DEP hearing on Canton Mountain wind farm Thursday

CANTON — A public informational meeting on a proposed eight-turbine wind farm planned for Canton Mountain will take place at 6 p.m., Thursday, March 22, at the Municipal Building on Cross Street.

This is part of the permit review process for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Patriot Renewables LLC, of Quincy, Mass., is planning the project which would provide 22 megawatts of power. Long-term plans call for connecting the project to a substation off Ludden Lane that is being built for the 12-turbine Saddleback Ridge Wind Project in Carthage.

About six to eight months will be needed for the DEP to review the completed application, according to Canton Mountain Wind LLC.

The $44 million project would contribute $4,000 per turbine per year to a community benefit fund. Tax revenue from the completed project could be used to lower property taxes or fund community projects.

Andy Novey, project developer for Patriot Renewables, will provide an overview of the wind farm plan at the hearing.

Erle Townsend, DEP project manager, will review the permit process, then the public will have a chance to make comments or ask questions. The DEP requests that any questions asked by members of the public at the hearing be put into writing so that each question is addressed during the permitting process. Residents may also submit comments, in writing, to the DEP for consideration.

The Canton project is one of several in various stages of planning in the Western Maine area by Patriot Renewables. A 10-turbine project in Woodstock, known as Spruce Mountain Wind, is up and running.

Another project, TimberWinds, a 10 to 12 turbine project for the Colonel Holman Mountain ridgeline in Dixfield, is in the early stages.

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 's picture

say no

"This project is one of several planned for the Western Mtns..."every ridgeline and mtn. is in the developers' sights with no regard for the residents or people who enjoy the outdoor opportunities Maine offers. It is time to say NO to these subsidy sharks and their cabal of lawyers. The Enron people are targeting Maine because people are reluctant to get involved. That needs to change. I hope Canton residents do not fall for the BS. Check and for pics and real info on the damage these windsprawl projects do. Remember that wind turbines do not replace oil or coal and will be an expensive source of energy, raising our rates. Maine does not need windsprawl. Notice the developers are not putting turbines in their own backyards...

 's picture


selectmen, when did you first talk to WIND LLC?
Stakeholders, when were you notified a GRID scale WIND project was being proposed?

I believe these WIND LLCs are talking to DEP years before an abutting land owner is notified. The LLC's are assured they can pass all statutes of the expedited WIND LAW.

Due process is being left out all the way. Make an ordinance committee now.

Sound modelings are not accurate.
In reality complaints are heard from people over 2 miles away.

 's picture

The collusion between the

The collusion between the wind developers and the DEP ( the rule makers) makes Canton no more special than any other town. The DEP has never denied a development and this process of public meeting is basically a joke. But, I love zeroing in on the State Agencies and rattling their cages. A good old Canton stand up against these greasy, government know-it-alls is necessary here

 's picture

Canton, don't follow in

Canton, don't follow in Carthage's footsteps and throw your residents under the bus for the promise of a new playground or some snowmobile club money. Many Maine towns have enacted good wind ordinances to protect their residents. Get a protective ordinance in place with livable set-backs and sound limits. Have the wind developer sign a "Good Neighbor" agreement whereby they must buy out a resident at fair market value of their property PRIOR to the project being built should their monstrous machines cause loss of health, property value and quality of life. Better yet, show Patriot Renewables the door. These clever modern day carpet baggers prey on small rural towns. Notice that they aren't going after Portland?

Hart Daley's picture

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Canton residents, you should create your own wind ordinance and not rely on the DEP wind ordinance which was created with the influence of Angus King who is making millions off our mountains.

Remember if you agree to enter into a TIF your the money your town garners can not be used to lower taxes. You will not get free energy. Wind energy is too inefficient, sporadic and costly to produce so electric rates will increase. Also, once these projects are created you will suffer a substantial loss in property value to your homes.

Maine already has ample energy produced in this state so this "surplus" energy is sold out of state.

This is NOT the green energy you envisioned. Wind companies destroy thousands of acres of CO2 absorbing coniferous trees to erect metal monsters that reduce far less CO2 than the trees they have destroyed.And they have very little impact on the use of fossil fuels. This is not just a Maine problem, it is a global problem.

These massive, destructive projects are built using YOUR tax dollars in huge federal subsidies. Check out for real answers. Educate yourself. Don't rely on the wind companies to provide you truthful answers since they are accountable only to themselves. Talk to people who are already impacted by the construction of these projects.


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