E. Gelestino: Government doesn't care

This is in response to story about a jury finding Lewiston landlords not liable for a tenant's lead poisoning (March 28). That is the reason tenants like myself, with our children, have to move around, because tenants don't stand a chance in court without a good lawyer.

My daughter came down with lead poisoning. Instead of facing the problem, the landlord avoided the issue.

That is why local government needs to be bypassed and the issue brought to the federal level. Local government officials don't care about tenants because they aren't owners.

I am a single father of two toddlers and cannot believe this has been allowed in our "lead-free" society.

Enzo Gelestino, Lewiston

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Sadie Roberts's picture

this is terrible, and whats

this is terrible, and whats worse the owners just want there money and we are nothing to them. when my mom lived even in a low income housing place there was paint peling everywhere. did it have lead paint? i don't know, but i should have taken some samples and had it tested. if we don't own our own place were stuck....i'm sure there might be a few who care but where are they.......

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Seal the lead paint.

I have lived in some crappy apartments in my lifetime. As soon as I had kids I would wash everything down and seal the paint. Especially anything they could reach. There are good booklets to help renters be lead free. It takes a little work but the benefits were worth it. Both kids always tested lead free. And I had nice fresh woodwork.

I am amazed, sometimes by the lack of gumption some tenants have to just fix a problem themselves. No pride and looking for someone else to do the work - free.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Local government officials

"Local government officials don't care about tenants because they aren't owners."
So you think the feds are gonna care?

 's picture

According to the story...

...in this paper, the landlord did everything right.


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