Motorcyclist succumbs to injuries

OXFORD — An Auburn motorcyclist died Monday of injuries suffered when he ditched his bike at the entrance to Oxford Plains Speedway last month to avoid a collision.

Richard A. Lothrop, 58, of 6 Russell Ave. had been a patient at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston following the crash on the evening of Aug. 26.

He was driving his 1996 Royal Star Yamaha south on Route 26 when a truck hauling a stock car pulled out of the racetrack to head in the same direction and the driver didn't see Lothrop, Oxford County Deputy Sheriff Josh Wyman said. Lothrop ditched his motorcycle to avoid hitting the truck and trailer, the investigator said. Lothrop was not wearing a helmet.

The driver of the truck, 17-year-old Kristen Brown of Poland, was not hurt, police said.

No charges had been brought as of last week, Wyman said. The accident
report will be turned over to the district attorney for review. Wyman
said there was no indication that speed or alcohol were
involved in the crash.





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 's picture

If she had done everything

If she had done everything she was supposed to do when pulling out into traffic, Mr. Lorthrup would not be dead now. Yup..poor girl has to live with this the rest of her life. Mr. Lorthrups family has to live "without" him for the rest of their lives.

 's picture are saying are saying that you are APPALLED at some of our reactions...well let me say yours sounds pretty heartless. This "accident" had nothing to do with Mr. Lorthrup not wearing a helmet nor seeing the truck in time to react. Mr. Lorthrup was already on the highway, he was not at fault in any way. And because things are so hectic at the speedway, one takes extra precaution to make sure it's safe to pull out. Someone's life was lost for goodness sakes.....and you want us to feel sorry for the poor little 17 year old girl that "didn't see him"? A man is dead for goodness sakes. When you get your drivers license, you take on a HUGE responsibility. You not only take on responsibility of your life on the road, but EVERYONE elses. No, this was not intentional...but that's what the word "manslaughter" stands for. That 17 yr old took on a responsibility when she got behind the wheel, just like you or I do when we get in our car to drive. If I pull out of my driveway and hit a car, you are damn tootin it's going to be "my fault". The cops not gonna buy my saying "oops...didn't see him coming". A man died as a result of this "accident".......too bad if this poor 17 yr old has to live with it. As I said, at least she gets to live......

 's picture

I am APPALLED at the venom

I am APPALLED at the venom being spewed here. This was a tragic accident, PERIOD. Obviously those of you who are raging at this poor young girl have never been to the speedway when there are a lot of people leaving there. Its IMPOSSIBLE to see everything at once. She did not see him and pulled out, he chose not to wear a helmet and did not see her in time to react differently than he did. All accidental. It was his time, thats it. My sympathies to his family, I know its hard to lose a loved one. My sympathy to the girl as well, she has lost a big part of her life too.

 's picture

Yes, I have heard of the

Yes, I have heard of the word "Accident". I myself have been involved in one when a woman pulled from a stop sign claiming she didn't see me and I was in a bigger vehicle then she! I do not care how old this driver was that was pulling from the speedway. If she's old enough to have her license, then she should be old enough to handle ALL responsibilities that come with it. No, she didn't get up that day with the intentions of causing an accident that day,let alone taking a life, but when you are behind the wheel, you have alot of responsibilities. You watch for EVERYTHING, from vehicles,to pedestrians, kids on bikes to MOTORCYCLES. I'm a biker, and this man and the size of his bike would have been enough to be seen if she was paying enough attention. Yes, I feel sorry for the girl too, BUT, what about Mr. Lorthrup, he died, and he has a family that is now suffering a horrible loss. This girl needs to pay the consequences like anyone else. She may have to live with this the rest of her life, but at least she lives. Mr. Lorthrup no longer does.

 's picture

I certainly hope they do

I certainly hope they do file some charges against this girl. She caused this now fatal accident. Mr. Lorthrop knew to lay down his bike to avoid collision, but sadly, it did him no good. This girl needs to face the consequences of her actions.


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