Welcome to the new SunJournal.com

The new SunJournal.com, launched today, is designed to give our online audience a more clear, concise and engaging reading and viewing experience.

Our new look is inspired by the newly redesigned Sun Journal newspaper, which was also unveiled today.

And just as how the newspaper's look aims to present the most information to readers in an efficient way, the website does as well.

On the left side of the website, under the heading Departments, will appear the top stories, blogs and content from all of the Sun Journal's writers and photographers.

In the center column appears the top news of the day, easily filtered by most recent, most popular and most commented.

And on the right side are entry points to our expanding roster of online-only content, including more original videos to rival any television station's coverage of Lewiston-Auburn, Franklin County, the Oxford Hills or the River Valley.

Going forward, this new look is a precursor to more dynamic changes coming for SunJournal.com this year, including expanded live broadcasting, original web programming and more public participation programs and events.

Although we have so many great ideas, the best notions also come from our readers — who best know how we can deliver what they want. We invite our online audience to tell us what they want on this site.

E-mail the new media staff, newmedia@sunjournal.com, follow the Sun Journal on Twitter — @sunjournal— or join the 10,000 others who’ve liked us on Facebook.

And thanks for visiting SunJournal.com.

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 's picture

New online SJ

So far I'm not impressed. I find it very busy and confusing to navigate. Personally, I preferred the old one, however we will give it a chance!

 's picture

Once upon a time...

,,,in a galaxy far, far away - white space was a no no.

 's picture

Same here . . .

Nice work! I'm looking forward to more.

Linda Sherwood's picture

SJ New Look Easier to Read

I was pleased to see the new look this morning and find it MUCH easier on the eyes to read - the font styles and colors are just right and it is a nice clean layout. Thank you for the changes. I'm also pleased to read in the article above that SJ plans to be more visible in the community with "expanded live broadcasting, original web programming and more public participation programs and events." Please present more of the many positive events taking place in L/A. This is NOT the L/A I had once looked forward to leaving...and I continue to realize it was a great decision to return almost 12 years ago.


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