Lewiston council to discuss fate of Pettingill's bump in the road

LEWISTON — A question about removing a College Street speed table could lead to a new policy about using them elsewhere in the city.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

A pickup truck goes over the raised speed table on College Street in Lewiston on Thursday. The City Council will discuss the removal of the speed table at its meeting next week.

Phil Nadeau, deputy city administrator, said the city plans to repave part of College Street in front of the former Pettingill School at 410 College St.

"So, the question becomes, do we pave up to the old speed table, the raised crosswalk there, or do we remove it?" Nadeau said.

The table has been there since 2005 to slow traffic in front of the school.

"It was there to give safer passage for the kids," Nadeau said.

The table is one of three in Lewiston. Two more are farther south, where College Street and Central Avenue pass through the Bates College campus.

Pettingill School closed in 2009, but the speed bump remained.

"We'd talked with people in the neighborhood, and the decision about whether it remained or not depended on what happened to that building," Nadeau. "And here we are, three years later and the building still awaits a final disposition."

Removing the bump would let the city crews repave the street past the old school.

"But there are people in that neighborhood who have no problem with that raised table and want to preserve it," Nadeau said. "We've heard from those people, and we've heard from people that want to see it removed."

City councilors are scheduled to discuss the fate of the bump at a special workshop meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 24.

Nadeau said he hopes the discussion moves beyond College Street.

"I think we need to consider these at a policy level," Nadeau said. "If you introduce these things into your community, you should at least put them in your ordinance and support their use as policy."

A policy could include how to use them and where they should be used and not used, he said.


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Zack Lenhert's picture

I live right off of College

I live right off of College St. behind the Pettingill School. My problem with this speed bump is that some people attempt to drive AROUND it!! Its crazy, they pretty much drive up on the side walk so they don't have to slow down.

I would be for the speed bump only if there was also a curb installed to prevent idiots from driving around it and creating an even more dangerous situation.

JOHN PAINTER's picture

Safety first

As a person who lives on College street (765 College) and who has an active 9 year old who attends Geiger and likes to ride his bike, I would personally like to see several more speed bumps along the road to help keep driver speeds down. I think they are more cost effective than having LPD officers who do fantastic work keeping the community safe doing that work versus having to monitor the speed on the road. College street is very tempting, too tempting the further out you go for a growing number to drive fast. I regularly see and hear all types of vehicles from motorcycles to tractor trailers which are clearly surpassing the posted limit, one of the reasons I am very cautious abut letting my son ride his bike on Colege street. I do not think speed bumps pose a risk to alert and aware drivers, or pose a cause damage to their vehicles as long as they are driving within the posted limit. I think local residents should always have a say in matters effecting their neighborhood and public safety.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Its a speed bump

Its a speed bump put in place for a reason. That reason was to maintain slow traffic in a posted school zone. Outside a school zone, speed bumps belong in parking lots only. Speed bumps on a public way create dangerous situations to unsuspecting drivers. Even at the posted speed limit, that bump will startle most anyone not familiar with it. That means an accident waiting to happen. Its simple, no school zone, no speed bump. If you let the neighbors decide they'll be speed bumps in every neighborhood in town. Think about it the next time you need an alignment job done on your car.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Very well stated, Frank. The

Very well stated, Frank. The reason for the speed bump at this location no longer exists. The speed bump needs to go.
Let the neighbors decide the issue and you'll have a speed bump at every house.


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