Portland's WGAN sticking with Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh
Ron Edmonds/AP Photo

In this Jan. 13, 2009 file photo, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh talks with guests in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — WGAN-AM is sticking with "The Rush Limbaugh Show" despite a local protest over the radio show host's harsh words for a Georgetown University law student who supports health care coverage for contraception.

Limbaugh called the student a "slut" and "prostitute" last week, but later issued an apology.

On Thursday, Annie Finch of Falmouth led about a dozen women and a couple of men into the South Portland offices of the Portland Radio Group to deliver 5,700 signatures from people demanding that the company drop Limbaugh from WGAN.

Cary Pahigian, president and general manager, tells the Portland Press Herald that some advertisers have opted out of Limbaugh's time slot but he says there's has no intention of pulling the show.

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Andrew Jones's picture

Do you think he still would

Do you think he still would have apologized if several of his advertisers had not pulled their ads? Do you think Clear Radio, the company that owns Premiere Radio Networks which syndicates the show across the country, might've taken a harsher stance if Rush's show wasn't the only thing keeping them afloat?

Maybe we're thinking too much about it. People like Rush and Beck are just radio personalities that are paid to troll the airwaves.

Mike Lachance's picture

Honestly, Rush has a backlog

Honestly, Rush has a backlog of companies who would love to advertise on his program. I dont think Rush cares about Carbonite... there is list of companies waiting right behind them. (And the next day after pulling their ads, Carbonites stock portfolio dropped 12%. The following day they were courting the EIB network to try to get "back on" to advertise during Rush's program... i believe they were turned down)

Rush apologized because the MSM latched on to the comment and is running with it. And he went against his own rules and stooped to the level of Bill Maher, Kieth Olbermann and Ed Schultz. Rush has always knew how far is far enough and this is an unfortunate crossing of that line. He knew it and he apologized within 24 hours. None of the other aforementioned personalities have ever apologized.

Thats my take on it.

Mike Lachance's picture

I believe it's best to speak

I believe it's best to speak with some semblance of good taste. Therefore, I dont excuse Rush for his statement, but I do judge the sheer hypocrisy of those who call him out yet ignore far more egregious violations of taste in the name of an agenda and a "shared ideaology"...

An apology is just that. We can choose to accept or not accept it, but if it is never made than that choice is taken from us. You choose what you will for your own reasons.

Each of us can say *nearly* anything we want, it IS free speech... but we must accept the fallout when we make such statements. The problem comes (once again) when a double standard is applied subjectively to one group of people and not another.

For every Rush, you have a Maher, an Olbermann, a Schultz and a Franken who more often than not, get a free pass...

Thats what *I* believe Dan.

Mike Lachance's picture

Nothing fictional. According

Nothing fictional. According to your (once again double) standard Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann also have a case against Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann. The things THEY have said about Palin are far more slanderous.

You do realize that one does'nt need to volunteer to testify in Congress or be a college student before being eligible for slander lawsuits. It's true Dan; college students are no different than anyone else.

Then you have the cases of Kathleen Willey, Juanitia Broderick and Paula Jones... Need we go there? Remember what THEY were called?

What defines "public figure"? If I organize and PROMOTE a speaking engagement at the National Press Club, am I not putting myself out there in the public eye... before the PRESS? Without her plublicity "tour" she would have never been noticed and would not have been tapped to speak before Congress. These are the facts Dan.

What did Bristol Palin do?
Broderick and Jones certainly did nothing. They were named on Subpeonas and REQUIRED to testify, yet they were pilloried and torn to shreds in the media. But thats ok huh?

Carl Kimball's picture

Limphead who?!

It's not free speech when you down grade someone you don't even know. You can disagree with strangers without belittleing yourself. When your stupid it shows, right Limbaugh?!...(just my opinion and not that of this paper)....

Mike Lachance's picture

Well apparently, Carl,

Well apparently, Carl, according to your (double) standards YOU have no right to post what you just posted. "It's not free speech."
right Kimball?!

