Maine named most peaceful state

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal (file)

Raiden Joyner, left, and Casey Roy, both 14 and from Turner, wait for Roy's dog, Misty, to swim back to shore before using a rope swing on an island in the Androscoggin River in a photo taken in July 2011. 

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A state-by-state assessment measuring crime, guns and other factors lists Maine as the most peaceful state.

The nonpartisan, independent Institute for Economics and Peace released its second annual peace index on Tuesday. The ranking is based on analysis of homicide, violent crime, policing, incarceration rates and availability of small arms data.

Overall, it finds the Northeast to be America's most peaceful region with the lowest homicide, violent crime and incarceration rates in the country. The South is the least peaceful region with the highest homicide, violent crime, and incarceration rates, as well as the highest prevalence of gun ownership, and the second highest police employee rate.

Maine is America's most peaceful state with recorded reductions in the homicide and incarceration rates as well as the number of police employees.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

No industry on RT1?

Try going north on RT1 in the summer. Get behind a tourist from out of state. Now your traveling along at say forty or fifty miles per hour. Their in their car or small camper, and all of a sudden someone spots a treasure at one of the hundreds of flee markets up there. They literally forget where they are and stop, meanwhile I'm trying to stop forty tons at the same time. Is it any wonder that my blood pressure is so high? There is an industry up their. It may not be what you might think of as industry, but a lot of cash is exchanged.

 's picture

"The ranking is based on

"The ranking is based on analysis of homicide, violent crime, policing, incarceration rates and availability of small arms data."

So we can get our ranking out of the cellar by just killing more people, having more violent fights and robberies, hiring more police, putting more people in jail, and distributing more firearms.

Think we should go for it?

John Ponte's picture

Maine Most Peaceful State ?

Maine is a very quit and paeceful state .
Why is that ?,maybe because there is more trees and water ways ,ponds and lakes ,than people !
It's not that way on the coast in the summer just try to drive up RT 1 sometime in the summer between York and Hancock countys.There is nothing peaceful about RT 1 at all,untill one drives north of RT1A !

I feel the reason is that there isn't any jobs or big industry here in Maine .

No Jobs no people ,no people no crime on people at people by people .
No wounder there isn't any crime and policing compare to the rest of the states.

IT takes pepole that are working and have jobs to make a good living before the losers show up and start conmiting crimes on the rest of us .

What happen to the big open for bussiness deal that LaPage was all about ?

The way I see life in Maine it's not Peaceful at all ,unless you are in a grave yard.

The way I see life in Maine we have three major citys ,and a lot of small towns ,with the people far a wide apart .
When there is a lot of space between people,with so much space and little to do we as humans do live in peace from each other .
Is that really a good thing ,I don't really know at all !!

Really the way I see life in Maine, there isn't a lot of crime because there isn't a lot of people per land mass.That fact alone make for a very peacefull setting.

But the people here are not at peace at all they live very very stressfull lives .

The cost of gas to go to work is over the top most of the working Maine citizens travel a lot more than the rest of the citizens in the lower 48.

The cost of heating Maine homes is over the top .

Most of the homes are heated with oil here in the state of Maine ,where there is more water power and wind power than the rest of New England but we in Maine pay the most for power .Why is this ?Are we here in Maine getting RIP off in this so call peaceful state?

(I just heard the other day , the power that is generated here in Maine is sold to Canada at a cost that is less than the citizens of Maine pay of power .
In other words we sell it for less and then Canada sell the power back to us for more than we sold it to them .)
Is this the big open for bunisses LaPage was talking about ?

Hearing stuff like that isn't peacefull at all, that I is Stressfull .

Then there is the TAXES on every thing .
We the citizens of Maine pay every time we buy anything except to go to the bathroom ,and belive me if thoes people in Augusta could they would put a tax on going to the Bathroom.

But wait there is a tax on the water and the paper we do use in the bathroom ,so the way I see it there is a tax on going to the bathroom also, and they call this peaceful living .

Just where does the person that made up this story live ?


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