400 Roxbury residents get first payment from wind farm

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Four of the 22 wind turbines along a 4-mile-long ridge in Roxbury were turning Tuesday.

Terry Karkos/Sun Journal

Roxbury Head Selectman John Sutton, left, tax collector Renee Hodsdon and Gordon Gamble, director of Community Relations for Record Hill Wind LLC, share a laugh Tuesday evening at the town office where Gamble presented a check for $111.57 to the town. The check is one of 400 the wind farm doled out this month to year-round and seasonal property owners.

ROXBURY — Four hundred year-round and seasonal residents here received the first of three payments this year for electricity from Record Hill Wind LLC.

The $44,628 in state-required tangible benefits was doled out in checks for $111.57. The amount is based on the standard Central Maine Power rate for the power generation portion of residents' bills, Gordon Gamble, director of Community Relations for the 22-turbine wind farm, said.

“This is the start of it per the agreement for the life of the project for 20 years and it goes with the property,” he said.

“We call it Power to the People. As far as we know, we're the first company that's done something like this in this framework.”

The amount is based on 500 kilowatt hours multiplied by whatever the CMP standard offer is at the time for power generation, he said.

There are only three payments this year, whereas there will be four next year, one per quarter.

“This year, we didn't do the first (quarterly payment) because we weren't really up and running,” Gamble said.

The 22-turbine wind farm began sending power to the grid in January.

“We're operating as expected, if not a little bit better,” he said.

Some of the turbines are going through their first 500-hour servicing now, which is why blades of two turbines on the north side of Mine Notch weren't moving on Tuesday, he said. They're undergoing regular maintenance service.

Gamble said the service is expected to be completed on all turbines in June.


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Hart Daley's picture

Is it worth it?? Do the math yourself

Roxbury destroys their mountains for $111 per quarter or $444 per year..BUT..what you need to realize is they are all also going to get a 10-99 form for TAX season as they will have to claim the $444 as added income. So take about 25% away and you are left with approximately $340 dollars.....HUGE benefit for that magnitude of scenic loss....Oh, the taxes they take probably go back into the "subsidy pot of gold" that the wind developers dip into. Think about it. Is it really worth it??

KAREN PIERCE's picture

There will be no 1099's sent

There will be no 1099's sent out when the amount is for under $600 a year.

 's picture


thank you for the clarification. will the people have to report the income???? of course.

KAREN PIERCE's picture

well, they are suppose to,

well, they are suppose to, but without a 1099, I don't believe many will.

 's picture

and those not residents?

what about folks in Byron that see and hear them? nope, none for you.
Roxbury Lake property tax payers, how does it feel to have your federal and town taxes spent on King Angus?

 's picture

A picture paints a thousand

A picture paints a thousand words and those two pictures couldn't explain the entire situation any better. Poor Roxbury.


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