400 evacuated from Wilton schools after bomb threat

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Students at both Academy Hill and Cushing Schools in Wilton were evacuated Thursday morning and bussed to other locations around the Farmington and Wilton area.

WILTON — Students at Cushing and Academy Hill Schools were evacuated about 9:30 a.m. Thursday morning after both schools received bomb threats.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Students at Cushing School and Academy Hill School leave the grounds Thursday morning and were bussed to other locations within the RSU 9 system.

The schools received bomb threats via phone calls that came in before 9:30 a.m. , said RSU Superintendent Michael Cormier.

Students at Academy Hill were transported to Cascade Brook School in Farmington while children at Cushing School were taken to Mallett School in Farmington where they will remain for the day. The schools will feed them, keep them safe and then take them home at the end of school, he said.

Just shy of 400 students were evacuated from the two schools. They were told to quickly pack up their things and get their coats before leaving the school.

Parents who want to pick up their children may do so but the school will not release any children to neighbors or friends unless they are listed on the parent's emergency cards.

The schools will not accept any blocked calls from now on at least for a period of time, he said. If a caller blocks their phone number the school will pick up the phone and immediately hang up.

Police dogs were called to the scene although Cormier could not confirm if they had arrived.

Wilton Police and Franklin County officers are on scene as are Wilton Fire Department, East Dixfield Fire Department and Farmington Fire and Rescue.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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 's picture

A different thought

I graduated from high school in 1974, and recall many days interrupted by bomb threats. And we've never had a school "bombed" in our country.

So how about just ignoring the threat? Or at least don't evacuate the schools; just bring in the professionals to search the building.

Jeff Johnson's picture

Poor policy change on the

Poor policy change on the "Blocked call". Speaking from experience, Local hospitals, fire departments and police departments come across my caller ID as "Unavailable."

Jillian Campbell's picture

can't believe this!

Pretty sad when there is a bomb threat at an elementary school :(

I can see both schools from my house and i think every fire truck and police car in town is at one school or the other. I hope they catch whoever called this in and make them pay the bill!!!


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