LePage names temporary replacement for position vacated by Maj. Gen. Libby

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Robert McAleer

AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage on Thursday named a temporary replacement for Maj. Gen. John W. Libby, the outgoing commissioner of the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management and adjutant general of the Maine National Guard.

Rob McAleer, the director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency, will be acting commissioner until a selection committee finds Libby’s permanent successor.

“Rob brings vast experience to this position, both as director of MEMA and a retired colonel in the United States Marine Corps,” LePage said. “He will do a fine job leading the department during this transition period.”

Since Libby announced his retirement, a letter calling for applications was sent by the governor to all current members of the Maine National Guard qualified under Maine law to serve as adjutant general.

The LePage administration expects to announce a nominee for adjutant general in time for the Legislature’s summer confirmation session.

LePage also announced five names who will serve as the selection committee for the next adjutant general. They are Department of Labor Commissioner Robert Winglass, Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Morris, William Dubord, a retired colonel in the Maine Army National Guard, Gil Pelletier, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and Maine Army National Guard, and Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty, who also is a retired command sergeant major in the Maine Army National Guard.

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 's picture

another incompetent

another incompetent republican crony getting a patronage job. Will this guy ever do anything FOR Maine?

Tim Lajoie's picture

He's a Baldacci Appointee

Hey, Dan...You may want to do little research. McAleer was first appointed to MEMA by none other than Gov. John Baldacci...long before Lepage even announced he was running for governor.

“I am pleased to nominate someone of Robert McAleer’s caliber to
serve in this important leadership role,” said Governor Baldacci.
“Robert’s extensive military career coupled with his recent
experience in homeland security and emergency preparedness will
make him a wonderful leader of this department. He has a proven
record managing a wide range of challenges, and his unique set of
skills will greatly benefit the safety and welfare of the state.”

Was he also an incompetent Democratic crony who got a patronage job? It seems to me that Lepage did a real good thing for Maine.


 's picture

only in your mind

only in your mind


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