J. Fuller: Hateful comments about the poor

Every time I read an article in your paper in which Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald refers to the city's welfare system, I'm appalled by his comments about the poor in the city he claims to represent — my hometown of Lewiston.

According to him, anyone receiving assistance, or those who express concern for the poor, are "undeserving individuals and their enabling advocates." To him, "deserving individuals" are those who've risen to the top of the social/financial strata.

What a sad worldview.

History offers numerous examples of "successful" people who wrought terror upon others, whereas there have been great leaders who faced poverty throughout their lives. Jesus would certainly fit the mayor's label of “enabling advocate,” given his exhortations to be kind-hearted toward the poor.

The mayor should know that many of the needy are elderly people who worked hard all their lives, some in Lewiston's mills and shoe shops, but outlived their savings. Others are veterans — the unemployment rate for returning soldiers is higher than for the general populace. Some are children who were simply born into poverty.

There are good and bad people throughout every social/financial tier. To suggest that all who struggle lack a desire to work is terribly unfair. Tell it to the millions whose jobs were outsourced to other countries, and who have tried to piece together their lives by any means since.

Mayor Macdonald's attitude is misguided and unkind. Like the Grinch, his heart appears to be “two sizes too small.”

Jacqueline Fuller, Gorham

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Richard Begin's picture

Hateful comments??

thanks for you Reply.

I appreaciate how and what you had to say.

I to am on a first name basis with the Folks at the Lab and other Departments including the Infusion Center at St Marys.

I will also testify Mr Earley the the Care at both Hospitals in the Twin Cities has been excellent for Me.

I also Can understand where you are coming from regarding my observation last week. You make good sense.I will think about what you said in the Future. It does some times seem as though we all get carried away with what the Mob is thinking about.

You know Frank ;

I was Musing last week about the fact that with the infusion of the Newly arrived from Africia what an Impact it could make on Lewiston.?

I do mean a Positve Impact. Think about this.

Lewiston Pre Somalian Days was not the most Vibrant Community. But with these Folks who do look different then we do and Dress different and think differently than we do.

Perhaps their Presence may develop into a Positive outcome.

One thing is for sure I would not want to think about how life could be living in the Repressive Despot like Environment that they were exposed to.

I may get a Round of Hostility for saying so

But everyone deserves a Chance to be Safe and Happy and live in a Country that does rule by Dictatorship.What we are Witnessing in Lewiston is but a relatively small Micro-Cosm of life served up to us front and Center.

Hope you have a great week. It is cold here about 41 Degrees and raining. I'm reading a great Spy Novel by Mc Carry titled Old Boys and I have the Fire going

If it stays cool perhaps a Glass of Old Grand Dad may be in store for Dinner time..

Feel free to comment anytime. I guess it would be safe to say You and I are Brothers in Arms when it comes to our Health adventures.

I Apologize for Taking You To Task on the Singular I use. Also in regards to that Accident last weekend that you spoke about sometimes it does seem strange that a story about some person punching Out a Window would take Precedent over a Critical accident of Fire.


FRANK EARLEY's picture


Good post. I too got caught up in the frey when I first started posting. Man, I thought the S/J staff was pissed at me. Turns out everyone was complaining to them about me. Call it a learning experience.
Enjoy the fire, probably the first time in a while you don't have to worry about sparks setting everything on fire. I know the Lewiston Auburn fire departments have been strait out this past week. Have a good one. Frank

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Mr. Begin

I'm sorry if I insulted you with my line about the pins, I am after all on a first name basis with everyone in the lab at CMMC. I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate medical problems. If you've read most of my posts you should have noticed that I am on the side of genuinely disabled or down on their luck individuals. Its something I'm very passionate about.
When I hear someone say that someone looks like they should be able to work, I take that personally. There's been a lot of trash talk about people scamming the system, unfortunately some people have been including everyone into that category. I take a dim view of people who scam the system, I take a really dim view of those who falsely accuse someone of scamming the system.
If you can look at a woman, who looks about thirty, and is probably from Africa or someplace, she may even have credit cards. Hell my cat could get a credit card. And heaven forbid she's on Mainecare, you can tell just from standing next to her, she should be working and not receiving any benefits. Now I'm not going to do something else you don't like. I'm not going to use the word " I ". How about everyone? Everyone has a story. you have no way of knowing her story from standing next to her making observations. You don't like it when I spout off about people I've never met, why not offer her the same respect. Don't forget I didn't know your story until I got you all rialled up. Finally the reason I speak in the singular is I'm all I got. It would sound kind of dumb if I spoke as a group.

