FEMA trailers for sale at Auburn Mall

AUBURN — White, plain-looking travel trailers are lined up outside the Auburn Mall, hopefully the next-to-last stop in a 400-mile journey from a government lot in Maryland.


Daryn Slover/Sun Journal
Tim Meehl, left, of Monmouth and his uncle Daniel Meehl of Lewiston take a look at the travel trailers at the Auburn Mall on Wednesday. Thirty-six former FEMA trailers with "not for housing" signs are for sale for $7,950 each.

"Ten trucks have been going back and forth," mall owner George Schott said Thursday. "They'll be done by Tuesday."

When complete, the trailer city will total 83 in all, many identical and largely untouched.

Schott bought the trailers from the Government Services Administration, the federal agency charged with selling the trailers bought for victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Schott hopes to sell the trailers for $6,950 to $9,950 apiece. Each comes with a small kitchen and common area, a master bedroom and a small bathroom.

"They're like new inside," Schott said. In most cases, the Gulf Stream trailers show little or no use. Appliances look untouched.

They do come with a warning: Don't live in them.

Many of the trailers used in Katrina relief in Louisiana have been found to carry high levels of formaldehyde, a potentially toxic chemical used in the making of carpets and upholstery.

Longtime residents of those trailers have blamed the Federal Emergency Management Agency for respiratory problems. Some have sued.

"I don't think they are the same trailers," Schott said. "Would the government sell something it knows to be harmful? No."

Schott believes they ought to be safe for anyone who aims to use them for vacations or other short-term situations. They're no different from any other trailer, he said.

The biggest difference may be price. The trailers were all made in 2006 or 2007 and would likely sell for about $15,000 in different circumstances, he said. Most of these will sell for $7,950.

When all of the trailers arrive next week, Schott and his staff plan to get a system together for selling them at the mall. A model trailer will be set up for people to examine. Some trailers will be moved to a private storage lot to make room for customers, Schott said.


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 's picture

Why don't they just have

Why don't they just have them tested to see if there could be a problem?

I could bet these are the

I could bet these are the same trailers that were left abandoned because of the dangers in them, but "georgie porgie" doesn't mind making a buck off of inoccent people. He acts like a used car salesman !!! Maybe he should live in one for a year or so , and if he doesn't get sick, maybe then he could unload them. Always thinking of ways to make "mo money" "mo money" "mo money"........way to go george!

 's picture

Schott said. "Would the

Schott said. "Would the government sell something it knows to be harmful? No."

Wow! P.T. Barnum was right there is a sucker born every minute.

As for saying the Government would never sell or do anything harmful, Tell that to the hundreds of sick & dying 9/11 rescue workers, who were told by the EPA and other Government agencies, that the air at ground zero was safe to breathe when it wasn't.

 's picture


To request one or more units, please complete the following request form, attach a separate
letter on your organization’s letterhead stating the intended use of the unit(s), and
mail or fax the form to our office.
Federal Surplus
Special Request Item
FEMA Trailer Request Form
Organization Name:
Mailing Address:
Contact Person:
Travel Trailers:
Number needed if fixed width/no slides:
Number needed if there is one or more slide:
What length (or range of lengths) will you need:
What is the expected use for each unit requested:
Mobile Homes:
Number needed:
What width (or range of widths) will you need:
What length (or range of lengths) will you need:
What is the expected use for each unit requested:
Department of General Services
Federal Surplus Property Program
2221 Forster Street, PO Box 1365
Harrisburg, PA 17105
Fax: 717-772-2491

 's picture

So someone buys one of the

So someone buys one of the death traps, then lives in it and dies. Would Schott be held liable for selling known bad housing?

 's picture

Is this an advertisement or

Is this an advertisement or a news article?

 's picture

Schott said. "Would the

Schott said. "Would the government sell something it knows to be harmful? No."

Ha!!! Yes the government would sell something harmful, the lackeys in the GSA have a job, that is to get rid of the junk that they overpaid for. SO they sell them in big lots of people for pennies on the dollar, then those people, like George Schott, turn around and quadruple the price and shove them on a mall lot somewhere to be an eyesore here for the next few years.

I'd love to see the entire "bio" on these trailers, from when they are purchased till now.


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