Two jail inmates in Auburn attempt suicide

AUBURN — Two inmates at Androscoggin County Jail were taken to a Lewiston hospital Monday night after apparent suicide attempts, a jail official said.

One of the two men was treated and released by Central Maine Medical Center; the other man was hospitalized and was said to be in stable condition Tuesday morning.

Both men had self-inflicted lacerations to their arms. Both had been conscious when jail guards discovered their injuries.

The men, who were not named by jail officials, had planned their actions together, said Capt. John Lebel, who heads up the jail. Psychological evaluations were planned for both.

The men were in separate cells in the maximum security block of the jail, Lebel said. They apparently used a blade from a razor that was snapped in half. Jail guards issue double-bladed razors to inmates for shaving and collect them afterward. Jail guards noticed a blade was missing from one of the razors earlier Monday and, after a search turned up nothing, were told by the inmate that he had flushed it down the toilet.

Both men had been on regular 15-minute checks. One of the inmates had been put on one-on-one round-the-clock suicide watch weeks earlier, but that level of scrutiny had been suspended, Lebel said.

The inmate who was released back to the jail Tuesday was placed on one-on-one suicide watch, Lebel said.

Both men are awaiting trial; one had been charged with arson, the other, who was charged with robbery, remains hospitalized, Lebel said.

"It's unusual to have two at one time," Lebel said.

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 's picture


What a credit to society to have both of these guys back on the street. They have their rights and made their own choice right? Send them to Afghanistan or Syria and they can accomplish their feat and be heroes as well. With what this will cost taxpayers we could help alot of people that are having a hard time these days. I can guess that they were not employed anywhere before and sure ain't gonna be anymore employable when they do get out but of course we can spend thousands that we don't have to rehabilitate them right. Am sure the ACLU and other bunches like them will be looking our for their well being and probably could even get a lawsuit going if some ambulance chaser gets wind of this "ahem" travesty.

Randall Pond's picture

Excuse me?

Where do you get they are back on the Street, Wilma? Did you not read the Article Correctly One is in the Hospital and the other is back in Jail and in Maximum Security on Suicide watch?

I think you need professional help, Lady!

 's picture

Excuse me

I really don't care what you think. I still have a right to what I think. You can read prisoner articles in the paper everyday and see how the legal system works.

 's picture


Sorry Dan but think being soft and cuddly with a nice cushy place to play ping pong and watch tv doesn't seem to work here or anywhere in the country for that matter. We got a guy on death row in this country writing to the papers how the last laugh is on us and he never had it so good and of course knows that he has a good chance of surviving longer than alot of people working hard everyday and living alot better as well. Its one thing to know how good you think they have it but when its "in your face' how good it really is its pretty disgusting to put it mildly. Have a great day Dan and glad your there.

William Burke's picture



 's picture

You're yelling again...

...Mr. Burke. Please stop.

 's picture

Must do this faster:

First the hanging, then the trial.


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