Richard Begin's picture

Hateful comments??


Just what is your Point?

Where you speaking or writting to me? Because if you were .

I would advise you to exercise Caution when you 'Spout off about how many needles you have been exposed to.

I also have had My fair share of Invasive Punctures.

Having survived both Prostrate Cancer and Esophegeal Cancer and not to mention being besieged by a rare and miserable Auto immune dis order.

Also frank you Seem to fall Victim to the Use of the Singular use of the word I.

I did this. I saw this. I have had this happen to me.

Frank Enough with you Rambling statements.

Do me a favor and those who are daily subjected to your Missives try to stay on Subject and if you need to be critical do so in a Positve way.

Also Frank Kudos for you for Residing in an Apartment that allows you to be so self sufficient. However that said Try to use self control when making Blanket Statements about some one else who you have never been introduced to.

Now on to Ronald Rimi.

Ronald I have been reading what you have been saying about Mitt Romeny.

Since you seem to be a Resavoir of Political and Personal Wealth Data. Would you be wiiling to share some of that Privately held and Concocted info with the others who are not so consumed by it's very existence.?

Have you knowledge of any Modern day president who did not have stocks or other Benefits that others did not have to seek the office of President ?

It seems that according to your Limited Scope of Reality that to have been successful is to be a Sin committed on the Masses. Ronald please demonstrate to me Where it is Written that when one is Successful in Buisness or other endeavors that that person should be Punished.

Of Finally May Mac Donald has a fairly clear idea of where he is going and I don't think he will need or heed your device,

Perhaps you would fare Better with Former Mayor Gilbert. You two seem To share more in Common.
Mark Gravel and Wilma Turcotte and Pirate,and Paul St Jean and Gary Gavard seem to get it perhaps you two may try to pay closer attention to their point of View.


RONALD RIML's picture

Mr. Begin; Now on to...

Now on to reading comprehension.

Richard Begin writes: "Now on to Ronald Rimi."

Who, pray tell, is Ronald Rimi??

FRANK EARLEY's picture


Hey at least I got top billing

RONALD RIML's picture

Way to go, Frank!!

Early to Bed, Earley to Rise!

Richard Begin's picture

Hateful comments??

Ronald Oh My how Presumptious you can be. Or How Careless you can also be. I have noticed that you have a Proclivity to speak way past the Close.

I also notice that your criticism is always presented with the Same Vitriol.

Perhaps through time you will confront your tendancy to Jump to Conclusions.

Now When Did I go off benefits?

Well having not yet has an EBT Card available for my use. I would have to say that if such an occaision would arise and I needed the benefits of an EBT Card.

Then I would be left with no alternative than to accept it and use it.

Ronald would you have me Starve or go without the Basic Needs.?

I hope that in the Future when adressing a Post to me you will have our Ducks in a Row and your Facts Straight.

One last thing Ronald When I originally posted it was to Testify that those who could avoid being Poor could work and there fore give the Poor their rightful due in Our BreadBasket of a Nation.

I would never deny those less fortunate to have common Decency, but I will try to encourage those who are Able bodied to work to give up their Dependency on the Lucrative Maine Welfare System


Richard Begin's picture

Miss Fuller's lete


Thanks for the Kind Words.

I'll look foward to the Mayor's Response Also if you have a chance visit a Web Address called truth out and read their latest installment about Former Governor Mac Kernan and the Law Suit against his Company EMDC.

I found it most intriguing That the parent owner of kaplan University and formerly Andover Collage is the Washington Post Donald Grahm and how very Lucerative that Buisiness is. Quite a shock if you are not Familar with the story


Richard Begin's picture

Miss Fuller's lete


Thanks for the Kind Words.

I'll look foward to the Mayor's Response Also if you have a chance visit a Web Address called truth out and read their latest installment about Former Governor Mac Kernan and the Law Suit against his Company EMDC.

I found it most intriguing That the parent owner of kaplan University and formerly Andover Collage is the Washington Post Donald Grahm and how very Lucerative that Buisiness is. Quite a shock if you are not Familar with the story


Richard Begin's picture

Miss Fuller's lete


Thanks for the Kind Words.

