C. Griffin, AMS student: Classes all year

Some people want children to go to school all year long. I agree. Most of the nation thinks that it would be a good idea for kids to go to school all year.

More education would help students not to forget what we have learned in the previous school year. People have researched the effects of year-round education and they have seen that students would get about 20 more days of school if vacations were planned accordingly. Some people argue that students need to socialize, which we can do during our time off.

It would be better for all of us if we extended our time in school. Some people say we have too much vacation time. I agree. When the days are added up, students have almost six months of time off.

There are too many low test grades and low grade point averages for the amount of money the country puts into school budgets. Scores should be much higher than they are now. Our country needs children to be more educated.

If we keep going the way we're going, we'll no longer be one of the world's most powerful nations.

School board officials should think about changing the school year to a year-round session.

Cliff Griffin, Auburn

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Andrew Jones's picture

It's a good thing school is

It's a good thing school is currently on break, otherwise Cliff might be on the business end of a swirlie today for this letter. :p

 's picture

Forget the school board.

Cliff, ask some of your teachers for their opinions on a longer school year. I bet you'll hear several arguments why extending the year is absolutely impossible.


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