A. Barnett: No one seems to care

I attended a showing of Windfall, a movie at Dirigo High School on March 4. Approximately 100 people came to watch this documentary of turbines in a small town.

Only one public figure attended — Rep. Sheryl Briggs.

Where are the selectmen? Town managers? It seems no one cares about the 300-plus property owners within two miles of Colonel Holman Mountain in Dixfield.

Alice McKay Barnett, Carthage

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If Angus King gets elected to

If Angus King gets elected to the Senate, plan on a wind turbine in every back yard in Maine.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Backyard windmills are midgets

The type of windmill Angus is schlepping are 45 stories high! 450 feet high! Have you seen them? They seem like monsters from "War of the Worlds".

Have you ever felt, not heard but FELT the oncoming arrival of a vehicle with deep bass speakers? A sound so low and powerful that it interrupts heart rhythm? It's called ultrasound. It has been used as a form of torture because it can drive a person insane. Think what it does to the birds and animals that used to live in these places where windmills have been built. Doe have given stillbirth. And the herbicides used to keep back any growth near these towers have poisoned all life, including human life from well water. Mudslides and erosion have polluted streams, rivers and lakes with silt and herbicide runoff.

Angus King, among others, is causing huge "dead zones" to form in our state so that he can enrich himself. He won't be here in 20-25 years when these monstrosities begin to rot and buckle, burn out and simply shatter. Who will clean up his mess?

You know what? I don't think he gives a good goddamn.

 's picture

as far as

the eye can. thousands of them. Wake up SJ. Look at Roxbury. Do you realy want to see thousands of them?
Thousands is the tip of iceberg.

 's picture

asking for help

I personally am negatively affected by one of these projects since I am an abutter to one. My wife and I recently built our dream home only to find out thru the grapevine that a commercial wind project was going to be built nearly in our backyard. As the result of this project our new home, which we invested our retirement funds to build, has been devalued significantly due to the construction of this project. Problem is that we have no recourse due to Maine’s expedited permitting law. It’s almost like we don’t exist. Currently there are hundreds of Maine’s citizens in the same situation with thousands more to come as the target number of 4000 turbines progresses. Indeed, A wind turbine is coming to a mountain top near you soon.. I will be challenging the constitutionality of this statute in the court’s for it’s total failure of Due Process for negatively affected citizens. Hopefully, this action will end up in the Federal court’s where we can have some assurance of fairness. There was no notification nor public hearing permitted for those like my wife and I due to the expedited permitting law. The project owners and Maine DEP have engaged in ex parte communications since well before knowledge of the project was made public. Only in Maine can a Governor (Angus King) use one’s office to enrich one self and it be considered lawful. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
Due to my knowledge of your sense of fairness and right, I urge you to submit a bill in the Legislature that would require owners of commercial wind projects to have to compensate owners of properties that realize a devaluation of their homes as a direct result of such projects. I feel as if I have had my pocket picked, not twice but three times by these projects owners. First by public funding, secondly by greatly increased energy rates and lastly by robbing the equity of our homes by devaluation due to their projects. My God, Is This Really America Any More. Tell me again what it was that we were told why the old Soviet Union was so bad to it’s citizens.......................................

 's picture

"devalued significantly"

I am wondering, what Real Estate Company or Licensed/Certified Appraiser/Appraisal Company has provided you with supporting documentation (Recent FMV Appraisal) of a Fair Estimated Market Value of your newly constructed home. Have they been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your home has been as you stated, "devalued significantly".

 's picture

Town Wilton appraiser

Land in the basin in South Carthage Maine now has what is called encumbered property.
A wilton town assessor said no one with an investment in mind will buy the property.
Other property with-out leases but abutt these encumbered properties is what he called burdened.

Watch the Movie WINDFALL and ask yourself the same question the property owners on Tug Hill asked the audience. "Would you spend your money on my home if you had the financing to buy elsewhere?"

A buyer of a Dixfield Common road property walked with just the hint a project may abutt them.

Have you seeen these things a mile away? Would you want one in your back yard?

Jason Theriault's picture

Well for one...

In the old Soviet Union, had you said what you had just said, by this time tomorrow, you would be pining for your dream home on a train to Siberia.

Also, your dream home would have been a 1 bedroom apartment, because unless your a party insider, you don't get squat.

Also, when the government chose to build a power plant next to your home, it would have been nuclear. And if it melted down, they would tell you days later, after you got a significant dose of radiation.

Which is really gonna be a bummer in Siberia, because I don't think they have good doctors up there.

