Pet owners matched with new companions at Humane Society event

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Samantha Sibley, left, and Aundrea Olsen got in line at 6:30 a.m. to adopt a dog named Pearl, during the ASPCA Mega Match-a-Thon Meet your Match event at the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society. "I told my teacher I was getting a puppy and he asked, 'Is that an all-day event?'" Olsen said. The 15-year-old student at Poland Regional High School planned to make it one. Sibley is a classmate of Olsen.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

I think this is great

I feel that animals to a certain extent, even more than people, end up in very bad situations by no fault of their own.
Now if your a person who has not had or wanted a pet, and have no interest in this. Stop reading this right here. You probably won't get the rest of what I have to say.
Although there are many people who would argue to the contrary, pets are as important to you as you are to your pet.
I know what everyone thinks is coming next, they offer unconditional love. Well they do, but they are so much more to a lot of people.
They offer companionship to shut ins, but most of all they become almost like children. That's why the Humane Society goes to such lengths to match the right pet to the right person or family.
I am disabled, I have to spend up to eighty percent of every day in my apartment. Most of my friends from work have gone on with their lives years ago. I do however have three friends who have never faltered.They constantly put a smile on my face, and they know the days I'm to sick to do much of anything. their right there at my side. I've heard people say cats aren't much good for anything. Let me tell you, cats,dogs,gerbils, or what ever is your choice, are good for much more than their given credit for.
If your thinking of adopting a pet. Don't look at it as just adopting a cat or dog. Think about it as who your adopting, because in a very short period of time your going to have a friend for life. unconditionally.

JOANNE MOORE's picture


The picture you see here is my best friend, Queenie. She is a lot older now than in that picture and over the years we have had many a conversation about lots of stuff. She doesn't talk much except to say "Mama" and "Out" (which sounds more like owl.) She doesn't go out, really, just on to the screened deck where we watch the birds.
A while back I had really high blood pressure. My doctor was worried. About the same time, we had an infestation of fleas. Determined to rid Queenie of fleas, and not wanting to use poisons, I groomed her every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. She would roll over and let me tackle her belly. We got rid of every flea, never had any back and my blood pressure dropped back to normal. When my doctor asked what I did to bring my BP down I told him I groomed my Queenie and he said he had heard of that happening before.

Never underestimate the healing power of pets. It is the strength of love and devotion. It is a friendship like no other.

You are so right, Frank. That friendship never falters.

Randall Pond's picture

Pet for life

I have to agree with you.

Adopting a Pet is a very serious commitment. If you're not in it for the long haul, you shouldn't own a pet. Now people will say I am wrong but, look at it this way.

I know of a person who took in 2 Kittens, the minute the person found out the Kitten they freaked out. They had small children and didn't want be infested with fleas. Well last summer was a very bad year for fleas of all kinds, period. This is part of owning a pet. You get the animal treated at the vets and have your home treated professionally. Also if the animal becomes sick, do you have the money to take it to the vets or do you toss the animal out into the night like trash? I hope would hope not.

I am happy to that the Androscoggin Humane Society goes through great lengths to match it's pets to right owners. Owning a Pet is a lifetime
commitment. There are hundreds even thousands of pets statewide needing a good home. Do you have a home to open to animal that may be been abused or neglected? It's a Very Big Responsibility to own a pet. Lots of hard work but, the Love and Loyalty you receive from your new pet, there is no price that can be put on this Love. The Love is Unconditional of the owner and pet. A bond is made for Life and you will have such an inner feeling of Joy & Peace like you've never had before. Pet owners know of this love I speak of. Pets are like your children and they become a part of your life and your family.

Consider carefully the Idea and concept of adopting a Pet today. You won't ever regret the decision!

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Talk about adoption policies

I used to joke with people that I grew up in a kennel,some might agree I still belong in one.
Actually from a very young age, my family had a boarding facility primarily for dogs. As us kids got older,my sister began breeding Irish setters. She showed them professionally,but also sold them. This was no pet store. She would actually go to the prospective buyers home and inspect the property, how many children were in the home and other pets. She always made sure there was a bond with the new owner before the sale was finalized.
She went on to breed Arabian horses and Persian cats (my favorite). She had two national champions and even won best of breed (Irish setter) at the Westminster Dog Show in New York. She went on to become an animal control officer, finally ending up in Alabama, with a large farm/grooming facility/boarding facility and home for any animal that ever needed one, from gerbils to horses. Until the day she died. She would never give away, or adopt out any animal without physically checking out every prospective home in person, making sure that both animal and owner were happy. She also never turned any animal away no matter what medical condition was involved. You'll have to admit, she fit a lot into 56 years, I just wish there were more people like her out there, there sure would be a lot more people and very happy pets out there.

Randall Pond's picture

I am sorry your sister is no

I am sorry your sister is no longer with You. Your story is Very inspiring!


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