Casino needs to fill more than 100 positions

First slot machine at Oxford Casino
Sun Journal file photo

Oxford Casino employee Erik Franzen removes a hand truck used to move the first slot machine, background, into place on March 29. 

OXFORD — As carpenters, landscapers and other workers race toward a June opening, Oxford Casino owners are faced with a problem they didn't expect: more than 100 unfilled positions.

Casino spokesman Scott Smith said the open positions are mostly for cashiers, housekeeping and food and beverage.

“We're surprised,” Smith said Monday, “especially given the unemployment level.” The Maine Department of Labor reported a 9.8 percent unemployment rate in Oxford County, down from 10.4 percent a year ago.

The casino held a job fair on April 14 at the Poland Spring Resort for all open positions, but Smith said applicants gravitated toward cage and gaming floor positions.

Smith said cashiers have plenty of responsibility at the casino, handling cash and gaming chips. According to the job description on the casino's website, cashiers also process bank reports and handle player's club applications.

In all, there are 37 different positions still open, according to the casino's website, but most are for food and beverage, cashiers and housekeeping. Among those are openings for bartenders, bar backs, cocktail servers, restaurant servers, housekeeping supervisors and a heavy-duty housekeeping position. All are full time.

Smith said food and beverage wages are typical for restaurant wages. Housekeeping, which includes cleaning the casino floor, restaurant and facilities pays around $9 an hour. Cashiers can make as much as $12.50 an hour, Smith said.

The April 14 job fair was the second, after a March job fair in Oxford for card dealer positions. Potential dealers who made it through the first stage are now training. Hundreds of applicants attended each of the job fairs. Smith said casino operators are considering a third job fair to help fill remaining openings.

The Oxford Casino is slated to open in late June, although the casino hasn't announced an exact date. The 65,000-square-foot casino will have more than 500 slot machines and 12 table games including roulette, poker and blackjack.

Applicants can get more information at

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Jim Vadeboncoeur's picture

Casino Contridiction

This just posted on the Oxford Casino's FaceBook:
Thank you so much for your patience! We have hundreds of applications that we are diligently processing and will be communicated with applicants as soon as possible. In the meantime you may send questions to to receive individual responses. Thank you again for your understanding!

Wow so lets get this strait just a day or so ago you had the Lewiston Sun Journal do an article that there were not enough applicants for more than 100 open jobs and now you have hundreds of applicants you need to get thou so please be patient. What a contradictory in postings. Sit tite people the ride is just about to begin.

Jim Vadeboncoeur's picture

Oxford Casino's Hiring practices prevent local hires

Oxford Casino Hiring Practices:

Don't post anything negative about the casino or you will get banned and booted from their page. So much for freedom of speech. I asked questions about their hiring practices and was removed from the page so i will continue to ask Here and on other pages. Here are the questions i asked.
" I find it very disturbing that info contained in a credit report that is not accurate will keep people from obtaining a job at the Casino. Is this the way the casino will get around the local hiring process. I was 1 of the first to submit an application for employment and now find out a month later that i will not be allowed to work there because of inaccurate info in my credit report. My job history with 10 years at 1 job along with owning my own business will have no influence as to my being a great employee. This is a very sad day for oxford as a lot of good people have fallen on hard times and have had to let bill slip and fall into collection because of the situation they are in and now you are going to tell them that they cannot have a job because of this. Very sad indeed. so whats the deal? can you explain to me how my credit report make me a bad employee? people have hard times and sometimes need to let some things slide or they cant eat or house their children how does this make you a bad employee? some people have in accurate info in there credit report that takes months to fix if at all. i called Kim Gerard and asked this and was told i would be considered if i fixed my credit in 8 days Really ????? so if i pull money out of my you know what and pay off items on my credit report i am suddenly not a thief of bad employee anymore. I was the Director of Operations for Oxford Plains Speedway for 10 years and delt with thousands of people on a daily basis not to mention manager of Oxford Plains Snow Tubing and owned my own businesses that i just sold but my credit report will keep me from being hired by Oxford Casino. You will not find a better employee than i would have been and i live 1.5 mile from the casino. this is very wrong on so many levels and you guys need to get this fixed. I guess you don't want to answer my questions or they are above your pay grade so please forward my concerns to someone that will. I have kept all this in Private hoping for a response from you, but i now see that your business practice will be to not answer legitimate Questions. Please have someone respond to my questions.

Raise the pay!!!

I'm not surprised that the positions aren't filled..I wouldn't want to travel too far with the price of gas the way it is, for so little pay..not worth the travel..and for such low class jobs..good luck finding the right people for these jobs..not that this casino couldn't afford to pay better wages..

Carl Kimball's picture


All i see in these comments are people stereotyping, because they think their so perfect. There are many other reasons that these jobs are not filled, background checks, lack of transportation, lack of experience, etc., not just because "welfare" people don't want to work. There maybe a few that the shoe fits, but to put them all in one pot is way wrong. Next you'll be attacking their sex, religion, color,etc.. I hope these people making these comments are not religious, because if they are then they are very poor ones. Too many times i see this attack on welfare people, Well, gee perfect people you don't know these people, but you keep harping on them and blaming them for your problems. Some of those people are hard working people who ran into hard times and your lucky to still have good times. NO job is secure in the USA, at any time a plant may close or go else where, the jobs could be down sized, a person could be sent packing (because they don't need a reason anymore to fire you), all a person can become ill and lose their postion, etc. If your not going to apply for these jobs, then let the casino handle the filling of these postions on their own terms.

They didn't do a survey?

Is it that surprising to the owners that they can't fill these positions?

Oxford County has one of the highest rates of illegal drug use in the state, a huge number of welfare cases, and if they didn't do a survey on this area, they were being foolish.

After all, you can read the police blotter every day and see the landscape.

No, they're not going to hire someone with a criminal background and that eliminates a lot of people. It's a common problem unfortunately.

It doesn't mean all welfare recipients are criminals, but most criminals end up on welfare because they can't get jobs..a very vicious circle.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

They don't hire just anyone.

There is a lot of background checks. Transportation is a must. Neat, clean clothes and shoes. An attitude of a go-getter. They also look for team players, willing to sub when there is a need. Intelligent, personable and honest and dependable.

And they drug test. Frequently.

I doubt if they would hire anyone on welfare.

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

Maybe if they put up notices

Maybe if they put up notices at DHHS and ...pffffttt... Nope, couldn't keep a straight face through it. Welcome to Maine! Sloth pays... work will wait.

Ellen Levesque's picture

And why should they apply for

And why should they apply for these jobs when they can get all the welfare assistance they want. People have no pride it would seem. We were brought up to work for whatever we could earn until a better job opened up. Welfare is to easy and they can stay home.


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