E. Graham: An issue of religious liberty

This is in response to the letter from Stephen Carnahan (Feb. 22). Carnahan misclassified the issue of birth control; it is a freedom of religion/conscience issue.

Pro-Obama advocates are continually naming the health insurance coverage mandate as a birth control issue when it is a religious liberty issue. Those same pro-Obama advocates will continue to do that in order to get Barack Obama re-elected.

The mandate tramples on the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, D.C., has spoken on the issue. He cited the demands of the government to force Catholic adoption agencies  to place children in same-sex homes. Not just force that placing, but also that the Catholic agency sign documentation legitimizing same-sex families.

The state would not respect the moral teachings of a religious entity, rather it would force its secular ideology on the church.

In that same interview, Wuerl said, "Mr. Obama has a new/different idea of what culture should be." Does Barack Obama have the audacity to think his idea of culture could supersede the moral principles of the nation's Judeo/Christian heritage?

Richard Land, president of Southern Baptist Convention, has stated that social conservatives deeply distrust President Obama. They believe that Obama is the most liberal and most radical president America has ever had. He went on to say, "The conservatives believe that four more years of Mr. Obama's policies will forever harm the social, economic and cultural fabric of our country."

I say, amen.

Elaine Graham, Farmington

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Jason Theriault's picture

Can't follow the rules? GTFO

Don't want to follow the laws about who can and cannot adopt? Then don't handle adoptions.

BTW - there is nothing in the bible saying homosexuals can't raise kids.

Jillian Campbell's picture

P.S. Whats worse?? placing an

P.S. Whats worse?? placing an orphan in a home with two loving parents who happen to be the same sex, or leaving a child parentless because YOUR beliefs interfere with them finding a family?

Dana Burgess's picture

I would never place children

I would never place children in a home with same sex parents. Just the way I feel about it.

Jillian Campbell's picture

So since gluttony and sloth

So since gluttony and sloth are both sins... how about they deny medication for high blood pressure and diabetes for fat people??

nobody is forcing women to use birth control. if a catholic woman is against birth control,she won't use it. this should be a non-issue.

 's picture

Why is the Catholic Church...

...trying to force the mandates of it's parishioners on everyone else? I thought it believed in the separation of church and state. Apparently not.


Religious vs secular

No one is forcing churches to go into business. What the government requires is that churches who go into business need to provide the same insurance coverage for their employees that all the other businesses do. Religious institutions and schools are exempt from this requirement already. What the government is saying is that if you are going to charge your employees for health care coverage you need to provide health care coverage. You cannot give yourself a financial edge by claiming that certain coverage interferes with your values. Any business could deny coverage for anything following that principle. Another business might claim that covering cancer or diabetes interferes with their values because it's expensive. The goal is to provide coverage for as many people as possible and to end the financial drain on our health care system that are the uninsured.

 's picture


"force Catholic adoption agencies to place children in same-sex homes" Nobody is forcing them to do anything. If they don't want to place an adoptee in a same sex home, they don't have to! Just quit milking all those secular dollars from the taxpayers, that's all.

RONALD RIML's picture

So tell me exactly who it is

So tell me exactly who it is that is forcing you to practice birth control???

Jim Cyr's picture

Mr. Rimi, you missed the issue

The issue is not WHO, but the fact that "THEY" are trampling all over the "Bill Of Rights".

RONALD RIML's picture


Then sue 'They'

Unless you got an anchor tied to your azz......


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