Carl Kimball's picture

No Double Standards

Mike, i've known the man for many years and some times he kind of steps over the line, but this time he went way over the line, because he knew nothing of this woman. Just because he's against what she says, doesn't give him the right to call her names, especially if he knows nothing of her. You have a nice nite.

Mike Lachance's picture

you know him personally?

you know him personally? really? I highly doubt it Carl.
he knew "nothing" about the woman? really Carl? I highly doubt that too.
Do I have the right to call you names? I would argue that you most certainly have the right to call me names.

Regardless, Rush apologized the next day... which apparently is not acceptable anymore by the left. Bill Maher has steadfastly not apologized for his comments which have been far more foul, vile and hatefilled than anything Rush could possibly come up with... yet his gall and complete unapologetic record gets no attention and a complete pass by everyone left of center.

Pretty screwed up stuff indeed.

So Carl, do you accept Rush's apology?

Carl Kimball's picture


Your like him, disagree to keep things flowing. Who i know or don't know doesn't matter, because you didn't live my life up till now and i don't have to go out of my way to prove who i know to you. So, far as i'm concern this stops here. Have a nice life.

Mike Lachance's picture

Well Carl, who you know

Well Carl, who you know *does* matter when you make statements that are unbelievable. Youve said you know Rush Limbaugh (insinuating personally). I find this unlikely, but hey I could be wrong. I'd need a bit more substance to believe your statement.

Then again, I *can* say 100% that you dont know me, and I dont know you... which, according to your rules means you cannot say a disparaging thing about me without violtaing free speech ettiquette. It doesnt add up. And since you dont know me (verified) than how can you say I'm like Rush?

But if thats what works for ya, by all means... work it!

No surprise..

It is common knowledge that WGAN is for anything Republican...Hmmmm..wonder who onws the company..haven't listened to that station for years and don't ever plan to..and as far as Rush Loser goes, they seem to forget that that sluts are everywhere, and in everyones family...that's right..your mother and your sisters and your girlfriends..and sluts vote and go to college and have a mind of their own..and hopefully boycott WGAN..

Mike Lachance's picture

Linda calls Rush a loser than

Linda calls Rush a loser than calls EVERYONES mother a "slut".
Thats nice Linda. Real nice. Classy gal.


Makes you wonder

Don't you just wonder though why those folks who consider themselves to be morally superior, smarter ( in a commom sense kind of way), and more patriotic than the rest of us would be taking their marching orders from a four times married, drug addicted, viagra lovin loud mouth who has never served a day in the military or in political office. It makes you wonder what they could possibly be thinking with. Oh, and for the ladies who work for companies that provide health insurance benefits that include contraception coverage, he wants videos of you having sex. Be sure to send them in.

Mike Lachance's picture

Dan, thats one of the most

Dan, thats one of the most level-headed posts ive read from you. Very well put. I dont agree with your opinions, but you have every right to have them.

Jason Theriault's picture

It doesn't matter

The people who listen to Rush have bought into it hook, line and sinker. They have lost much of their critical thinking ability, because if you can't see that his job is to inflame and provoke his listeners to become angry and therefore listen more to him, then they are lost. Limbaugh's whole goal is to get you angry so you keep listening. Which makes your more angry, so you listen more.


Mike Lachance's picture

As opposed to you and Dan,

As opposed to you and Dan, here on the SJ pages?
We are swimming in a field of double standards... and we havnt even mentioned MSNBC, The Daily Show, or Maher... oh ya, thats right! Maher.

Critical thinking would require anyone who slams Rush to look up what Maher has been aying about conservative women...

the MSM is ignoring that one like the plague.


Jason Theriault's picture

Daily Show?

I'll give you that Maher is a jerk. But, I think Jon Stewart is classy, and generally makes intellectual points.

Here is the difference between Maher and Rush on this:
Maher picked on Sarah Palin, and did so during one of his comedy shows. He was being classless, but again, it was a comedy performance not broadcast. Palin is also a public figure, who put her self out there.