 's picture

one person's view

you are one of the very few in Augusta that can and would help a growing number of Maine’s citizens that are getting destroyed financially by Maine’s expedited Wind Power Permitting Statute. As you must know the target for development of 4000 industrial wind turbines on Maine’s mountain tops is current policy of the State of Maine. If one takes a look at a topographical map of our state it is painfully apparent that this policy will result in the permanent destruction of nearly every mountain top in our state. I find this totally unacceptable due to the irreversible changes that will be made to the basic character of the entire state which will have profound negative effects for generations of Maine’s citizens. National studies have found that energy produced by commercial wind projects is the single most costly form of energy production. Indeed, energy produced by commercial wind turbines averages at nearly $4.00 per kilowatt vs. current costs by other green generating methods which produce energy and traditional methods which are about $0.15 per kilowatt. These projects could not exist without massive amounts of public funds. Citizen electrical rates will have to sky-rocket to unimaginable levels to sustain production by commercial wind energy. The citizens have their pockets picked twice for this insanity. First to fund these projects then to pay for the energy produced at excessively high rates.

 's picture

Read this following excerpt

Read this following excerpt from a recent article in this newspaper and tell me how a town manager gets to tell the select board how to respond to a citizen petition, advocating the citizens be left out in the cold. Who is whose boss, anyways ?

"Town Manager Eugene Skibitksy said Tuesday that the board has no responsibility to place another ordinance before townspeople because a proposal to devise an ordinance was voted down at a town meeting in May of 2011. With that action, the town has agreed to follow the state Department of Environmental Protection regulations for wind development."

 's picture

A Sadly Truthful Film

Windfall shows the dynamics of small, rural communities when Big Wind targets them. There will always be people who stand to benefit financially who will want an industrial wind site. There are the starry eyed dreamers who really believe that wind power will save the planet and be just as the deviously manipulative wind companies portray it. Then, there are the people who want honest answers, who ask the hard questions, raise key issues, demand real fact-based answers. Unfortunately the process tends to tear communities apart. It is better to create a local ordinance to recognize that the property rights, the well being of every resident, and the sense of community deserve protection.

To Alice and others, if you had 100 people there from several towns, they need to convey to their select boards that this is a real issue that needs proactive resolution. They need to reach out to neighbors with useful, factual information. There is experience with wind in Maine to share with select boards and neighbors, to wit:

In every organized town where a wind proposal has come forward, there has been devisiveness, anger, and bitterness. Some even worse than shown in the film.

In every town where turbines have gone in less than a mile from where people live, there have been complaints about noise and ill effects from low frequency noise.

The huge environmental impact of the sprawling sites wreak the topography and disrupt the ecology of large sections of our rural communities.

The huge, 45 story wind machines on top of ridges are totally out of scale and out of character with our beautiful state.

As taxpayers, we are paying enormously for a fickle trickle of unpredictable, unreliable power that the New England grid doesn't need. With the exception of Mars Hill, there isn't a wind project in Maine that attains 25% output of its design capacity.

Is it really worth it to our communities to allow this folly to disrupt our way of life so badly?

Jason Theriault's picture


Maybe they don't care if Wind turbines show up. Most people don't

 's picture


they never lived under them and then gagged.

Jason Theriault's picture

Pretty sure

I'm pretty sure they don't cause gagging. But when has a lack of facts stopped anyone on the internet from posting..

Do continue.

 's picture

No gagging, but. . .

Jason, wind turbines likely don't cause gagging. But I have experienced the effects of low frequency sound from wind turbines and I report both my healthy 18 year old daughter and I got headaches. I have had heart surgery and I experienced classic angina symptoms. After about an hour and driving miles away from the Rollins project in the Rocky Dundee ridges of Lincoln/Burlington, the symptoms subsided.

Two acoustics experts I know experienced far more severe and longer lasting effects including dizziness, disorientation and nausea while they were doing professional, scientific-based research on a set of wind turbines. Then there is the incessant audible noise. That sound of the low flying jet overhead that doesn't go away for hours and hours. These turbines produce their signature noise at far lower threshhold of wind speed than the speed at which they actually start to produce electricity.

Jason Theriault's picture


From the studies I have read, the general consensus is that the there is no evidence to support linking Wind Farms to adverse health effects other than stress. People who are annoyed at the Wind turbine get stressed out, and that can cause all sorts of issues. But stress, as they put it, is not a disease.

A quote from a 2011 British study : "annoyance has far more to do with social and psychological factors in those complaining than any direct effect from sound or inaudible infrasound emanating from wind turbines".

So you show me a PEER REVIEWED study that says wind farms cause adverse health effects, and I will read it with an open mind.

