husband making money and having fame. If he didn't have either of those, she would have remained down in Florida on election night in November of 2010. She only came up when she thought he had a chance to win!

 's picture

First Lady

Isn't the first lady Mrs. Obama? Mrs. LePage is the govenor's wife...


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