Charges against father to be upgraded after baby dies

ARUNDEL (AP) — A man told police he squeezed his 2½-month-old son's head in frustration before throwing him hard into a living room chair, causing severe brain bleeding that led to the infant's death, according to a police affidavit released Tuesday.

Ethan Henderson died early Tuesday at a Portland hospital after being taken off life support.

His father, 23-year-old Gordon Collins-Faunce of Arundel, has been charged with aggravated assault. The Maine Attorney General's Office said the death is now considered a homicide and that charges will be upgraded in the next day or two.

Collins-Faunce entered no plea during a court appearance Monday. He's being held on $100,000 bail.

Collins-Faunce lived in an Arundel mobile home with his 23-year-old fiancee, Christina Henderson, their twin sons, Henderson's 3-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and Collins-Faunce's stepmother.

After police were called to the home on Saturday morning, Ethan was taken to Maine Medical Center, where doctors said he was suffering from severe bleeding around the brain.

Collins-Faunce told police he became frustrated by the boy's crying, held him suspended by his head and threw him into a living room chair.

"On a scale of 1-10, he estimated his force to be about 8 or 9," the affidavit reads. "He said he saw (Ethan's) head snap back when he landed in the chair."

Collins-Faunce told investigators he often felt overwhelmed having to care for the children, especially when he'd forget to take his medication for post-traumatic stress disorder.

He said he accidentally broke his son's arm in a fit of anger and frustration when he was 4 weeks old.

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Tina Clukey's picture


I find it intresting that poeple have hit the "disagree" button on some of the comments, REALLY??? That poor excuse for what he calls himself "dad" should have the same done to him, wonder if he was looking at the poor baby in the eye's while he was hurting him,I cant even type what he did it makes me sick!!! Eye for a Eye in this case!!!

Andrew Jones's picture

The accused has rights too.

The accused has rights too. He deserves due process and a punishment that is not cruel and unusual. While I think the PTSD excuse is BS, we can't just forgo the rules because "he killed a defenseless baby!". Do you really want to advocate that this man should be raped and/or killed in prison?

Go ahead and hit the dislike button if you choose, but I prefer to stay rational and objective in the face of depravity.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Infant boy dies after assault by father, police say

all Tuesday 15:15 hst •
It breaks our hearts to read things like this . His biological father ? Was he on drugs or something ? We are not looking for an excuse. .just an explanation , Hon . Judge and jury of his peers
Thank goodness we have competant police , fire , EMS , judges and the rule of law in these U S of A . Imagine what anarchy must be like ( France ? ) It's not a paradise , that's for sure , libertarians . There are a lot of truths that have nothing to do with good or bad . Never let the good be the enemy of the truth . Just look what's going in Europe right now . It's d i c e y there in Greece, Italy , Spain , and elsewhere
Supreme rationalism ? Objectivism ? Ayn Rand ? Übermench ? Atlas Shrugged . The Fountainhead . We read them , too . Naah t y v m
The fundamental fact of our nuclear age is that if you put 24 lbs of plutonium together anywhere in the known universe it will blow up . The terrorists know this , too . It's factual and not good
How about that father and son tag team in TX who started to shoot police with AK-47s. They got their's now didn't they ? Waco , i think it was
It's a weird , wild , wired , world • /s , Steve :)

Baby Death

Anyone who will do an unthinkable act such as this, deserves to have the same thing done to them as they done to this innocent child.

Jason Theriault's picture

It's a good thing this is handled by the courts.

It's a good thing this is handled by the courts, because I would be in favor of getting all cruel and unusual on him.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hopefully, he'll have a horny

Hopefully, he'll have a horny 'Big Bubba' as a cell mate.

Jason Theriault's picture


I was hoping for more of the "Seven" version of that.

Or really, just call in Marsellus Wallace from "Pulp Fiction":
"What now? Let me tell you what now. I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' ******, who'll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on your ass."

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What do you do, memorize all

What do you do, memorize all that stuff?

Jason Theriault's picture


Anyway, angry Jason aside, I hope this was just some sort of accident. If he intentionally did it, he's a poor excuse for a person.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Jail justice usually has a

Jail justice usually has a way of dealing with individuals who abuse and mistreat babies.


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