Governor visits Oxford Hills

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Gov. Paul LePage shares a laugh with Oxford Hills Technical School Director Shawn Lambert during a tour Thursday in South Paris. After the tour, LePage held a town hall meeting with about 250 people as part of his "Capitol for a Day" program.

PARIS — Gov. Paul LePage told about 250 Oxford Hills residents Thursday evening during a "Capitol for a Day" tour that students must come first.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Protesters hold signs during the governor's "Capitol for a Day" meeting at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in Paris on Thursday.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Gov. Paul LePage, center, listens to Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School Principal Ted Moccia, left, explain how Adult Education and Oxford Hills Technical School, run by Shawn Lambert, right, are integrated into the school system. The meeting Thursday night at the high school in South Paris was part of the governor's "Capitol for a Day" program.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Pat Burkard of Bolsters Mills holds an anti-poverty sign during a protest outside Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in South Paris where Gov. Paul LePage was to hold a town hall meeting Thursday night. "We felt it was a good time to come out and educate the people, same as we do every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in downtown Norway," Burkard said.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Mitch Green, center left, owner of Crazy Horse Racing in South Paris, speaks with Gov. Paul LePage, center, about his industry during LePage's "Capitol for a Day" program Thursday.

“We've got to get the money into our own classrooms,” LePage during a 90-minute town hall style meeting at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School. “Our children should come first.”

LePage, who is supporting school choice and the adoption of teacher and principal evaluations as a way to strengthen the education system, said that although there will never be enough money for education, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that Maine provides the best education system available.

“It's all about our kids,” he said. 

Earlier in the day, he met with students on Oxford Hills Middle School's Experimental Learning Team at Crazy Horse Racing in Paris where they are building a race car for next year's Oxford 250. The governor, a strong supporter of technical education, told the students they should find something they love to do.

“If you like what you're doing, it's a career. If you don't, it's a job,” he said to the dozen or so students studying marketing, fundraising, engineering and building.

Later, LePage toured Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School and Oxford Hills Technical School with high school Principal Ted Moccia, tech school Director Shawn Lambert, SAD 17 Superintendent Rick Colpitts and other school officials.

Despite some two dozen protesters in the audience holding signs, the meeting was without controversy.

LePage fielded about a dozen questions, including questions about the role of the church in helping the needy, welfare abuse and the need to strengthen drunken-driving and texting laws.

“I would like to see automatic loss of license,” LePage said, when asked by Jerrold Mason of West Paris what could be done to stop accidents involving those issues. Mason's daughter, Rebecca, 16, and Logan Dam, 18, also of West Paris, were killed when the driver of a car they were riding in went off Route 219. Police have said alcohol and texting were involved.

LePage said the loss of license should be automatic and for increasingly longer periods of time up to three events.

“We need to toughen the law,” he said.

The Rev. Anne Stanley of Paris asked how the churches could take on more responsibility.

The governor said, “There is only so much a government can do.” Although a government can try to create more jobs and reduce the cost of living to help the needy, ultimately, people must help also, he said.

“We should be asking, 'What can we do to help?' instead of, 'What can you give me?'” he said.

LePage also said wind power is not the answer to the energy crisis, because it's not yet affordable. But he said residents would see much lower electricity costs in April because prices have dropped dramatically.

“The highest-cost energy we produce right now is wind,” he said.

In response to questions about welfare abuse, the governor said the government should be “trying to provide a hand up, not a handout.”

LePage said welfare laws are written so broadly that it's easy to interpret them “any way you wish to.” That leads to a “fair amount” of fraud and abuse, he said.

A woman asked the governor why he was taking $4 million of public funding from the Maine Public Broadcasting System.

“I need $4 million to make sure some elderly don't freeze to death and they can pay their bills. And Ma'am, I think that's more important,” LePage said.

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Kim Waite's picture

I saw the guv'nah speak last Thursday.

He also said he would like to open Maine up to strip-mining of metals and was backed up with enthusiasm by his EPA right hand woman who told the crowd that they're working on rolling back regulations to do so.

He didn't express sympathy to Rebecca Mason's father, but did however, take the time to "quell a rumor" of him driving drunk on 295. He made up an outrageous story, but then that night I got to thinking of where I did hear of a story of a LePage crashing his car on 295. I realized his son of his name, Paul LePage II did!

