S. Ennaw, AMS student: Dangerous drugs

Drug abuse is national issue in America. I think drug abuse is deadly and should be put to an end.

The most common reason people become drug abusers is peer pressure, which starts with friends pressuring them to use drugs.

Then there are family situations that leave many families broken apart and cause some people to become depressed and start using drugs.

The third most common reason why people become drug abusers is influence by parents or other family members.

I think that is tough for people who are going through this, but they should tell someone to help or send them to rehab.

The most dangerous drug around, and what many abusers use, is meth, which can get people addicted for a very long time with just one try. I am very scared for the people who use it. It is incredible how fast meth can turn them into monsters.

Many college students use drugs and become abusers because they hear drugs will keep them wired and ready to party. I think that is foolish. They should think before they use.

During my research, I noticed drugs can change a person's life and others around them very quickly. I feel that America has to start more programs for adults and teenagers. We should encourage people who have drug problems to look for help so they have a better life.

Sulaben Ennaw, Auburn

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Jillian Campbell's picture

its too bad

Its too bad that our governor is trying to abolish funding for drug treatment programs. It is sad that we live in a world where it easier for an addict to commit crimes to support their habbit than it is to get help.


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