NH man gets 50 years in death of mother with Bridgton connections

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Anthony Papile looks back at his family after being sentenced to 50 years in prison Thursday, May 24, 2012 in Carroll County Superior court, in Ossipee, N.H. . Papile pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the disappearance and death of 20-year-old Krista Dittmeyer of Portland, Maine.

OSSIPEE, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man was sentenced to 50 years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the disappearance and death of a Maine mother last year, whose 14-month-old baby was found abandoned in her car.

ADDITION Missing Mother

This undated picture made available by Conway, N.H. shows Krista Dittmeyer. The New Hampshire attorney general says one of three defendants in the disappearance and death of the Maine mother whose body was found in a ski area pond last year will plead guilty. Attorney General Michael Delaney says Anthony Papile of Ossippee will enter a plea and be sentenced Thursday, May 23, 2012. 

"I can't tell you how truly sorry I am for what I've done," Anthony Papile said in Carroll County court. "I stand here a broken-hearted and sorry man. I'm going to live with the pain and the shame of being a monster in their lives. I don't ask forgiveness because I don't deserve it."

Papile, of Ossipee, pleaded guilty in the death of 20-year-old Krista Dittmeyer of Portland, Maine. She was found in the Cranmore Mountain ski area's snowmaking pond in New Hampshire in April 2011. The cause of death was prolonged cold water submersion.

Dittmeyer's car was found idling in the ski area's parking lot with her baby girl unharmed inside. Prosecutor Jane Young said Papile left the heat on and the lights flashing with the hope that someone would find the child. Dittmeyer's body was found four days later in the pond, which Papile, a former ski area employee, had helped build.

"She was the most kind and loving mom," Dittmeyer's mother, Lanell Shackley, said tearfully. "That day in April, Anthony Papile took away a daughter, a sister, a mother and a kind and loving friend." Shackley is caring for Dittmeyer's daughter, now 2 years old.

Prosecutors said Dittmeyer was lured to a friend's apartment and clubbed three times in the head by Papile. They said he plotted to steal drugs and money from her.

Prosecutors said Papile and the friend, Michael Petelis of Ossipee, bound Dittmeyer with duct tape and put her in the trunk of her car before heading to the ski area. Prosecutors said another man, Trevor Ferguson of Tamworth, agreed to give Papile a ride home from the ski area in exchange for money and drugs. Both Petelis and Ferguson were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit robbery.

Papile's sentence could be cut short by about seven years if he earns his high school diploma and complete other educational courses in prison.

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 's picture

Anthony Papile

Anthony Papile should be put to death and not waste the taxpayers money...He does not deserve to breath air he breathes...

Life in prison?

Certainly is bizarre to have a murder sentence cut down if you get your high school diploma.

When did that become a requirement-to be educated enough to understand that murder is a legal wrong, as well as a moral one?

It's not as if he's going to be able to get a job at the age when he gets out-I'm guessing about 75.

If he survives the entire time. Prison is pretty bad for life expectancy, I've heard.

The judge should have just not put that proviso in. Rather silly, to be precise.

Sentence cut short???

Are you kidding me!!!! This guy and anyone else who takes a life should rot in prison..What's getting his high school diploma and other educational courses got to do with this murder? This country is so wrong with the way they handle cases involving murders..this guy did it and should spend the rest of his life in prison, seeing they don't have the death penalty...


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