Rush went after a private citizen testifying before congress. He attacked her for three straight days (the count was 46 times last I heard), and I don't think he even bothered to listen to her testimony. Because she was talking about how insurance companies use the pill's birth control status to stall and deny legitimate claims.

Here's some free advice. The "well, he did it first" argument will never get you off the hook, and it makes you look like a 5 year old. Maher called Palin bad names over a year ago. The statue of limitations has run out on being mad about that.

Mike Lachance's picture

"a private citizen"?? the

"a private citizen"??

the woman was invited to Capital Hill after she held a press conference at the National Press Club on her own accord. She then accepted the invitation to testify publicly before the Senate. She was not required to do so. She made a choice both in speaking before the National Press Club and accepting and then testifying before the US Senate to put herself willingly in the public eye.

Bristol Palin, on the other hand....

And whats more... Sarah Palin is also a private citizen. She is no more a "public citizen" as you or I are in posting on these pages. You may argue Sarah Palin was a Mayor, a Governor and a VP Candidate, and that would be correct... but you must remember the "was" part....

There must not be a statute of limitations on "public citizen" because Maher is still ripping on Palin. It has never ended.

Here's some free advice that might be more useful than the stuff you're offering up: Arguing that offensive statements that are a year old are less significant than ones made a week ago because they were made a year ago makes you look like a complete hypocrite.. If no one made a big deal about Rush's statements until a year from now would that make them ok?

Was Hermann Cain's "offensive" statements "ok" because they were made in 1996? Apparently the "statute of limitations" NEVER runs out if youre a conservative...

Spare us.

Jason Theriault's picture

A few things:

Sarah Palin is not a private citizen. She was a Mayor, a Governor and a VP Candidate. She has had a reality tv show, and she is still politically active. As far as I'm concerned, she's fair game.

Bristol, on the other hand, is not(kinda). Bristol has been on Dancing with the Stars, so at that point, she was also fair game. Thats not saying calling Sarah a "c***" or a "t***" is acceptable.

What I'm saying about time is that Maher already took alot of heat for his comments, AS HE SHOULD HAVE. Bringing it up now is just a way of trying to deflect criticism off of Limbaugh. Point me to one source who tried to defend Maher when her called Palin those names. Nobody did, because everyone agrees he was out of line. Defending him is only going prolong this. He needs to take his medicine.

And it wasn't what Cain said, it was all the sexual harassment and a 13 year affair that sunk his boat. And the grapevine said fellow conservatives were responsible for leaking that stuff, not the left.

Mike Lachance's picture

Keep in mind that Sandra

Keep in mind that Sandra Fluke was asking the Govt to essentially pay her for having sex.... that is the jist of the whole "slut" analogy when combined with the QUANTITY of sex Fluke alleges she had when she was a student at Georgetown. Read the transcripts... and my next post (below this post)

Compare Rush's comments in THIS context with those of Maher, Schultz, Olbermann, etc and there is simply NO comparison.

Jason Theriault's picture


The crux of her arguments was that since insurance didn't have to cover birth control, they use that as a excuse to deny claims that use the pill for non birth control reasons, such as ovarian cysts.

And, btw - prescription birth control isn't a "take as you go" thing. You take it all the time, regardless of how much sex you have. So all around, Rush Limbaugh doesn't know what the f he talking about.

Mike Lachance's picture

$3000 a year Jason. Do the

$3000 a year Jason. Do the math.

The crux of her arguement was that Georgetown was a religious university and as such didnt cover birth control. She has been an activist feminist for years, both in and out of DC. She has been a professional student. She enrolled at Georgetown knowing full well what their policy was. Her track record and her record of activism on feminist subjects smacks of a plan.

The Congressional hearings were about religious freedom vs Govt mandated birth control coverage for a private university. The Dems had a College professor (UCC affiliation) scheduled to testify about the subject, then at the last minute dropped him and arranged for Fluke to testify. She had no experience in religious freedom issues, only feminist issues. The last minute change prevented the normal 72 hour vetting for those proposed to testify.