 's picture


but Jason, the people suffering have signed gag orders, they cannot speak against WIND. Watch the movie.

Jason Theriault's picture

Peer reveiwed study.

I don't really care if they signed a gag order. You can find people that will claim martians probed them and now they can no longer dance the Charleston.

Peer reviewed studies are conducted by experts in the field and backed by evidence. Hence why, if you want to convince me there are health effects, you need to show me a peer reviewed study

 's picture

Shame on the Dixfield Select

Shame on the Dixfield Select Board ! Given the duty, by the people to write and offer to the people , a wind ordinance providing protections against the adverse effects of wind turbines, THEY FAILED TO FOLLOW THE PEOPLE'S WISHES. NO ORDINANCE, WHY ? The people voted (52 for to 11 against) to adopt a moratorium on wind which included the following provision : " The Purpose of this Ordinance is to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of Dixfield by fostering orderly wind energy facility development. During the term of the moratorium the Town of Dixfield will determine the most appropriate methods to regulate wind energy facilities and prepare appropriate municipal ordinances to achieve such."
We have a town manager telling us he would like to have the select board DENY a forthcoming petition that would offer the voters of Dixfield a chance to vote for a wind ordinance written to protect and based on the latest science and evidence of the impacts from wind turbines. Is this what we expect from a town manager ? , someone who was part of the committee that failed to perform the duty as 52 to 11 people mandated and now advocates the people should be allowed no voice in calling for an adequate wind ordinance for Dixfield ?

 's picture

peru selectmen care

Peru has an ordinance committee that cares. They are doing their homework and as the movie showed, they are learning things the WIND industry will not tell them.
Dixfield has citizens that care.
Over 30 ordinances in Maine . Come on politicians, get the drift.
Us 5,6,7,8,9,10 th generation Mainers have struggled for generations.
GRID scale WIND is a scam. We hold onto our acreage because of it's beauty, not, because it makes us money.

 's picture

I Agree

As an 8th generation Mainer, I have always cherished the old Blake farm in Lee. It is now a small organic farm with lots of goats. My namesake great X 3 grandfather hacked an existence out of wilderness in 1814. The lovely quintessential view of the northeastern Maine uplands, a pond surrounded by hardwood ridges is now destroyed as the Rocky Dundee ridges to the southwest of Green Pond have wind turbines. I fought First Wind as hard as I could, but the smooth talking thieves had too much of a head start. They had been talking to all the select boards and Lincoln Town Council and Lincoln Town Manager for SIX years before there was any word to the public. The truth about wind power is out there now. Communities have the opportunity, as Alice points out, to enact ordinances that protect their town.

I will forever condemn the town of Lee for corruption, led by a selectman who had made money from leasing land to First Wind for the Stetson project and a local state representative who leased land to First Wind for both the Rollins Project and for the proposed Bowers Mt. project in nearby Carroll Plt. There has been a lot of shady doings between wind companies and local officials in Maine. Far more than what is shown in the Windfall film. It is up to the citizens to seek the truth and stop the corrupt ways.

 's picture

I attended a showing of the

I attended a showing of the documentary WINDFALL in Fort Kent at the University of Maine put on by the Student Ecology Committee. I thought the documentary was very thought provoking and was encouraged by the dialog amongst the attendees afterward. The message I took away from that documentary was that if they join forces, the townspeople CAN protect their quality of life even if their representatives and selectmen want to throw them under the bus for a fistful of dollars. The tragic thing was how the town was torn apart over the issue, but that same thing has happened in every rural town these wind developers target. Sheryl Briggs really does seem to care. She is doing her homework and is to be commended for that.

Hart Daley's picture

Concerned - Guess Not

I too attended the "Windfall" documentary at Dirigo High School. I did notice selectmen from Peru and Sumner, however it was a no show for the Dixfield Selectmen, TM Eugene Skibitsky and Patriot Renewable rep Tom Carroll. What a shame. The townspeople of Dixfield deserve better from their elected officials. I also listened to the plight of several Roxbury and Byron residents as they cope with the noise issues and scenic destruction surrounding former governor Angus King's creation. Out of sight out of mind. People still believe they will get reduced electricity and reduced taxes with the creation of Industrial Wind Projects due to the lies and half truths presented by the llc's and their representatives. The Dixfield / Colonel Holman proposed project is NOT finalized. NO contract has been voted on. A new proposed wind ordinance is being disseminated to citizens, by citizens, to protect citizens since our town manager; Eugene Skibitsky and the board of selectmen have failed to undertake this endeavor.


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