Police dog finds ailing man in Lewiston

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

A police dog heads for a sweatshirt from a suspect who discarded it while trying to elude police on Googin Street in Lewiston on Wednesday afternoon. Lewiston police officer Jeff Baril, right, and a dozen other officers, some of whom were training at nearby Pettingill School when the call came in, assisted in the search. The suspect was not found.

LEWISTON — Sometimes, a cop follows his nose. Other times, it's a dog doing the sniffing, and the cop just follows along.


Lewiston police officer Jason Nadeau and his dog Ailos.


Lewiston police officer Jason Nadeau's dog Ailos.


Lewiston police officer Jason Nadeau and his dog Ailos.


Lewiston police officer Jason Nadeau and his dog Ailos.

Such was the case early Wednesday when a police dog named Ailos followed a mile-long scent and found an 82-year-old man lying in the grass next to a snowmobile trail.

The man, who suffers from Alzheimer's, was treated for hypothermia and returned to his home.

The search began at about 5 a.m. when a woman called police to report that her father had wandered off sometime during the night.

Several officers responded. Among them was Lewiston police officer Jason Nadeau who was accompanied by his police-trained tracking dog.

Ailos was able to pick up the missing man's scent near his Fox Run Trailer Park home, police said. From there, the dog kept sniffing and Nadeau kept following.

The track brought the searchers to a snowmobile trail off Sabattus Street. The missing man was found in the grass about 250 feet from the road, police said. He had wandered just over a mile before collapsing to the ground.

Later Wednesday, other officers were singing the praises of Nadeau and his dog with the amazing snout. Nadeau was quiet about his own role in the rescue, they said, but he was more than happy to brag about his dog.

"It just goes to show the importance of the K-9s and their handlers," said Androscoggin County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Slivinski. "Ailos and Jason are one of several great teams in the area."

Police administrators also were happy with the results. Recoveries like this are why officer-dog teams are good to have on the department, they said.

"As an agency, we are very proud of both officer Nadeau and Ailos," Deputy Chief James Minkowsky said. "It's obvious that the extensive training and years of experience with this team was a crucial element in a successful track and a happy ending."


Lewiston Police Department

Lewiston police Officer Jason Nadeau and his dog Ailos

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Audrey Alcala's picture

What a great story with a

What a great story with a great ending! Great job done by both Ailos and Officer Nadeau.......you saved a life!!!!

Barbara Parker's picture


What an awesome story with a happy ending~ I Love German shepherds :o)

Years ago my husband and I were awoken by our Shepherd Mac he was barking frantically and would not stop, we looked outside and their was a teenager passed out on our porch intoxicated in a bad snowstorm, I believe he saved that boys life...


Well done Ailos...You are a handsome pup...

Dorothea Witham's picture

What a great story.

It is really good that they police force has such a wonderful dog police officer. He really earns his keep. I am happy that the missing man was found due to the dog's good sense of smell that led the rest of the police to the where about's of the man.


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