LePage's brother-in-law lands state job

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A brother-in-law of Gov. Paul LePage has been hired as director of administrative services at the State Planning Office.

Jody Ledoux, who is married to a sister of LePage's wife, began work Feb. 13 at an annual salary of $68,577.

Ledoux is the second LePage family member to work in the executive branch. When the governor's daughter was hired as assistant to the governor's chief of staff, her hiring drew criticism because she was a recent college graduate and some didn't view her as qualified.

The Portland Press Herald reported that Ledoux is reviewing the state's leased facilities to identify ways to streamline or cut costs. State Planning Office Director Peter Rogers said he's well qualified, with project management experience in the construction industry in Maine, Massachusetts and Florida.

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AL PELLETIER's picture

Openning the door for critism.

It's hard to believe that a person, such as this unpopular, controversial governor, would be stupid enough to open the door to such criticism. He must be the epitome of self destruction. If there is a "DAH" award, I'll nominate him.

 's picture

Its Only An Issue Here When

The present administration has family working in state offices big deal. It sure never mattered when Baldacci was there!

The old its standard business for the Dems But if a Republican does it listen to the bottomfeeders howl!

Mike Lachance's picture

Dan, the "right" never

Dan, the "right" never complained about Baldacci and Mitchell appointing relatives all over the state. Of course, niether did the "left".

Apparently now that a Republican is in power, the left must loudly protest and pretend its a cardinal sin.

The right are not hypocritical in not condemning LePage, because we didnt say a word about previous office holders doing this. The hypocrisy comes, in this case, only from the left.

Personally, i dont really care about the practice. It's one of the priviledges of holding an executive branch office. Mayor's do this just like Governors.

 's picture

So what?? This is old news.

So what?? This is old news. It has been reported every day for a week.

Mike Lachance's picture

As opposed to all those

As opposed to all those startling expose's the SJ published digging into Baldacci's and Mitchell's spurious universe of nepotism throughout Maine over the last 15 years.

Woops, sorry wrong paper.

Mike Lachance's picture

Yet ANOTHER Double Standard...

in 2004, Gov. Baldacci appointed Paul, his second cousin, to the board of the University of Maine system.

Additionally, Ocean Properties partners include George Mitchell and second cousin Bob Baldacci, Gov. John Baldacci's brother.

"When Portland invited proposals to develop hotels or other commercial structures on the Maine State Pier, Ocean Properties submitted a proposal that many observers felt was inferior to that of its competitor. Apparently Ocean Properties shared this assessment, as city authorities allowed them to completely redesign and resubmit their proposal before giving them the nod. City Councilor Kevin Donoghue called it the process a farce, Olympia officials cried foul, and reasonable observers were left wondering if political influence might be weighing the scales. "


Apparently deep seeded and widespread institutional nepotism from the left is acceptable but LePage's isn't?

Mike Lachance's picture

Make a note, Dan: I'm not

Make a note, Dan:
I'm not complaining, and I never complained about Baldacci's or Mitchell's nepotism.
Shooting the messenger is a bit over-the-top.

 's picture

Surprise! Surprise!

Well qualified. As well qualified as the Governor for his job?

 's picture

I thought ...

... there was an anti-nepotism law in Maine. I guess I was wrong.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Do you think...

Do you think that maybe someone told(I emphasize the word told)Peter Rogers to say how well qualified Ledoux is? After all didn't we learn our lessons with his first relative?


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