Moreover, Fluke is now shown to have ties to the Obama White House and has been working these avenues for years. She is NOT an "innocent Co-Ed" she is a 31 year old political operative who has been working the govt mandated birth control issue for years.

Do a little research Jason.

Yes, Rush should not have made his statement. I dont defend his poor choice of words, I simple am pointing out the hypocrisy of nearly everyone who has an axe to grind for personal and political reasons. Maher did far worse. Plain and simple. And Fluke is anything than what she is being portrayed as in the MSM right now.

And thats the real issue here. The truth.

Jason Theriault's picture


It was $3000 while someone is in Law School.


So before I do any math, how bout you do some research?

Mike Lachance's picture

Sometimes the truth hurts, Jason.

Now Gloria Allred wants Rush arrested. Of note, the "young student" is actually a 30 year old feminist activist with close ties to the White House. She is a perpetual Law Student.

"The statute stipulates that anyone who 'speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity'”\ is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree."

a) It is a misdemeanor, even if of the 1st degree.
b) She wanted subsidized birth control, so "imputing to her a want of chastity" was not a Fluke.

Sandra Fluke has claimed she can't afford the $3000 in contraceptives she requires in a year.

Did you read that?
$3000 a year in contraceptives???

According to some estimates having sex 5-times a day everyday would run up a tab of about $1000 a year in condoms. Birth control pills for a year might run up to an additional $300 a year at most. So thats $1300 for someone having sex 5 times a day every day for a year.

I would venture to guess that someone having DOUBLE that amount of sex would qualify in every way as a slut.

Limbaugh had every right to say what he said. By her own admission, Fluke was having so much extra-marital intercourse that it required $3000 worth of contraception. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Now, do they really want Fluke's connection to the White House to be exposed? Too late. The stories have started to surface.

Jason Theriault's picture

Again, this isn't gasoline

Again, this isn't gasoline - you don't fill the tank before sex. Birth control has to be taken all the time. If you are having no sex, or 1000's of partners, you take the same amount of birth control.

If you going to comment on a subject, at least make sure you have a slight understanding of it.

Mike Lachance's picture

FYI: The only "birth control"

FYI: The only "birth control" that could possibly in any way total $3000 a year is condoms, PLUS pills, and that doesnt even come close. If YOU are going to comment on a subject perhaps you should take your own advice Jason and know what the heck youre talking about.

Jason Theriault's picture

Ahhhh, try again

See, if you READ THE TRANSCRIPT, you will see your error.

Here's a quote:
"..can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. "

Law school doesn't take a year.

Here's a link.


Mike Lachance's picture

Georgetown already allows for

Georgetown already allows for birth control pills for cysts, acne etc.

The entire plan is there. (you can d/l the PDF)
With a PROPER Dr. referral the conditions & prescriptions as-such that everyone is harping about are infact covered. Apparently none of the women Fluke cites bothered to have a Dr. give them the proper referral.. if in fact every single one of them had some awful GYN disorder that required birth control pills.... ya.. thats it.

So what is Fluke talking about?

Be honest with yourself. This is a charade.

Jason Theriault's picture

Last time

OK, seriously, this will be the last time I explain. Next time I will only post 3 words:


Insurance covers the pill for non-birth control purposes.
However, since they don't have to cover it for birth control, they assume that 9 times out of 10, the woman is lying, and that they go above and beyond to make these women prove that they need this medicine.

This is the case with the friend of Fluke who she testified about. Her friend even was a lesbian. No need for birth control. But the insurance company dragged their feet, and the friend was forced to cover the cost of the medicine out of pocket. Things got too tight, and she had to stop taking the meds. Next thing you know, she's having her ovary removed, she's on all sorts of meds, and is trying to stave off menopause at age 32, because she would like to have kids.

She probably has a hell of a lawsuit, but lawsuits can't get you offspring.

Mike Lachance's picture

Jason, I admire the fact that

Jason, I admire the fact that you just dont give up, but really, who cares if she's a lesbian. Makes no difference.

