Rumford Parks Commission bans dogs, other pets from town parks, athletic fields, playgrounds, cemeteries

RUMFORD — People bringing dogs and other pets to town to walk them on athletic fields, playgrounds, cemeteries and parks should instead leave Fido or Fifi at home. They're no longer welcome on town property.

Selectmen on Thursday night acknowledged the new proviso by the Parks and Recreation Commission. Town Manager Carlo Puiia read it into record and is advertising the public notice in local newspapers.

It states: The Parks and Recreation Commission will no longer allow dogs or any other pets on athletic fields, parks, playgrounds and cemeteries that are owned by the town. Dogs or other pets will also not be allowed at any public events at these locations.

“We regret this action, but unfortunately, many pet owners have not cleaned up after their pets or been responsible for the behavior of their pets,” according to the notice.

“Our priority must be the health and safety of these areas for use by our citizens and the public.”

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Tony Capola's picture


A total ban is uncalled for... The people that refuse to clean-up after their animal should be singled out and their actions addressed.

There are plastic bags available in several places throughout the park so there are no excuses.

The 'sins' of the few should not be thrust on the many.

Punishing those that respect others is unfair and fruitless. The people that do not abide by the rules will still bring their dogs to the park and continue to make problems. Either response will require some measure of enforcement so why not target the miscreants and make them responsible for their behavior.

The Very Rev. Daniel Beegan 's picture

Dog Ban Unfortunate

Having been reassigned by His Holiness, Archbishop Robert Russell, from Rumford, Maine, to Indianapolis, IN, I still keep track of Maine news.

I consider the dog ban unfortunate. I don't know if it's the result of overly sensitive board members or the inconsiderate behaviour of dog owners who fail to pick up their canine's poop.

I am now living, at least for now, in a senior citizen apartment complex in Indy and one of the firm rules is to clean up after your dog. I have a Newfoundland, nicknamed The Elephant, whose poops are huge.

The apartment complex, Brookhaven at County Line, makes it easy to follow the rules by supplying plastic poop bags. Maybe that's something Rumford should have considerd before a total ban on dogs.


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