P. Parquette: No longer an honorable pursuit

The op-ed piece by Sen. Olympia Snowe, taken from the Washington Post (Sun Journal, March 2), is proof that elected officials in Washington are so far removed from the daily lives of the people they supposedly represent, that they truly believe they are actually representing us.

Sen. Snowe states that public service is an honorable pursuit. What a farce.

What is honorable about anyone in Washington today? Nothing.

Our forefathers certainly did not envision public service lasting 40 years, along with all of the perks that they have so readily availed themselves. Snowe and all of the elected officials in Washington should hang their heads in shame.

They pass laws that they exempt themselves from. They enrich themselves with lavish pension plans at taxpayer expense.

Our forefathers certainly practiced with honor and devotion in their service to America. What we have today in Washington is representation of the power elite. The average American does not have anyone representing them.

If you are not a major campaign benefactor you can forget any chance of speaking with them. We are not heard; we are tolerated by them.

After Sen. Snowe announced her retirement, look at all of the candidates coming out. Does anyone think it is about assisting the general public? It is about the perks, the power and the prestige.

To quote Henry Louis Mencken, "If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner."

Paul Parquette, Lewiston

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Steve  Dosh's picture

P. Parquette: No longer an honorable pursuit

All, [ †hanks Paul ] 15:35 hst • 
We put the ' mock ' in democracy ? HAhahah Just a joke . ..
. ." Moderates in the minority would formerly say to the majority, “If you can make changes in your bill to meet some of my concerns, I will vote for your bill.” Sen. Snowe found with the health care bill that Democrats would not seek her support when they believed they could pass it without her.
Even worse from her point of view, her own party did not want her to seek such compromises. " -- Gordon Weil - today or yesterday's L S J ®


hth /s, Steve :)

JOANNE MOORE's picture


You need to go to U Tube and listen to some of the speeches by Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont, independent. I think you will find someone who does care about the working folks.

CRYSTAL WARD's picture

rose colored glasses??

Please read a good US History book and a US Government History book. Our forefathers were not "Gods". There was a great deal of corruption in "early" government. The US Senate was so corrupt that the 17th amendment had to be passed in 1913 changing the process outlined in the US Constitution for getting the job. (they were NOT always directly elected by the people). History is full of scandals big and small from the beginning to now. Many early politicians made a life's work of "public service". We have had elections where the ballot boxes were protected by troops to try to get a fair election. You seem to be looking at the past through very rose colored glasses. Government is run my people and we have not ever raised a generation of "perfect people" past or present. The constitution has set forth a very clear, easy way to clean up government - elections where the people get to vote! No term limits in the original constitution -- if you win in an election you serve for as long as "the people" want you in the office. Presidential term limits are in the 22nd Amendment 1951 --- NOT the original constitution. There are 100's of examples of issues in government BUT democracy still works better than any other form of government.

RONALD RIML's picture

They had 'Help'

Paul Parquette writes: "Our forefathers certainly practiced with honor and devotion in their service to America:

They had a lot of help back home, Paul, with the 'Slaves' picking up the slack......

Why compare our 'Forefathers' to today's elected officials???

JOANNE MOORE's picture

And women..

...picking up their dirty underwear.

Steve  Dosh's picture

P. Parquette: No longer an honorable pursuit

Hmmm, 12.05.06 4:30 pm
Let's not besmirch the character of a most Honorable Senator here
She was okay , okay ?
Public service is , in fact , an honorable pursuit . Some of us have served you . Honorably . Without comment or complaint , sarcasm or cynicism
Ask a public servant why (s)he does it
Ask any policeman or woman , a fireman or woman , someone from the Army Air Force , Marines , Air Force or Coast Guard
Ask a National Guardsman or woman who just got home from *.stan and Iraq
It is not about the perks , the power and the prestige , Pauls , much as you may have been lead to believe
“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have ben tried in theis wold of sin and woe .”
? Winston S. Churchill
b t w - Churchill's mom was American , much like our President Obama's :)
Aloha from Pahoa , Steve

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great letter, Mr. Parquette.

Great letter, Mr. Parquette. I don't doubt some would boil their offspring if they thought it would solidify the cannibal vote.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Just curiouse

Does anyone know of any company,job or position ,anywhere in this country that allows employees to:

!- set their own pay, with no oversight.

2- pay for the gas needed to drive to work every day

3- Pay up to fifty dollars a day for meals.
I'm sure there's more I'm not aware of but think of how that adds up day to day. When was the last time you paid fifty dollars for lunch?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You left out medical coverage

You left out medical coverage that is far superior to what we are about to inherit by virtue of oBAMaCare. If they were required to be covered by this unproven drain on the U.S. economy like the rest of us, they might not be so aggressive in shoving it down our throats.

 's picture

Starting with the big

Starting with the big announcement, Sen. Snowe has been whining about partisanship in DC, neglecting to mention that she caused a good deal of it. She and the other RINOs, "moderates" on both sides, exist primarily to compromise - to get something, anything, done for the American people.

But a politician has to be wearing huge blinders to miss the fact that most of the country is not interested in compromise, especially on issues of "morality", which covers a lot of ground these days. The obvious backlash is partisanship. My way or the highway.

Enjoy retirement, Senator. Now you only have to compromise with Jock.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We hear a great deal about

We hear a great deal about how Snowe and Collins have done this, that, and that for Maine and Mainers. One thing I do know is that the P3 Orions that used to patrol the coast of Maine from BNAS are now being dispatched out of Jacksonville, Florida. To many of us, keeping BNAS open and functioning was far more important than reaching across the aisle for compromise on some misguided social program. Yes, Senator Snowe often did well for Maine, but some times, well was just not good enough.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

I heartilly agree!!

The loss of BNAS will be felt for decades, if not longer. 6,000 jobs gone up in smoke. And the loss of the commissary as well. Many retired depended on it to stretch their budgets. Our senators and our representatives just rolled over and played dead. THEY don't need to work for a living nor do they have a budget to worry about. Elitist bunch of bast**ds, all.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"They should all be made to

"They should all be made to walk the plank", clamored the angry parrot as he sipped on his morning ration of pom juice. We agree totally, Joanne.


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