Massachussets fugitive arrested in Lewiston

LEWISTON – A Lewiston police officer responding to a noise complaint at the bus station Friday night ended up arresting a suspect wanted in Everett, Mass.

At about 5 p.m., police said, Officer Brian Beauparlant spotted a man walking across the parking lot between the bus station and Park Street. Beauparlant had been told that a wanted fugitive might be coming into Lewiston via bus. After interviewing the suspect, he learned that it was Ralph Valbrun, a 27-year-old from Malden, Mass., who was wanted on warrants charging him with mayhem and attempt to kill.

Valbrun was arrested and taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn where he was being booked Friday night.

Police said Valbrun has a criminal history of assaults and other violence. He is listed on the Everett Police Department as one of their top "significant wanted persons."

Details about the crime for which he was wanted were not available Friday night.

Everett Massachussets Police

ralph valbrun

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 's picture

Lewiston Middle School Fight??

Where is the link to that very pertinent story? Why did you guys drop the link after one day. They just filed the charges yesterday. I found out about the charges from, yet you famed SunJournal apologists have dropped the story already. Is it because of the asinine assertion that the two smaller, younger kids actually STARTED the fight?? I can tell you something about the real world, it's pretty much universal truth that the two younger, smaller children would not start a fight with a group of older, larger people. I think it's great the only source you had who was "familiar with both sides situation" and you had this source claim the hospitalized kids started the fight. Where is the follow up? This was your most commented upon story by far yesterday. Can we please be allowed to CONSUME the "news" that you REPORT? We don't need your weak synthesis or censorship. If children in that city were beaten so severely that they required hospitalization, then where is the story!!!

JUDY MEYER's picture

Link was not dropped

I'm not sure why you aren't able to find the link. It's here:
We reported this story on Thursday, including information about three arrests, and the link has been intact since publication. You were able to find it on because they picked up our original story. No one is reporting who started the fight; since all involved are juveniles it is unlikely that police will release that information and it won't be available from the courts under state law, which guards juvenile court proceedings.
Hope that helps.


Remember when it was ok to

Remember when it was ok to malign people of French descent? I remember situations where a group of adolescents, trying to impress each other, feeling like there's safety in numbers, and hearing their parents complain about it at home all time time, might have targeted a group of older teens walking by, and called then "dumb frogs" or something. There is a very good chance the older kids would have chased the younger ones down and tried to pummel them. Fast forward 30 years, and it's a scenario that's still possible.


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