I'll look foward to the Mayor's Response Also if you have a chance visit a Web Address called truth out and read their latest installment about Former Governor Mac Kernan and the Law Suit against his Company EMDC.

I found it most intriguing That the parent owner of kaplan University and formerly Andover Collage is the Washington Post Donald Grahm and how very Lucerative that Buisiness is. Quite a shock if you are not Familar with the story


Richard Begin's picture

Miss Fuller's lete


Thanks for the Kind Words.

I'll look foward to the Mayor's Response Also if you have a chance visit a Web Address called truth out and read their latest installment about Former Governor Mac Kernan and the Law Suit against his Company EMDC.

I found it most intriguing That the parent owner of kaplan University and formerly Andover Collage is the Washington Post Donald Grahm and how very Lucerative that Buisiness is. Quite a shock if you are not Familar with the story


Richard Begin's picture

Hateful comments??

Miss Fuller.

How kind of you to write from your Castle in the Clouds in Gorham. Too bad you cannot be residing in Lweoiston to 'Commiserate with your fellow Victims of yet one More so-called Invitive attack on the Poor

Fortunately 'The Down Trodding are Lucky to have you Swining in Their corner.

Miss Fuller I think that I may have been in close Proximity of the Type of unqualified Reciepent of Benefits in Lewoiston.I was at my Eye Doctor or a follow up on Surgerey and standing right Next to me was a Woman Full grown and appeared to be in her Thirtys.

She seemed like she could be working but she was most determined to let the Secretary know that she has Maine Care and when she retireved her Maine care Card others fell out, on the Counter with an American Express Card and Master card and Visa and Discover card also a Maine EBT Card was visiible.

Now Miss fuller I suspect that this Lady was from Africa or the Sudan of Somali . This Woman should be trying to gain employment right.

Is that to much to ask Miss Fuller?

If I am mistaken please correct me and set me Straight.

Because Enough really is Enough


FRANK EARLEY's picture

I'm amazed at your super human abilities

Its incredible that you can look at a person and decide on the spot whether that person is disabled or not.
I worked for a large corporation when I got sick. I kept trying to go back to work but I kept being sent home. I was told by the medical staff at the plant that they thought I had a particular condition and I needed to get it checked out.
To make a long story short, I did in fact have this condition which has no treatment, and no cure. Its only going to get worse. Upon applying for long term disability through the company they Had me seen by a company from Ohio, who's only purpose is to weed out false disability claims. I spent almost two years going from one doctor to another both here in Maine and Boston. I had more needles stuck in me than you will see in a lifetime. After all that a Neurosurgeon in Portland finally made the final determination. I am totally disabled.
If you were standing next to me, you couldn't tell I'm disabled. And I know you wouldn't have the kahunas to tell me I'm not disabled. You see disabled people come in many forms, many shapes and sizes. Not every disabled person uses crutches or wheelchairs.
I certainly hope you have the brains to educate yourself to what physical and mental disabilities are before you continue to spout your garbage. And one other thing, I've been disabled for almost six years, I live in a very nice apartment, and I don't get a single penny from the state, wouldn't accept it if I could.

RONALD RIML's picture

Richard, How long have you been off????

Never having had a Maine EBT card I wouldn't recognize one.

You did, Mr. Begin. How long have you been off your benefits?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Excellently stated, Richard.

Excellently stated, Richard. Wait till she reads Mayor Macdonald's LTTE in today's Sun Journal.

Wilma Turcotte's picture

Deserving Individuals

I read Mayor MacDonald's column in the TwinCities paper and I don't believe for a minute that his looking into the welfare system is meant for hard working people who are down on their luck through no fault of their own. You have to live in a closet to not see on a daily basis someone that you know is living off the system and no intention of working. For all of them taking leaves very little for the honest person to get help. The more that are defrauding the system takes away from the system to help the honest ones that need the help. I say like him "show me how you are feeding your pitbulls" and we can find out how why you need foodstamps and can pay 6 or 7 dollars for cigarettes.

RONALD RIML's picture

Never criticize

Never criticize a welfare recipient for tobacco use.

It's a sure-fire way of the taxpayer getting their $$$ back.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great post, Wima.

Great post, Wima.

Jillian Campbell's picture

just think...

