Two Lewiston men charged after morning shots fired

LEWISTON — Two men were arrested early Wednesday in connection with gunshots fired on the street from a car, police said.

Submitted photo

Brandon Audette

Submitted photo

Frank Pomerleau

Brandon Audette, 21, and Frank Pomerleau, 18, of 378 Randall Road, were each charged with three felony counts of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge. Pomerleau also was charged with violation of condition of release, police said.

Police said the two men were in a car when they fired the shots at around 5 a.m.

A Bradley Street resident said he heard shots fired near his apartment. He looked outside and saw a red Chevrolet Cavalier drive slowly down the street. He called police and reported the vehicle.

Police responded to the scene within a minute, the man said.

"I was absolutely impressed," he said. "I'm giving them a high-five on this one."

He said police found three shell casings on the ground near his apartment and circled them in chalk.

A short time later, police stopped a vehicle fitting that description on Autumn Lane and arrested the two men.

Police said they recovered a 9 mm handgun.

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Andrew Jones's picture

Why were they shooting?

Why were they shooting? Who/what were they shooting at?

Andrew Jones's picture

Well, duh. I was just curious

Well, duh. I was just curious what their intentions were, or if they were just stupid. I'm going with the latter.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Give 'em both 10 years

Give 'em both 10 years without parole. Maybe they'll learn something.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

...And live to shoot another

...And live to shoot another day. You're correct, Robin.

 's picture


More young career dirtbags.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Of course, the guns will get

Of course, the guns will get blamed for it when it's really the two morons pulling the trigger. Just the kind of crap 2nd Amendment proponents don't need.


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