Was he not tested for alcohol? Of course not! He's the guv'nah's son! See?

The guv'nah is drunk with power! Take away his keys!

Norman Rust's picture

Gov LePage

I give Gov. LePage a 95 out of 100 on his agenda for the State of Maine. He is the only Governor in recent memory who is fore-sighted enough to look down the road, i.e. long range view of issues. I do not agree with everything he does but admire his courage and willingness to tackle the tough issues with reason and common sense. Maine people cannot fund every request but we can adequately support those issues which involve education, welfare reform, regulatory reform, etc. Let's give the Governor our support. Also contact your legislator; he/she can give updates on how we are coming in reigning in outlandish spending, how we are going to balance the budget. Finally, let me say it is good to have a Governor who is not worried today about his re-election but only real Maine people. I like the TEAM principle:TOGETHER EVERYONE ACCOMPLISHES MORE.

Doreen Sheive's picture

Words that may sound sensible but are not

If LePage cares so much about education, why did he want to cut head start? Also, there is nothing in LePage's budget to fund heating the homes of the elderly. So, again, why does he want to cut funding for Maine Public Television?


Also, if LePage is so for

Also, if LePage is so for education why did he threaten to close Maine schools on April 1st if he did not get the DHHS budget that he wanted? He is such a hypocrit.

Mike Lachance's picture

“I need $4 million to make

“I need $4 million to make sure some elderly don't freeze to death and they can pay their bills. And Ma'am, I think that's more important,”


No way on earth a Democrat would have ever said this about "Public Broacasting". Frankly, the only program on MPBN worth watching is Antiques Roadshow, and even that is mostly repeats these days. The rest of PBS/MPBN is left-wing neo-lib propaganda. It's supposed to be politically neutral, but if youve even suffered through a Mark Shield's blood lust political analysis, you know it's money NOT well spent.

Kim Waite's picture

Yep, he said that

but he also said right after (I was there!) this that EVERY MAINER HAS CABLE TV. Ummmmm, no. Not true. When the meeting was over and the guv'nah was leaving, I ran up to him and yelled, "Hey guv'nah! Do all Mainers have cable tv?", and he responded with a smile on his face, "No, they don't". I said, "Exactly" with a very sarcastic tone.

MPBN is needed for those who don't have cable tv. The Emergency Broadcast System is MPBN. Oh wait! The republicans don't want Americans to be protected! Too expensive! Idiots. Republicans in the state legislature not too long ago were saying that the funding the state gets for this is a money saver.

Shane Morin's picture

Mike - do you even know what

Mike - do you even know what neoliberalism is? Look it up, man. "Left-wing neo-lib propaganda" is a pretty significant contradiction. You might as well have said "right-wing socialist propaganda".

Kim Waite's picture

Exactly Shane!

Funny how the right wingers spew complete lies without doing any research. They rely too much on Glenn Beck for their "facts".

DEFINITION: Neoliberalism is a contemporary political movement advocating economic liberalizations, free trade and open markets. Neoliberalism supports the privatization of nationalized industries, deregulation, and enhancing the role of the private sector in modern society. It is commonly informed by neoclassical or Austrian economics. The term neoliberal today is often used as a general condemnation of economic liberalization policies and advocates.

Mike Lachance's picture

Thank you Shane.

Thank you for catching that Shane.
New Liberalism is the correct term.

However, nobody understands what "Neo-liberalism" actually is, and it is an exceptionally poor choice of terminology to use in describing what it truly advocates.

That being said, you're definately on the ball.

Perhaps these are better choices for my quoted faux pas:

"Left-wing Neo-Com propaganda"

"Left-wing social justice propaganda"


"Left-wing neo-humanist propaganda"

All of these monikers are fitting, and I hereby happily amend my above post accordingly.

Shane Morin's picture

I had a whole response typed

I had a whole response typed up but I swear my computer just went on an insane rampage of deleting everything I had! I think my delete key was stuck or something (it started when i was backspacing a couple letters)? I don't know! Anyway, I don't want to type everything I had so I will give the basics.