I cant imagine that people actually enjoy living off the system and being poor. You certainly do not get rich off of welfare. I am not ashamed to admit that for the 12 weeks that I was on unpaid maternity leave, recovering from major surgery, I was receiving tanf and food stamps. I was very greatful to have help in an emergency situation. However, living off of $500 a month is nearly impossible. I do not know how someone could settle for that kind of lifestyle. Most people use welfare as a desperate last resort, to help get through hard times. Most people want to have nice things and go on vacation. When you are on welfare you cant afford either. I think the people who abuse the system are the ones that give welfare a bad Rep. Although I am having a hard time figuring out the motive to do so.
Pretty much what I am trying to say is that people seem to assume that people on welfare are on welfare because it is an easy ride and they have everything handed to them. The reality is that being on welfare sucks and it is not a luxurious lifestyle by any means.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

That is unless you use

That is unless you use welfare to supplement another source of unreported income.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

..."I was receiving tanf and

..."I was receiving tanf and food stamps"...
The first two letters of tanf stand for 'temporary assistance'. Therein lies the problem, Jillian. When you were down and needed temporary assistance, you made it temporary and moved on once your situation got better. Many people have found ways of making a 'career' out of living off of $500 a month. I read once that a family of four, meeting certain income guidelines and taking advantage of every taxpayer paid assistance program that is made available to them can amass benefits that are equivelant to an income of over $40,000 a year. Not too shabby for not having to punch a time card five days a week.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Take an hour or two and spend

Take an hour or two and spend it in the second floor lobby at the City Building. Notice that most of the comers and goers to the general assistance office are-

A. Relatively young and generally healthy in appearance.

B. Relatively new arrivals to the area by way of having assorted belongings in tow.

C. Very rarely retired persons on fixed incomes that have worked hard all their lives.

If you see what goes on day in and day out and just how many people exploit the system you would understand Bob Macdonald's rationale when it comes to welfare abuse...and why enough of Lewiston's residents agreed with him to elect him Mayor.

FRANK EARLEY's picture


No one is denying that the system is constantly exploited, has been for decades its nothing new. Lewiston, Auburn or any other city or town anywhere has this problem. Unfortunately there's a simple but not very affective temporary fix to the problem. Its called YES or NO. I don't know anyone, who doesn't know someone who isn't making a living trying to beat the system. I can remember the last time I was in Alaska, I had just finished delivering my load and was getting ready to return to California.I drove down a street (just barely) they called the gallows. It was lined with mostly men just drinking themselves to death.This was back in the eighties and these guys were the result of promises of easy money with the pipe line. Well the jobs dried up, unlike the men. That's all they did in between checks. I couldn't help thinking that for every one of those guys, there was a wife and kids down in the forty eight also trying to scrape up a living.
Poverty comes from a lot of directions, some people deserve what they get, a lot don't. All I'm saying is Mr. Macdonald ought to choose his words carefully. Some day he may be insulting himself.


Working moms

And don't you just love hearing about how a woman living on a multi-million dollar income, with oodles of servants is a hard working mom raising 5 kids but when she's on welfare raising 5 kids on a wing and a prayer she's too lazy to get a job and a leech on the community. You would think that common sense would tell you they are all kids who are deserving of a chance to grow up healthy and happy. You just have to wonder what these guys do their thinking with.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Smells like envy to me.

Smells like envy to me.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Your comparisons are unalike,

Your comparisons are unalike, unequal, and unfair. I suspect you don't know the full Romney story and the raising of their five boys. Clue: Neither Mitt nor Anne Romney were born wealthy.

RONALD RIML's picture

No-one is born wealthy....

But some are born in wealthy circumstances.

Romney Plan for College Affordability">The Romney Plan for College Affordability


Andrew Sabl quotes a 1994 interview with Ann Romney in the Boston Globe wherein she explains the material deprivation she and Mitt undertook in their student days, when both were so poor and jobless they had to support themselves by selling shares of stock that Mitt had been given by his dad:

"They were not easy years. You have to understand, I was raised in a lovely neighborhood, as was Mitt, and at BYU, we moved into a $62-a-month basement apartment with a cement floor and lived there two years as students with no income. It was tiny. And I didn’t have money to carpet the floor. But you can get remnants, samples, so I glued them together, all different colors. It looked awful, but it was carpeting.

We were happy, studying hard. Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time. The stock came from Mitt’s father. When he took over American Motors, the stock was worth nothing. But he invested Mitt’s birthday money year to year—it wasn’t much, a few thousand, but he put it into American Motors because he believed in himself. Five years later, stock that had been $6 a share was $96 and Mitt cashed it so we could live and pay for education.

