P. Gagnon: Women have right to choose

This is in response to the letter from Gabrielle De Moras (Feb. 25).

Women have the freedom and the right to make other choices that “may bring a host of ailments,” such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating unhealthy, processed foods, etc. Evidently, the pope has issue with those.

Control of a woman’s reproductive rights should be hers and hers alone.

How many children suffer from being born into situations where they are unwanted to begin with and their presence is resented for the rest of their lives?

Each child born should be from a loving desire and choice to have and rear them, not an accident that could easily have been prevented.

Looking at the huge population problem in India, I don’t think natural family planning is working all that well.

And were the AIDS patients in New York telling the cardinal the truth about using condoms? I’m willing to bet that his visit was a bit intimidating to some very sick people.

Why do we never hear the pope putting up a fuss about men getting vasectomies?

This is the 21st century. There have been incredible advances in technology, science and medicine (including birth control). Why do our social mores about birth control remain so archaic?

Religious and political leaders really should be focused on more pressing issues, of which there are many in this troubled world. If anything, they should be promoting birth control.

People were given free will when created. Sometimes, we make mistakes. We’re human.

Patricia Gagnon, Albany

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Health insurance coverage for women

I can't believe we are even having this discussion. Some of the folks here should consider joining the Taliban. They have the mindset of a medieval war lord. What's next chastity belts? Funny how men never want women to have sex unless it's with them. Women, in this country, have had control over their own reproductive systems for the last 50 years. That bell has been rung and it won't be unrung. According to the latest surveys 100% of non-catholic women have used birth control at one time or other and 98% of Catholic women have also. The question is do you want to restrict birth control for women who are too poor to buy it, or too irresponsible, or crazy or drugged out? Are they the ones who should be getting pregnant? The law, by the way, exempts churches and religious schools. It only applies to chuch run BUSINESSES. In my opinion they should not only be non-exempt they should be taxed like other businesses. Why should religious instituions have special rules for running BUSINESSES?

Joe Morin's picture

You do realize..

.. that to purchase contraception for yourself averaging sex once a day all year long would cost you less than a basic cable package, internet service, basic cell phone package, a full tank of gas, a dinner with a guest, etc.... When the government is forcing meal plans in public school would you expect to force the Muslim or Jewish kids to eat pork?


Who's forcing who is the question

i would not expect the government to force Muslims to eat pork in school. I would not however think that Muslims could force the government to forbid everyone else to eat pork. The law as it was written would allow any business to deny medical insurance coverage for anything that offends their "morality". That can include any and all medical treatments from heart medicine to cancer drugs. Olympia Snow called it right. The law was a bogus attempt to cancel out the National Health care law.

Joe Morin's picture

I'm curious

..of what percentage of the population would actually be directly impacted by this? Meaning, how many women work for institutions that would be exempt? Furthermore, how many women, who work for such an institution, would be so victimized by their religious based employer not buying them condoms that it would be a deal breaker. Here, in the United States we have freedoms. One of those freedoms is choice. You can choose to work for such an employer or choose no to. This argument about denying rights to women is very melodramatic.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Here's a unique concept, Joe.

Here's a unique concept, Joe. A woman could choose not to have sex. To hear the pro free contraceptives crowd, denying them free access to contraception is a catastrophic event. They're out there performing the pro-creative act of copulation at a rate that hamsters are unable to keep up with, but yet they fear the concept of pregnancy as a consequence of their promiscuity. When did chastity and dignity disappear from our language?

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Good question Paul.

When did chastity and dignity disappear from our language? When pornography and Viagra were accepted as mainstream, no big deal, ways of achieving an erection. It used to be that gentlemen did not discuss their sexual accomplishments, or lack thereof, in public. And those same men, unless they are homosexual, need a woman partner. Imagine that! So half of all those hamsters running around copulating are men! And many of them are devious (date rape pill) in their attempts to be "pro-creative". Unable to bear children, men can impregnate hundreds of lucky women in a year if his stamina holds up. (pun intended.)

The question about chastity and dignity should apply to both sexes. Unfortunately, the onus of birth control has been on the woman. That's just a fact of life. Rapists rarely take the time to don a condom, and yet without their semen, a woman couldn't "get herself pregnant".

Maybe if men started to act like they are responsible in sexual matters, women wouldn't have to shoulder all the blame and shame you guys like to get away with. Until then, and before you start hanging the Scarlet Letter around the necks of women, try a little chastity yourselves, guys.

Joe Morin's picture

Here's the Elephant in the corner

The Catholic Church has the most extensive private health-care delivery system in the nation. It operates 12.6 percent of hospitals in the U.S. You know as well as I do Paul that as soon as the contraception and day-after pill is passed, which the Vatican considers the day after abortion, then up to and not ending with partial birth abortions will also be forced upon them. If this proposal forces the Catholic Church to fund and facilitate access to medical services that they feel are in direct violation of their key beliefs then... yes folks the Catholic church will close their doors. To them, that would be a reasonable alternative to facilitating, what they view, as murder. The Vatican, love it or hate it, has been around for millenia. It was here before the U.S. and will exist after....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

"Control of a woman’s

"Control of a woman’s reproductive rights should be hers and hers alone."

I agree!

Now that being said, please pay for your own choices "alone".

Just because religous organizations don't want to pay for our choice does not equate to taking of your right. Is that simple enough?

Bernice Fraser's picture

women's rights

Ms.Gagnon, no one is taking away your rights. If you want birth contol, or if you want to abort your child,(yes it is a baby) , the government gave you that right. But you should not force a church or organization or the rest of the population to have to pay for this right, If this is against their moral thinking. And if you think that a baby is a mistake or a disgrace your are wrong. A baby is a gift. The mistake is when foolish people have sex without thinking of the consequences. But government has made it easy for people to not think of their actions by making sure you will be able to rid them selves of this mistake over and over again if they choose. It's time that people wakeup and realize that this birth control contraversy is not about women's health but just another ploy by our current administration to break up religion and families in this country, and a push to get women's vote in the upcoming election so that he might take away more of your rights. Eventually one of these rights will affect you.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Excellently stated, Ms.

Excellently stated, Ms. Fraser.

 's picture

Yup, gotta love those librul cartoonists!

When a "target" image was spotted on a non-lefty site just after the Giffords shooting, the state controlled media threw a collective tantrum. For the one below, crickets ...

Don't ya just love the hypocrisy of the left .....

RONALD RIML's picture

As valid today as it was in Luther's time...

And here we have German Peasants Farting at the 'Fire and Brimstone' of a Papal Bull back during Luther's time......

Don't ya just love Editorial Cartoonists.....

 's picture

Thanks, Ron.

For once you stayed within your area of expertise.

RONALD RIML's picture

Let's try the 'Image' again

Let's try the 'Image' again

German Peasants 'Farting' at the Papal Bull......


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