K. Burnham: Curb the speeding

I am writing with concerns about cars speeding on my road. The speed limit is 40 mph; however, speeding is rampant.

Four years ago, there was a fatality related to speeding directly in front of my home. Just today, a car passed the school bus that had slowed down with its yellow lights flashing. I could see the driver of the car talking on her cellphone as she sped by.

I have a 7-year-old child and I am concerned for his safety as he waits for the bus. He must cross the street to get on the bus.

I have spoken with my town manager twice. He told me he would speak to the police and the selectmen. I have spoken with the Androscoggin Sheriff’s Department and the state police. They told me they did not have the manpower to patrol my street; they did say they would see what they could do.

My road, although not a main road, is a common short cut to Turner. While I realize that the police may not have manpower enough to be a constant presence, I feel that something more needs to be done to curb the speeding before another tragedy occurs.

Kathy Burnham, Greene

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 's picture

The biggest problem, Ms.

The biggest problem, Ms. Burham, is Greene doesn't have a police department, it relies totally on the Androscoggin Sheriff Department, AND you guys don't even pay for that, since LA pays over two-thirds of the county budget, without using the sheriff's department for patrols. Now speeding, while indeed serious and can lead to serious consequences, is far down the totem pole the Sheriff's department is concerned with. The solution is for Greene to institute its own police department, but good luck with that, since 'dem ole farmer's aint spending no money on no foolishness as dat' Trust me, on this one I know.


Dan, just a clarification.

Dan, just a clarification. Greene relies on the Androscoggin County Sheriffs Department and the Maine State Police. Both departments alternate their coverage. Greene taxpayers DO pay for the service and have for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a road in Greene that is a major route for the school buses going to Turner. Speeding is an issue on the country roads that is often addressed by the police. Too bad they don't get the chance to do it more often then they do. And I too know about this as my mother was a dispatcher for the fire/rescue and was often called by the County Sheriff to relay to officers in the field that their dispatchers couldn't reach.

 's picture

I understand that Greene pays

I understand that Greene pays county taxes, my statement was that Greene does not pay the full cost of the deputy need to patrol Greene effectively, because LA pays most of the cost of the Sheriff's Budget. There is a program where Greene could pay for a dedicated deputy for Greene, but refuses to do that. So I'm sorry about the problem, but either Greene's citizens have to pay up or live with the problem. I have a nephew who lives in Greene on route 202, he has a worse problem with speeders than you do, but he has adjusted, simply by not allowing his children to run in the road. Ideal no, but until Greene decides to spend more money on patrols, you'll have to live with it.

RONALD RIML's picture

Roofing nails..

Yep. Roofing nails.

The Sheriff will come out.

MARK GRAVE's picture

Ronald, Unfortunately roofing

Unfortunately roofing nails don’t discriminate between speeders and non-speeders. Moreover, you could severely injure someone, such as forcing a blowout on a motorcycle rider.

This is not a very bright suggestion on your part.

Brad Alexander's picture

Re: Roofing Nails...

lol, ayuh the Sherrif will come out alright... and probably site you for vandalism or a slew of other charges. But yes, that would definetely fix the problem.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

The nails

The nails are placed in front of a neighbors house that way they look guilty.

RONALD RIML's picture


You're NOT supposed to 'fess up to doing it.....

MARK GRAVE's picture

Ronald, The fortunate part of


The fortunate part of this discussion is that I don’t have you for a neighbor. Remember that video cameras are ubiquitous – hope you get caught on one if you’re stupid enough to pull a stunt like this.

 's picture

That's correct' you don't

That's correct' you don't even live in this state. Butt out!

MARK GRAVE's picture



Brad Alexander's picture

Take into your own hands

When I was stationed in Virginia I saw a news article relatively similar to this. A 10 year old boy wrote to his local news agency and had the same song and dance. So he got himself a childs version of a radar gun ($60-$80) used for kids sports.

He sat in a chair in his yard and radar'd people going down his street. Even thought it's not a "certified" radar gun the people still slowed down, and the boy took down the plate numbers of speeders. The local police ACTUALLY backed the kid up and gave people warnings for speeding...

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I can sympathize with you

Unfortunately there is nothing humanly possible that can be done to slow people down. Its a mentality thing. Having driven professionally for over twenty years all over this country and Canada, I can say its the same everywhere. Just Yesterday I almost got picked off pulling out of Walmart. I had a green arrow and this woman was maybe three feet in front of me, running a red light, with that dam phone plastered to her ear.There was a time I would never suggest this but some strategically placed cameras would catch a few, then put fake lookalikes all over. No one would know the real from the fakes and well I guess that would be their chance to take.
Down in Georgia, They place State police cruisers in the median with dummies at the wheel, I heard that sometimes they use manicans too.

RONALD RIML's picture


I know where we're going with this....

"Down in Georgia, They place State police cruisers in the median with dummies at the wheel"

We did this in Illinois, City and County too - But the pay and benefits were great, so what the hell!!! I could retire, move to Maine, and screw with folks on the Forums!!

 's picture

here we could use

here we could use republicans, we have a glut of those


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