Mitt and I walked to class together, shared housekeeping, had a lot of pasta and tuna fish and learned hard lessons."

- Obviously one of the hard lessons learned was not that you had to go out and get a J-O-B while attending college.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Ronald, As I read your


As I read your opinions over time, I have noticed you take these extreme examples and attempt to make the sound common every day occurrences. How many people during the same time period did work their way through college and became very successful – many?

You make it sound you cannot earn your way in this country unless you are born with money. Given the wealth distribution statistics you frequently post, the majority of us would say we are done just fine.

RONALD RIML's picture

Take these 'Extreme' examples???

This is the person who will probably be the Republican nominee for President.

Some nominees born to wealth and privilege related to those they would govern quite well, i.e. both Roosevelts (R & D), and Kennedy. Willard Romney is a bust.

You can earn your way. Yet the road is more easily traveled if it has already been paved.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Barack Hussein obama was not

Barack Hussein obama was not born from wealth. Does that mean he should get a pass on governing with ineptitude?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

But, but, but it is

But, but, but it is BBBBBBUUUSH’s fault said in a high-pitched squeaky tone.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Outcomes Matter

Instead of looking at incomes, we should focus on outcomes for outcomes matter.

Set that thought aside for a moment.

The biggest threat to this country is the national debt. Obama’s outcome is more debt – that is a given.

Perhaps Mitt will spend more, but at least we have a chance he will spend less.

Personally, I care more about the outcome rather than their income.

RONALD RIML's picture

Obama's "Outcome?"

Are we now calling the extension of the 'Bush Tax Cuts' with their accompanying debt "Obama's" because the Republicans refused to part with them??

*** you and the horse you rode in on......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

obama did extend them, did he

obama did extend them, did he not? That the republicans refused to part with them no longer washes. HE extended them.
You are an intelligent man. Why do you waste your time defending this person?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Ronald, Now come on. We both

Now come on. We both know the US would still have enormous debt growth regardless of the Bush tax cuts.

I find it humorous that the discussion always goes back to Bush though.

Look at real leadership in this light. Say you go to the emergency room with a laceration. The ER doctor does not argue or place blame on how you acquired the laceration. The ER doctor commences fixing the problem.

A real leader would not play the blame game; he or she would work on fixing the problem.

Compromise in Washington equates to more spending and more taxes. There comes a time when compromise is not an option.

The government must shrink to have any hope of salvation.

Why do you think the government makes wise choses with that money anyhow?

Rome is burning and all you can think about is fornicating with my horse - bread and Circuses for all.

RONALD RIML's picture

So the Good Doctor

Wouldn't stem the bleeding from the Bush Tax Cuts....

You're as phony as they come

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Ronald, Let’s do some simple

Let’s do some simple arithmetic.

Lost revenue due to Bush tax cuts over a decade – about $1.35 Trillion or $135Million per year.

Budget deficit for one year is $1.6T.

One hundred and thirty-five million is much less than $1.6T.

One could have easily reduced spending that much to pay for the tax cuts, which both you and I benefited from.


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Why get a job when you got

Why get a job when you got stocks you can sell?0O:-)
"Hey, let's hate them for their success", hollered the jealous parrot.
Much easier and compassionate to pity the poor than it is to admire the wealthy for their accomplishments.
Let me be clear, as obama likes to say; I would rather be wealthy than poor. Now, what does that make me? Or, better yet, why must it make me anything?

RONALD RIML's picture

What 'Accomplishments?'

He was given a gift. Born with a silver foot in his mouth.

His only job through college was selling stock that was given to him.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Good for him, why do you have

Good for him, why do you have to be so jealous?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

A perfectly legitimate

A perfectly legitimate enterpise. Not as prestigious as 'community organizing', I'm sure, but it probably paid the bills.

RONALD RIML's picture

It wasn't an 'Enterprise'

It was his his own familial welfare system.

We should all be blessed with such genes.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Surely, Veritas is not

Surely, Veritas is not suggesting family should not help family, whether rich or poor. Giving to one's children is not a vice, nor is it against any law. I agree, totally; we should all be blessed with such genes. Unfortunately, that is a privilege most of us don't get to enjoy. Does that mean we should hate and begrudge those who were blessed? Or, should we wish them well and hope they remain prosperous so that they may continue to sign our paychecks. One of the big problems in our country today is that at least half of us spend too much time with our noses in other peoples' wallets and far too little time on trying to better ourselves. But, it's the greatest country on earth, and who'd want to live anywhere else?

