Lewiston police arrest knife-wielding man

LEWISTON — Local police arrested a man Friday who they say threatened a local coffee shop owner with a knife and then fled toward the children's play area in Kennedy Park. 

No one was hurt during the altercation.

Abdi Bihi, 32, of Lewiston was charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Police say Bihi frequented the Safari Cafe at 278 Lisbon St. throughout the day Friday. He was kicked out of the business for being intoxicated.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m., police said, he returned to the cafe, pulled out a knife and shouted obscenities at the owner, Siyad Abdi. The owner fled the building and called police. 

Bihi left the scene. With help from witnesses, police tracked Bihi to nearby Kennedy Park, where he was heading toward the basketball courts and the children's play area.

Officer David Levesque drew his weapon and arrested Bihi without incident. Police said both the officer and Bihi were far enough from the playground that no children were in danger. 

Police said he was carrying a large steak knife.

Police said it was unclear why Bihi threatened the owner or whether he was angry about being kicked out of the cafe earlier in the day. They said it was not a robbery.

Bihi is being held at the Androscoggin County Jail on $1,000 cash bail. 


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 's picture

I've reread the article

I've reread the article several times and no where does it state that the gentleman was from out of the country or that he is on welfare. Making assumptions simply because of his name? What's going on, everybody's bigotry is showing?

Roger Moulton's picture

if everyone's bigotry is showing your ignorance is showing

His name is Abdi Bihi and it says he had frequented the Safari Grill throughout the day. But you're right I'm sure he's a hard working natural born citizen. I really wish Sun Journal would not allow you to post on anything Dan. I've said it before you are the opposite of what black people refer to as an uncle tom. So I guess my new nickname for Dan Breton is Uncle Abdi. lol. This may get deleted but none the less made my day!

 's picture

I'm sure you'll get lots of

I'm sure you'll get lots of high fives at your next clan meeting.

Roger Moulton's picture

your memory is as good as the rest of your brain

I don't know how many times I have to tell you this Dan but one of my best friends from HS is a black man. I also have a black cousin and believe it or not I love her every bit as much as I love my white family members. I really am not racist. Well if you consider the fact that I dislike the somolians that are here and don't work to be racist, then I am indeed a racist. They (the ones that don't work or learn english) are a menace to our society and are also rude and FAR MORE RACIST than any white man I know. Trust me if the roles were reversed and we were in their country, even the ones that have fled here now(if they were back in Somalia) would treat you (Dan Breton) far worse than anybody in Lewiston treats them. Do yourself a favor uncle Abdi and go watch the movie black hawk down. If you watch that movie and still feel so much love for your precious somolies then you are even less intelligent than I thought you were (and I didn't think you could get less intelligent than that lol)

Ron Hubbard's picture

Deport him

They should without question deport this man right back to Somilia.They need to start doing that with all these Somilians that can't follow the law...If that was a American in their country breaking their laws they would be put to death.Lets start getting tough with these people...FREE RIDE IS OVER!!!!!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There is unrest in the

There is unrest in the compound.

$ 1000 Bucks !!!!



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