Former Androscoggin County dispatcher sentenced to serve 18 months for AMVETS theft

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Peter Ross Bragdon appears in Androscoggin County Superior Court in Auburn on Monday for sentencing on felony theft and miss use of entrusted property .

AUGUSTA – Attorney General William J. Schneider announced that Peter R. Bragdon, 33, of Gray, was sentenced today for stealing $8,902 from the Maine Chapter of Sons of AMVETS.

According to the AG's press release, Androscoggin County Superior Court Justice MaryGay Kennedy sentenced Bragdon to three years of incarceration with all but 18 months suspended, and two years of probation.

Bragdon, a former dispatcher for the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office, was the commander of the Maine AMVETS chapter. Bragdon maintained access to the AMVETS bank account after he was forced to resign in 2009 due to alleged poor management and misconduct. He stole money from the account for nearly two years after his resignation, according to Schneider's release.

AMVETS, a national veterans and community service organization, provides outreach and support to veterans, their families, and through a range of initiatives, aims to contribute to the quality of life in local communities.

Bragdon will be immediately paying back a portion of the money he stole. Bragdon is also awaiting sentencing in the Kennebec County Superior Court after pleading guilty to unrelated income tax charges of forgery, intentional tax evasion, and attempted theft by deception of an income tax refund. Bragdon previously pled guilty in the Lewiston District Court to the charge of negotiating a worthless instrument and is awaiting sentencing on that charge, as well.

“AMVETS has a proud tradition of helping veterans and sponsoring programs that serve our citizens and our country,” said Schneider. “Stealing from a volunteer-led charitable organization that contributes so much to the local community is intolerable and we are pleased that justice was served in this case.”

These cases were investigated and prosecuted by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, the Mechanic Fall’s Police Department, the Androscoggin County District Attorney’s Office, and Maine Revenue Services. Assistant Attorney General Gregg D. Bernstein handled this matter for Attorney General Schneider’s Criminal Division.

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JUDY MEYER's picture

AG Schneider's office

AG Schneider's office prosecuted this case. And, if you'll read all the way to the bottom, he made sure to give credit to cooperating police agencies and investigators who assisted in prosecution.


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