RONALD RIML's picture

Gag with me with a spoon - even a tin one.....

Remember this graphic? Obviously 20% of the people found their way into the wallets of the other 80% quite effectively.

We simply wonder how the hell they got there so light-fingered. And they're obviously not signing enough paychecks to impress the hell out of the ones of us who aren't lemmings.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Ronald, The funny thing is

The funny thing is that you could take the entire nation’s wealth and evenly distribute amongst the population.

However, within short period thereafter, we would be back to the actual distribution shown on your chart.

The main reason is that your lemmings do not know how to manage money. That is, some people in invest in creating goods and services the lemmings will be more than willing to buy.

Then you’ll be back to blaming the successful.

Not everyone in the top 20% are crooks.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It's the lemmings who are in

It's the lemmings who are in favor of taking from those who have earned and giving a 'fair share' of it to those who have not earned any of it. The antithesis of capitalism. It's called communism.
So, the true lemmings would like to see the wealthy lose 50% of their wealth and have it distributed to those who would not have lifted a finger to earn any of it. Only government could ever pull off a stunt like that, and a dictatorship regime form of government at that. Oh, wait; we already have that.

RONALD RIML's picture

You don't build without builders.....

And they didn't build wealth on their own backs. You're a very avid apologist for the 20% who hold 84% of the wealth.

"Only government could ever pull off a stunt like that?" That's what Marie Antoinette thought....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps if you feel that

Perhaps if you feel that strongly you don’t have to work for any of these individuals. You are still free in this country to own and operate your own business.

You are still free (execpt when it comes to healthcare) to not purchase their goods and services.

Now go show them who’s boss.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It's a long standing and

It's a long standing and proven concept that goes back to the Cromagnon days: "Worker builds; him with lotsa trinkets, pay worker for building".
If my being supportive of the wealth and prosperity of the so-called 20% makes me an avid apologist, what does that make the a- verage tent dwelling, shower shunning 'occupier' who supports obama's every move regardless of how inane it may be?
Marie Antoinette had the right idea on the cake thing. (Now bear with me on this; it's coming from the parrot) What did her in was
her sudden moratorium on frosting for the cake.

RONALD RIML's picture

You're mis-reading your Tea-Party Leaves

Obama's NOT being supported in his every move.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I understand the right is

I understand the right is opposing him at every opportunity, but that is being countered by his blind support from the media, the black voters, the American Idol crowd, the uninformed, and the misinformed. Have I left any out?
If your statement is accurate, does he have enough opposition to be ousted? I think not. This is not an endorsement of him nor is it lack of endorsement of the republican candidate(s). It is an indictment of the ignorant stupidity of American voters. They can no longer say they like obama because they hate Bush; that circus is finally over. They have simply fallen in love wth and will follow to the gates of hell, the Pied Piper of Kenya.

RONALD RIML's picture

You're losing it, Pirate...

Though obvious the American voter has no problem voting against their best interests - to state "They have simply fallen in love wth and will follow to the gates of hell, the Pied Piper of Kenya." is sheer madness on your part.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hmph!! The parrot assured me

The parrot assured me that would come across as poetic license. For the record, though, the 'sheer madness' label is no stranger to the Pirate. You don't last as long as I have by relying on sanity.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Very well put...

I would like to create a scenario for Mr Macdonald to think about.
A person retires at an early age, after twenty two years driving trucks. Making pretty good money, but very hard conditions. (I hated driving in snow).
He decides to advance his education after researching what companies are looking for. Some companies you need a certain degree just to use the mens room. So he goes back to school. He enrolls
in accelerated degree programs, going to school year round for almost three years.
Fast forward a little. He's got two degrees, and is making more money than he knows what to do with. Good insurance, everything is great.
Now, could Mr. Macdonald ever imagine that when this person was writing all those checks to the school, the seemingly bigger checks to buy books. He ever imagined that one little germ that he never heard of would make all those checks useless. That in four and a half years he would be sitting on his couch, never to work again, living on next to nothing. The pay by the way went from everything to nothing in just a week.
That happens to more people than you might think. Was it their fault? Try to imagine what you would do Mr Macdonald, before you criticize poor people. This could very easily happen to you or anyone.
Just something to think about....


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