Arrest made after shooting in Lewiston

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

A Lewiston police officer asks a man to stand behind the crime scene tape at the corner of Granite and Bates streets in Lewiston on Wednesday. A bleeding man collapsed in the doorway of the tenement building in the background.  

LEWISTON — A shot was fired on Granite Street Wednesday afternoon, and when rescue crews arrived they found a 63-year-old man bleeding badly from a gunshot wound.

Police swarmed on the dead-end section of Bates Street as the bleeding man collapsed next to a tenement building and a search got under way for the shooter.

Later Wednesday night, police arrested Steve Anctil, a 24-year-old local man with a criminal history of robberies and other crimes. Anctil was charged with elevated aggravated assault and robbery and taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn.

A woman who lives in the area said she heard a single shot at about 4 p.m. When she looked out on the street, she saw an older man bleeding heavily.

"He didn't look like he was going to make it," the woman said. "He was bleeding a lot. He somehow managed to make it to the steps, but that was it."

It looked like he had been shot in the abdomen, she said.

The victim, who witnesses said might be a meat salesman, was at Central Maine Medical Center later Wednesday night where he was recovering from surgery.

Police did not identify the man other than to say he was from the Casco area. His injury was described as serious but he was expected to survive, according to Lewiston police Chief Michael Bussiere.

Police questioned other tenants, as well as employees at nearby businesses. By nightfall, the investigation had broadened and more potential suspects were being questioned by detectives.

Another man who lives in the area said the neighborhood at the end of Bates Street is typically quiet. At the same time, he said, a lot of people wander to and from the apartment house on the corner. A lot of strangers come and go at weird hours, he said.

He did not know the man who was injured.

The woman who heard the gunshot said she had never seen the victim before she spotted him stumbling and bleeding in the street.

"I don't think he's been here before," the woman said. "Something ain't right about this."

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Arrest made after shooting in Lewiston

Mark , 12.05.24 13:00 HST • Thursday
Thanks for that update & t y v m , safety officers of the law
Lewiston man critical after Sunday stabbing on Howe Street
LEWISTON — Police said Monday that a brawl involving more than a dozen people early Sunday morning that sent three men . ..
Auburn librarian recovering after random attack
AUBURN — A children's librarian is recovering from a concussion after she was beaten up by a 19-year-old in the Children's Room. .. [ Have Terry Karkos look into this one . Remember that crazy woman stealing books she didn't like ? ]
LEWISTON -- Gunshots rattle downtown Lewiston
Police officers have three men on the ground near the corner of Bates. .
Lovely • Drugs ?
The kids are out for the summer here in Hawai'i
Drive saƒely they'ya in ME , also . ..
h t h , /s Dr. Dosh *<;Q~

 's picture


Do I have to say it again? Curb your animals, people!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Generous welfare and section

Generous welfare and section 8 housing=LEWISTON!!! This City has turned into an absolute sewer.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Patti, I've lived here for 37

Patti, I've lived here for 37 years. My statement may have been a bit harsh for which I apologize, but it was by no means unfounded. What's happening in this town is shameful and tends to negate much of the good that's been done here over the years in efforts to change Lewiston's negative image.

GARY SAVARD's picture

My work takes me to apartment

My work takes me to apartment buildings like this one on a fairly regular basis, in fact, I have been to this one twice before. I am actually thinking about getting a permit to carry. Times are definately changing.

 's picture

what's the body count in

what's the body count in lewiston this week now?
just curious

 's picture


Why would anyone want to buy a print of a blood scene???

PAUL ST JEAN's picture



DARYN SLOVER's picture

Blood photos

Several top editors discussed the photos, and in an effort to be sensitive to our readers, we decided to take them off our website.

 's picture


Thank you...

 's picture


Thank you...


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