-That article is utterly ridiculous and it makes completely blind statements without backing ANY of it up or even trying to! Democrats and left wingers in American government are very far from being communists

-Humanism is a world-view philosophy saying we should draw our morals and ethics and reason from the human experience rather than religious texts and dogma. You can be a communist, socialist, capitalist, libertarian, objectivist, or anything else and still be a humanist. It doesn't do anything to dictate political philosophy.

So, I mean.. I guess you can call it left-wing social-justice propaganda? But "social justice" is a hard term to make sound negative.

Mike Lachance's picture

Well Shane, I do not see that

Well Shane, I do not see that article as "utterly ridiculous" in any way. Infact, talking about making completely blind statements without backing ANY of it up, your statement "Democrats and left-wingers in American Government are very far from being communists" is a perfect example. Marxism, socialism and neo-communism ARE the way of the new liberals in America and the Govt today. It has been heading that way since 1965 or so.

The fact that you deny this is indicative of either (a) hitting too close to home or (b) making you feel a bit too uncomfortable about the calling out of the left. Read the article again. You dont HAVE to believe it but it smacks of the cold, raw truth.

Humanism is infact a "world-view" philosophy. It is the philospohy proven time and time again throughout history to always result in failure, anarchy, social decay and cultural mayhem. The human experience is an experience of repeated failures. Drawing from the "world" and "human experience" as a means to guide our "moral compass" is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Don't agree? Then you dont agree with history.

Moreover, humanism, out of sheer neccessity, does dictate a political philosophy as a required means to the ends.

Social justice perhaps doesnt sound "negative" but it smacks of humanism and socialism.

You seem to be happy with humanism, and in denial that socialism and neo-communism are emerging in the US today. If you cant see the forest for the trees you might want to step back a bit Shane.

The article is spot on.

Shane Morin's picture

Time and again? Dude,

Time and again? Dude, everything you just said was full of straw men that only gives me the impression you have no idea what humanism or for that matter, Marxism, neo-communism, or socialism are. What are these failed humanist states you speak of? Humanism is a pretty recently formed movement.. and humanists often pull a great deal of their philosophy directly from Founding Fathers like Paine, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Locke, and others..

I did respond to specific parts of the article, but that's what was deleted. I suppose I'll go back. But the ball is in your court.. you are making these claims, or are endorsing articles that do.. you need to back it up with evidence.

This article calls the left wing Jew-hating (I wonder if the 78% of Jews in this country who voted for Obama over McCain are also Jew-hating).. the article also says "leftists worship atheism". People don't worship atheism.. just as people don't worship theism. It's not possible.

This article states that liberals have nothing good to say about John Locke, Thomas Hill Green, or Thomas Jefferson. Show me something where a liberal in government speaks ill of these men.

Show me policies.. direct policies and bills proposed by democratic leaders that are the product of a communist/Marxist philosophy of a classless, governmentless society where everyone owns everything. I imagine anything you'd try to produce would take an enormous leap of faith to get to communism.

Mike Lachance's picture



QUOTE: "you have no idea what humanism or for that matter, Marxism, neo-communism, or socialism are"
Really? No idea huh? Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel relevant.

QUOTE: "What are these failed humanist states you speak of?"
Western Civilization, on the large scale, Shane. For starters, I recommend you read John Carrol's book 'The Wreck of Western Culture'.

Nothing baseless. If you disagree you will have to explain why?

QUOTE: "Humanism is a pretty recently formed movement.."
600 BC pre-Socratic Greece- Thales of Miletus & Xenophanes of Colophon espoused an explanation of the world in terms of human

reason rather than myth and tradition. They led the first humanist movement, although "Humanist" wasnt the monicker used to describe

their creed. Anaxagoras, Pericles, Thucydides, Democritus, Epicurus, among others, all espoused ideologies that are embraced

enthusiastically by today's "Humanists"

From 'The Book of History', by the Duke of Zhou (1046-256 BC)
- What the people desire, Heaven certainly comply.
- Heaven (God) is not believable. Our Tao (doctrine) is moral (from former sage kings and to be continued forward).

Humanism continued as a movement through the Renaissance (although, again, the "term" was not yet coined.

'Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto' = "I am a man, I think nothing human alien to me"
This quote is from a the ancient Roman playwright Terence and was endorsed by Saint Augustine. The entire work still epitomizes much of

todays "humanist" attitude.