She didnt/wouldnt/couldnt get a Dr's referral which is what the Georgetown Insurance plan requires. No more excuses. This Fluke testimony charade was nothing more than a political stunt, hoping that no one would dig into the actual facts and the background. Too bad.


Jason Theriault's picture

Raed the Transcript

Ok, I said I would, but I'm gonna.


"For my friend and 20% of the women in her situation, she never got the insurance company to cover her prescription. Despite verifications of her illness from her doctor, her claim was denied repeatedly on the assumption that she really wanted birth control to prevent pregnancy."

So, obviously, your point was clearly wrong, as you would have know if you had read the transcript.

You know what my favorite part of "War and Peace" is? When Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins find the treasure. Oh wait, that wasn't in War and Peace. I've never read "War and Peace". Man I sound stupid when I comment on things I haven't read.

Mike Lachance's picture

Well then Jason, if what

Well then Jason, if what Fluke says is true (and i seriously doubt it is), then true the problem isn't with the policy or coverage, and the problem certainly isn't a lack of government mandates or laws. The problem is between the patient, her doctor and the claims rep who would have been violating the insurance policy itself.

The whole arguement is a charade. My auto insurance company states it covers window damage. My window gets damaged and I make a replacement claim for a new window (that just happens to be tinted glass) and they choose to not cover my claim do I testify before congress that auto insurance companies must cover any and all claims for window tinting? No. I fight it and get the ins to cover what they are supposed to cover.

Mike Lachance's picture

Dan, you simply have no clue

Dan, you simply have no clue what youre talking about. FOX News?

Mike Lachance's picture

Tell me, Mr. Know-it-all....

Tell me, Mr. Know-it-all.... when was the last time I watched FOX News, or even their website for news?

Mike Lachance's picture

Seriously Dan. Go to freekin

Seriously Dan. Go to freekin WALMART for your pills.

Fluke was a plant. Look up the woman's activist history (seriously, look it up) and look at the timing of her replacing the original college professor who was to speak. (seriously, look it up)

And you want the Govt to require a private religiious college to pay for that latest and greatest absolutely most expensive prescription medication available??? Now we're getting to the real meat of the subject. And the fact that this subject was NOT the point of the Congressional hearings in the first place.



I don't watch him. Did he say they were sluts? Did he ask for videos? Or did he say they were wrong, immoral, ugly? What ?

Mike Lachance's picture

MAHER (DONATES $1,000,000.00) GETS A PASS)

Evenin' Claire...

Bill Maher on Sarah Palin:

Bill Maher on Sarah Palin:

Bill Maher on (then 20 year old) Bristol Palin:
her real name should be “Whoops, There’s a D*ck in Me”

Bill Maher on Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin:
"Two Bimbos"

NOTE: Bill Maher has recently donated $1 million (yes, thats $1,000,000) to Obama's SuperPAC

More Bill Maher on Sarah Palin:
numerous times "MILF" (look it up)

Bill Maher on Trig Palin (Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome baby):
the result of Palin having sex with John Edwards

Conservative presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared on the NBC Jimmy Fallon TV show and the band played the song “Lyin’ A*s B*tch”.

BTW, The Obama administration has refused to demand an apology from Maher.
Nancy Pelosi refused to condemn Mahers comments.

The SuperPAC has refused to give back the $1million dollars they recieved from Maher.

NOTE: Bill Maher has never apologized for any comments he has made about any of the Palin family, Cheney, or others.

Anyway... there are sooo many instances out there. simply google it and you'll find all the evidence you need...

Mike Lachance's picture

No Dan, there isnt any

No Dan, there isnt any difference.

If there were, than that would mean that there is a difference between Jim Lehrer and Tony Snow, and there would be a difference between Juan Williams and Brian Williams... or that there would be a difference between Katie Couric and Greta Van Susternan (sp)

And as a matter of fact, Rush Limbaugh is not in anyway a dead-pan news anchor... he is a celebrity just like Maher. Limbaugh injects as much humor into his program (almost non-stop) as Maher has in his.

Infact... they are no different.


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