Guns, rock stars and jet fighters over Maine

Pro-gun rocker Ted Nugent’s bombastic comments on the president and the story of how two members of the Bangor City Council felt they should dis-invite Nugent to a summertime festival in the Queen City prompted vigorous commenting by our online audience this week.

One story from the Bangor Daily News on how Nugent’s show will go on saw 15 comments. Among them were comments by Allisa Milliard of Sabattus, who wrote:

“Maybe they should get Yanni or Kenny G. to play Bangor’s waterfront instead. Perhaps performers should have to apply to play first, with questions concerning their political leanings being their decider. Dixie Chicks would be a sure vote.

“ ‘I am far from a political historian, but I do know music has played a special part in civil disobedience, especially when it pertains to our government,’ concert promoter Alex Gray said.

“The 1960s demonstrated that, and you don’t need to be any type of expert to know that and they are right to be afraid of other performers canceling because a performer was canceled due to political statements. American performers have the right to political speech, no matter who the president is.”

Veronica Child of Mexico reasoned, in part: “Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely rocked out to the great tunes of Ted and I admire him for his devoted stand on the right to bear arms. That said, the man is crazy. I really wish people would do their homework before they take up ‘causes’ and today’s cause is Ted ... We are not talking about a man that intelligently made realistic statements that are in any way constructive; please look up the video. ... I guess I would say that if he’s being paid to sing, then he should sing. He should definitely leave his archaic, political freak-show rhetoric at home. Rock on!”

News that the U.S. Air Force was studying the airspace over Maine for training by pilots flying the new F-35 fighter jet based in Burlington, Vt., attracted this bit of verbal flak from online reader Zack Lenhert of Lewiston:

“Talk about a waste of taxpayers’ money ...”

Douglas Mac antSaior of Auburn shot back, writing in part: “Yeah, you’re right. Spending tax dollars to train our military on cutting-edge equipment to keep our country safe, what a waste. Let’s spend it on worthy causes like morbidly obese derelicts on scooters crying for more MaineCare because they gorged themselves on high-fructose corn syrup the last 20-plus years.”

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Zack Lenhert's picture

On 11 March 2010, a report

On 11 March 2010, a report from the Government Accountability Office to United States Senate Committee on Armed Services projected the overall unit cost of an F-35A to be $112M in today's money.[60] In 2010, Pentagon officials disclosed that the F-35 program has exceeded its original cost estimates by more than 50 percent.[61] An internal Pentagon report critical of the JSF project states that "affordability is no longer embraced as a core pillar". On 24 March, Gates termed the recent cost overruns and delays as "unacceptable" in a testimony before the U.S. Congress. He characterized previous cost and schedule estimates for the project as "overly rosy"

I repeat.... talk about a waste of taxpayer money.

Richard Begin's picture

Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes or Baby Please Don't Go

Steve Dosh:

Thanks for the suggesstion. I have alwas enjoyed your Postings and am delighted to hear from you.

Yeah who really Cares what Ted Nugent says. I never cared for his solo Work.

I'm not a Hunter or even Sympathetic to his Cause either.

OK I'll insert a Picture.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Guns, rock stars and jet fighters over Maine

Ed., 12.04.25 3 pm here in Hawai'i • 
Ted Nugent ? rotƒlmao . That guy is not a has been . He is a never was . He suffers from Cat Scratch Fever that causes him to clutch guns t i g h t l y they'ya in TX :) b t w - the F-35 is almost s i l e n t Luddites . It's a stealth fighter . You'll probably be able to hear the new wind turbines over them ;) h t h ? /s, Steve

Richard Begin's picture

Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes or Baby Please Don't Go

I must have been pre-occupied with some other endeavor not to have observed the talk of the Town about Ted coming and not coming to Bngor.

I'm not so sure about Yanni or Kenny G? Folks would be hard pressed to line up in Droves to see those two diverse types of Entertainment.

After all Yanni to me was almost the equivalent of a Thomas Kinkaid Painting after all where is the Talent Hiding.?

Look We live in America and we are supposed to have the Freedom of Expression aren't we?

Face up to the fact that for the Most Part we are tired of being directed and Harvested by the Liberal Social Engineers who desperately want to reconfigurate America towards their Sordid almost Marxist way of Life.

So If Ted Nugent wants to say what is on his mind about President Obama as long as it is not Racial or life threatning then let him say what's on his Mind

.The Dixie Chicks reacted to President Bush in a way that placed them in Hot Water. As it would turn out with the way that War developed they were not that far off with their criticism.

Perhaps MC5 Should weigh in on this issue to 'Kick Out The Jams'

So much in in Play here

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . Welcome Post a picture

. . Welcome
Post a picture Dick :) It's E Z to do
I'm with you . Ted can say what he wants to . No one listens to him anymore anyway •
^^ U S Marine fired Over Commander in Chief Remark ^^
.. /s, Steve


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