QUOTE: "and humanists often pull a great deal of their philosophy directly from Founding Fathers like Paine, Jefferson, Franklin,

Perhaps in small degrees, but Adolf Hitler, as well as Stalin also ran with some humanist ideas.

As far as Jefferson inspiring Humanists... welll try this on for size Shane:
“The doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend to the happiness of man.
1. That there is only one God, and he all perfect.
2. That there is a future state of rewards and punishment.
3. That to love God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself, is the sum of religion.
These are the great points onwhich he endeavored to reform the religion of the Jews. But compare these with the demoralizing dogmas

of Calvin. ...Had the doctrines of Jesus been preached always as pure as they came from his lips, the whole civilized world would now

have been Christian.”
— Thomas Jefferson, June 26, 1822 in a letter to to Benjamin Waterhouse

QUOTE: "I wonder if the 78% of Jews in this country who voted for Obama over McCain are also Jew-hating"

Shane, there is more to being Jewish than to being an American Jew. If youve heard of that "Israel" place over seas you'd know this. In the

majority of examples one finds, the left, liberals, and the media are not friends of Israel. Israel is Jewish. Jewish Americans do not do a

service to Israel by voting in leaders who would prefer to openly embrace Islamic nations who have publicly vowed to "wipe Israel off the

map"... Why any Jewish American would consciously vote for a Presidential candidate who wishes to talk to such radical anti-Israeli

leaders is astounding and mind boggling. But there simply is no answer for such deep seeded party loyalty when it transcends the tenets of

what we as individuals believe.

QUOTE: "the article also says "leftists worship atheism". People don't worship atheism.. just as people don't worship theism. It's not


I would present to you that athiests may infact worship many things, (science, themselves, dirt, trees, rocks, the cosmos, etc) But

regardless of what particular fetish they have bonded to, by knowingly denying Jesus/God/the Creator, they are arguing directly against His

divine truth and eternal existence, they are worshiping at the alter of Satan himself and are bound to his tenets. Theological ignorance

mixed with politically correct worldly humanism is no excuse for accepting a role as one of Satans useful idiots"

Worshipping the world with conscious denial of Christ is infact worshipping atheism... it is worship of Satan. The world IS satan's domain:

"Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, "Did God really say, 'You

must not eat from any tree in the garden'?"
—Genesis 3:1
"The great dragon was hurled down--that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the

earth, and his angels with him."
—Revelation 12:9

No one is going to force you to believe what I believe Shane, but if you are a Christian, this is not rocket science.

QUOTE: "This article states that liberals have nothing good to say about John Locke, Thomas Hill Green, or Thomas Jefferson. Show me

something where a liberal in government speaks ill of these men. "

For starters we have the unending "Jefferson had a daughter from his slave" which has never been proven, but that doesnt stop the

accusations... then we have the "Jefferson owned slaves!" or "Jefferson never got rid of his slaves!" arguements. Using these as moral

arrows to lesson the man has been a liberal pastime for decades, if not longer.

Now, the snippet you quote must be read in it's entirety:
"The worst example of PC re-labeling is what the Hard Left has done to the word "liberal." Our current Left is anything but "liberal." They are

not concerned with liberty. They have nothing good to say about John Locke, John Stuart Mill, or Thomas Jefferson. Instead, they impose

PC speech control wherever possible, including in the mainstream media. They try to intimidate anyone who disagrees, and have purged

professors in universities by accusing them of the current smear labels: Racist, Sexist, Homophobe. "

What the author is referring to is the "New Left"... the Neo-Communists. He states very clearly, the new left is anything but "liberal"... Read

the article Shane. Its clear as day. Its right there in black & white.

QUOTE: "Show me policies.. direct policies and bills proposed by democratic leaders that are the product of a communist/Marxist


Califormia SB1322 (Feb. 2008) by Democrat Alan Lowenthal would explicitly allow the promotion of Communism in schools, allowing

teachers be allowed to teach communism with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for

communism. The bill would also delete provisions that a teacher may be dismissed from employment for the same.

Seriously Shane, we cant MAKE this stuff up. (unless we're Democrats in elected office) Thats about as purebred DIRECT as it gets.

Now Shane, might I ask that in having a reasonable debate, you do more than call differing opinions "baseless" followed by asking a dozen

questions of your opponent? Try simply arguing your point. I do not make it a point to try to scare off the opponent with a barrage of

"homework questions", and it really doesnt work. At least not with me.

