Mexico, Rumford selectmen to discuss jointly buying ladder truck

MEXICO — Selectmen from Mexico and Rumford will meet at 6:30 p.m. April 12 in the Mexico Town Office to discuss the possibility of purchasing a ladder truck for use by both towns.

Mexico Town Manager John Madigan said the cost of a new ladder truck could be $1 million. If the two towns decide to jointly buy one, they would likely buy a used one at a cost of about $600,000.

He said Rumford fire Chief Bob Chase and Mexico fire Chief Gary Wentzell have been working on the costs for such a purchase for some time.

Currently, Rumford's ladder truck needs extensive repairs and cannot be used. Mexico's ladder truck, which just recently underwent about $10,000 in repairs, is used as a backup for Rumford.

Madigan said his town's 1975 American ladder truck is likely good for about three years since the repairs were made. He said it was purchased as a used truck at least eight years ago.

At matters at Tuesday's selectmen's meeting, Madigan said the town's annual spring cleanup will be held from May 7 to 25. All materials to be picked up by the town crew must be set at the curbside by May 7. Residents may also bring materials to the transfer station.

The board also learned that it will receive use of a radar speed trailer from May 27 to June 9. The device will be placed at various roads throughout the town to measure motorists' speeds.

Other area towns that will have the device are: Byron, June 10-23; Canton, April 29-May 12; Jay, May 13-26; and Rangeley, June 24-July 7.

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 's picture

Lessons not learned???

People don't sell perfectly good ladder trucks. If you are going to work together, buy new and have it last longer. I predict that any used firetruck the towns purchase will end up needing constant repairs within 3-5 years (just like Rumford's did). :(

This joint Buying

is not the best way of truly saving money. Town merging is where money is really saved. All for one and one for all. The more who contribute to one means savings for all. Rumford/Mexico! No double departments. One governing body! (Invite Dixfield and Peru into the fold. Look at the Santa Clarita,California model. Combine the smaller cities into one with districts. River Valley with the districts of Rumford,Mexico,Dixfield and Peru. Identity is not lost. Mail delivery stays the same. Can it work? I say it can with better people in office. All working together for the good of all. Strength is in numbers. Working as one benefits all. That's not hard to understand. Woops,for some it is hard!

 's picture

Building a Relationship

Working together takes time. This is a good start towards collaboration.


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