Portland's WGAN sticking with Rush Limbaugh

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — WGAN-AM is sticking with "The Rush Limbaugh Show" despite a local protest over the radio show host's harsh words for a Georgetown University law student who supports health care coverage for contraception.

Limbaugh called the student a "slut" and "prostitute" last week, but later issued an apology.

On Thursday, Annie Finch of Falmouth led about a dozen women and a couple of men into the South Portland offices of the Portland Radio Group to deliver 5,700 signatures from people demanding that the company drop Limbaugh from WGAN.

Cary Pahigian (puh-HIG'-ee-un), president and general manager, tells the Portland Press Herald (http://bit.ly/x0V8aV ) that some advertisers have opted out of Limbaugh's time slot but he says there's has no intention of pulling the show.

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This is different

People who compare the Rush tirade with bad things that were said about Palin are missing the point. The young lawyer testifying before Congress was not a public personality or a politician. It's as if there's a wrestling match in which one of the wrestlers attacks his opponents with a really dirty underhanded move. That's deplorable. But if he attacks a member of the audience and puts him in the hospital that is so much worse in fact it would be criminal. I think the level of discourse in American politics today is revolting but it is much worse to do that to someone who is not a legitimate target.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I have heared the so called interview.

It wasn't so much an interview as it was a tirade. a totally disgusting, for lack of a bunch of words I can't use here, pile of crap.
Having been a long haul trucker I've listened to a lot of talk radio. One thing a huge group of people fail to realize is that Limbaugh is an entertainer nothing else. That doesn't excuse his total disregard for decency. Personally I think he's a blowhard. There are people out there that live by every word he says. That scares me. I've listened to talk radio from Boston to LosAngelous. They all have their gimmicks. Limbaugh's is to rub people the wrong way. He's losing so much advertising over this I wouldn't be surprised to see him gone, However as long as people still listen to him he'll survive. Just remember he and others like him are just entertainers nothing more.

Robert McQueeney's picture

Freedom of speech

I still have yet to listen to the "interview", and doubt I will. I haven't listened to rush in years, decades even. I have no stick in this fire. But radio personalities and politicians insult people all the time. some are allowed to stay with no fan fare and others aren't. It has been reported that someone called Palin by a very derogatory term and no one has spoken up. All these people wanting Rush out, have you spoken up against this person who denigrated Palin?

Should Rush be out? I don't know, maybe. But I think we ought to have fair and equal indignation across the board. If it's not okay for one person to speak like this, then it shouldn't be okay for anyone. Stop with the selective indignation. It's either free speech for everyone, or restricted speech for everyone.


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