A history refresher? Woodrow Wilson, that champion of the left, introduced the central bank and the income tax.
Marxist germany successfully implemented its own universal healthcare system in the 1930's
The Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill (H.R. 2861), in 1943, put forth by Democrats, was the first US bill to propose a universal healthcare system

and spawned debate in Congress for the next 20+ years, until LBJ became President, when Medicare and Medicaid were passed with the

new Democrat majority.
Under FDR, social security was implemented.
The passage of Obamacare under the Democrat controlled House and Senate was the most dramatic step forward for the Marxist agenda

in more than a generation.

Having a debate should not equate to taking a long-form SAT test.
You want to debate, debate. Lose the 20 questions tactic and THINK, Shane!

Shane Morin's picture

Mike - I am sorry but these

Mike - I am sorry but these defenses are laughable.

1. What makes something failed? You could argue every society has failed.. right now "Western Civilization" is the most dominant right now and the more religious-based states are in this world, the more corrupt they are. There are, however, many leaders (Hitler, Kim Il-sung) that have noticed the power of organized religion and the fact that people will do disgusting things in the name of having a faith in a higher power, so they destroyed the existing notion of god and created their own statist religion revolving around themselves as the god-figure. That is hardly humanist in any respect.

2. Thanks for demonstrating exactly why Jefferson is influential to humanists. You are quoting him while he was discussing the corruption of Christianity. You don't need to be an atheist to be a humanist. You seem to try to hide this by leaving out what comes after "compare these to the demoralizing dogmas of Calvin", which is this:

1. That there are three Gods.
2. That good works, or the love of our neighbor, are nothing.
3 That faith is every thing, and the more incomprehensible the proposition, the more merit in its faith.
4. That reason in religion is of unlawful use.
5. That God, from the beginning, elected certain individuals to be saved, and certain others to be damned; and that no crimes of the former can damn them; no virtues of the latter save.
What Mr. Jefferson does here is actually denounce Protestantism for abandoning what are pretty strong humanist ideas.. in fact, I would say the basis of humanism is in fact what Jefferson talks about in #2, that good works and loving thy neighbor are precisely what is most important! Jefferson also makes other pro-humanist statements, that faith should NOT be everything and that it should not be taken advantage of to rationalize disgusting and irrational actions, and then he stresses the importance of reason and the absence of it in his religious contemporaries.

I could go on but your cherry-picking tactics are annoying, it's late, and I'm not even confident this will be seen in the first place.

Mike Lachance's picture

While Shane, I guess if you

While Shane, I guess if you believe protestants worship three gods and that faith is everything, (and reason is unlawful?) then you've illustrated a shining example of your complete and total ignorance.

You go Shane! You're so *smart* it hurts.

I'm glad, however, that I at least got you talking about Christianity. I recommend you do some more research.

Have a nice beautiful sunny warm day.

Shane Morin's picture

Sorry if I was vague.. it was

Sorry if I was vague.. it was late at night and I was in a hurry to go to sleep.

I didn't say any of that.. I was quoting Jefferson.. that is the second part of his quote that you quoted him on. Not my own ideas. So all you've done is refer to Thomas Jefferson's "total ignorance". Not my own.

Here is one source where you can find the letter, with both your quotes and mine:

You can find it numerous other places as well.

Thanks for wishing me a nice sunny day but it's rather cloudy and rainy here in the "other" Twin Cities where I currently reside.

Mike Lachance's picture

"Dude"... you ask: "Show me

"Dude"... you ask:
"Show me policies.. direct policies and bills proposed by democratic leaders that are the product of a communist/Marxist philosophy"

You're kidding, right?

I'm, heading out the dorr this minute, otherwise i'd waste more time debunking the slew of questions youve posed that are every bit as empty as the only i just quoted.

Your POV on these issues is obviously jaded and etched in stone. You're wrong, Shane.

Perhaps when I get back this evening i'll waste some more time on youre haughty ideas of what is and isnt.

Mike Lachance's picture

Dan, you are the King of

Dan, you are the King of Bluster.

If you're interested in facts, i left home this morning at 9:35am, as stated.
It's now 5:18pm. I got home 15 minutes ago.

