J. Roy: Poliquin should go

Gov. Paul LePage and all Republicans will be short term in their current positions unless they are willing to step up and take action on state elected and appointed personnel who are not conducting themselves as expected by the taxpayers of Maine.

Case in point, Treasurer Bruce Poliquin refuses to speak to media about his property in the Tree Growth Program. Perhaps he hopes the press and the taxpayers will forget about it. Poliquin also is the ownership of Dirigo Holdings LLC, which violates the state Constitution for engaging in commerce while holding the position of State Treasurer.

Now, Poliquin has announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Evidently, he does not care what the taxpayers think. He might well be elected with the endorsement of Gov. LePage and his Republican friends in Augusta and his hometown of Waterville.

Another issue that is being ignored by the Republicans is the Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Hayhew holding back on informing the state of the misuse of funds and blaming it as a computer glitch. I was told, years ago, by my computer instructor that computers do not make errors — the people inputting the information into the computer are who make the errors.

Because Mayhew and Poliquin have been withholding information and/or refusing to give explanations of their actions, they should be fired and replaced as quickly as possible.

That is what any business or corporation would do.

Joseph Roy, Lewiston

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AL PELLETIER's picture

And Joseph,

lets throw McCormick in to the firing and replacement pool.

 's picture

looks like you might get your

looks like you might get your wish. Now what democrat are you guys going after now, Neria Douglass?

AL PELLETIER's picture

If the shoe fits-----

Dan, most of the time I'm pretty much on your political side of the fence, but frankly I don't care what party they're beholding to, if there is proven wrong doing, fire em! Remember when we had a system of checks and balances? Now all we have are two political parties, paid by us, digging up dirt against one another. God Bless America!

 's picture

so you see nothing wrong with

so you see nothing wrong with republicans going after Dale McCormick, who hasn't done anything wrong except having an "d" after her name, but rewarding Speaker Nutting when he still owes over ONE MILLION DOLLARS he stole from Maine Care? Exactly what should priorities be, go searching for wrongdoing by someone in the other political party, or rectify those in your own party?

 's picture

They're republicans, are you

They're republicans, are you really surprised by their subterfuge? The reason they were out of power for so long, is because the electorate doesn't remember how they always act once in office, so they elect them for a short time until and new memory is etched for a long time. The elect a governor who does not have a legal state residence, a Speaker who stole millions from the state, a Treasurer who holds office illegally, An Secretary of State running in an election while he's a candidate, definitely conflict of interest and an Attorney General who apparently doesn't want to enforce the law. What a bunch.

David A. Gagnon's picture

Smoking your

lunch again today Danny. Or are you picking up signals from the mother ship, like Louis Farrakhan does.


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