L. Seamon: Not my tax dollars

I do not want my tax dollars going to private and religious schools.

My child went to a religious school and I didn't expect my neighbors to pay for it.

Many people who have no children pay for public education. After all, we do want an educated society.

I cannot imagine a private or religious school wanting to be controlled by the state — and they will be if school choice goes into effect.

Lois Seamon, Chesterville

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I have a question.

If your already paying taxes that go for public education, why shouldn't you be able to use those dollars for a private education? Through your taxes and your private school tuition, your paying twice for your child's education. It's your money not theirs.

 's picture

You should also have the

You should also have the opportunity to go private. Your opinion amounts to confiscation of ones earnings in order to support others who waste tax dollars by leaving a system as ignorant as they entered.

Steve Bulger's picture


you have just defined the liberal/progressive/socialist agenda.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps the public school

Perhaps the public school system fears people would leave in droves for a better education, and they would not be able to fund a broken system if the money goes with the student.

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