I recommend you work through your bluster as best you can.

Mike Lachance's picture


A Good read:

"Yes, there really was an international Communist conspiracy, controlled by Lenin and Stalin and their successors, with tens of millions of sucker-followers in the West. Today the average liberal is not a knave, but a sucker; but there are knaves aplenty on the Left. We can see them acting out in the noisiest way. "

Jeff Johnson's picture


In our capatalist society, voters speak with their wallets. The voters have spoken... MPBN can't survive on its programming. It relies on the state to fund its existence. If a 'commercial' station tried to run the drivel that MPBN shows it would be out of business in a month. The programming on MPBN plays to an extremely small demographic, which chooses not to support it fiscally. Why should taxpayers support it? I've donated to MPBN, but have to admit that I wouldn't support the channel it if it were a pay-per-view. If a tool like Rush Limbaugh can make millions from his syndicated radio show, why can't listeners support the views of MPBN? Answer: Listeners/viewers don't see value in it.

Kim Waite's picture

You need MPBN

for the educational purposes it prescribes to! Why don't you read up on it instead:

The wingnuts of the nation hate Sesame Street, because it teaches our children basic knowledge. To them, children should be taught in religious schools funded with taxpayer money because the Red Coats of today need that money for their King's propaganda! See? It's all making sense.

Jeff Johnson's picture


Why has it taken so long for the MPBN funding to be cut? I enjoy some of the programming, and even have donated in the past, but it's not practical for them to rely on state funding. It's time for them to change their format, and run themselves like a real radio/television station and get paid sponsors along with their fund raisers and donations.

Janet Jamison's picture

The Guv'nah gives the same

The Guv'nah gives the same pat answers over and over...nothing new here. He could have sent spokesperson Adrienne Bennett, who, IMHO is the most overworked and underpaid person in the administration for both running interference and providing damage control for this clown.

Brad Blake's picture

This Governor

This Governor has more to say in his first year in office than Bland Baldacci ever did in 8 years. It was time someone stirred things up in Augusta and forced some new dialogue. I don't agree with everything this Governor advocates, but thank goodness he is speaking out. I keep an open mind about his fiscal policies and measures to make Maine a more economically competetive state.

Larry Turbide's picture

If only we could harness the

If only we could harness the hot air that the governor has we would have an unlimited supply of wind power.

Brad Blake's picture

Typical comment from a Democrat

On 2/28/12 comment regarding Olympia Snowe, you referred to yourself as "this staunch Democrat". I think it is shameful that liberals have such a closed mind to anything this Governor is trying to do. The Democrats were in charge for too many years in Augusta and the state has suffered from it's reign of power. I have been an enrolled Democrat since 1970 and I am keeping an open mind to what LePage wants to do to turn the state around and get it headed towards fiscal responsibility and prosperity.

Brad Blake's picture

Its been 14 months

The Gov. has been in office for 14 months during a horrific nation-wide recession. Given the poisonous political assault by the so-called "69%" and mistakes he & his administration have made, it is remarkable that he has made progress. It will take far more than 14 months to turn away from 14 years of King & Baldacci governorships and Democratic control of Augusta to pare back state spending, reduce taxes, and pump some life into our economy. As a "Blue Dog" Democrat, I challenge the far left of our party to find ways to meet the Gov. in the middle and help Maine, not their political agendas. The wind power issue is a perfect example of this, with the bill to restore large scale hydro as a renewable resource to tap into potentially cheap Canadian hydro. Baldacci excluded this from the RPS as a huge favor to the wind industry, an industry that is destroying our beautiful state, an industry that wouldn't exist without huge subsidies and heinous mandates.

Kim Waite's picture

Yep, A little over a year now

LePage has been office. Think he's riding on Baldacci's policies to benefit himself?

Brad Blake's picture


In my hurry to comment, I refer to "69%", rather than the "61%" of sore losers still having a hissy fit over LePage being Governor.

Kim Waite's picture

The guv'nah

may save the lands from the windmills, but he also said he is going to open Maine up to the strip-mining of metals! See? You've been duped by the Blaine House Monster who is destroying everything good in his path...

Penny Gray's picture

Wow. Thank you, Leslie H.

Wow. Thank you, Leslie H. Dixon, for your objective reporting. Governor LePage deserves this.


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